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Bad Habits

By Elizabeth James

My name is Mike and I am 16. I have always been shy and kept mostly to myself. My best friend is Jill and she lives just around the corner from my mom and me. It all started on my 16th birthday. You see I have this bad habit of bighting my nails and it drives my mom crazy. She has been telling me for years to stop biting them. On my birthday mom took me out dinner and Jill and her mom went with us. Our moms were good friends as they both had lost the husbands and were single moms now. While we were at the restaurant mom kept telling me to stop biting my nails. I was a little embarrassed as Jill and her mom herd her scold me. When we got home mom sat me down.

“Honey you are 16 now and you should not be biting your nails”, “If you don’t stop I will make you stop” mom said. I told her I would stop and went up to bed. I was so glad that there was only two more days of school before summer vacation. Thursday and Friday went well and Friday night mom and I were watching TV when mom let out a yell. “That’s enough Mike stop biting your nails” mom yelled. I looked at her as I took my hand away from my mouth “yes mom” I said I will stop. Mom smiled, “No you won’t dear, I have heard that many times before” Mom said. “Now I will make you stop” she said as she looked right at me. I asked what she meant. She just smiled “we are going to put something on your nails to make you stop biting them” she said smiling at me. I had heard about this stuff that tasted really bad if you put your fingers in your mouth. I forgot about it and went to bed.

I got up Saturday morning and mom was on the phone so I made breakfast. Mom came in and smiled, “hurry up dear we need to be going” mom said. I looked at her and asked where we were going. She just smiled, “no place special dear” she said and gave me a smile. We soon left and drove to a small shopping center. Mom smiled “lets’ go Mike” she said. We got out and walked across the front of the center till we came to a small shop, as mom opened the door I could see it was a nail salon. I hesitated for a second and then went in with her. Mom smiled, “I need to get my nails filled and they are going to give you a manicure and fix your nails and then put something on them to keep you from biting them” she said. We sat next to each other and talked. My mom has always had nice long nails and I loved them they looked so great. I found it interesting watching what they were doing to her nails that I really wasn’t paying much attention to my own nails.

When I finally looked at my hands the nail tech had glued on long nail tips to my fingers. I started to say something but mom spoke first. “I told you mike if you didn’t stop biting your nails or I would make you stop” she said with a smile. “But mom, look at the length” I said to her. She smiled “they will cut them down dear they won’t be that long when they are done dear” she said. She trimmed them back to about a ½ inch past my fingers and then she stated to put some kind of goo on them and spread it out when she finished the third nail I suddenly realized I was getting acrylic nails just like my mom. She smiled at me, “don’t worry dear you will not be able to bite them now” she said smiling right at me. I was amazed at how they were looking and didn’t stop to think about it. When she had them all done she took the same bright red color my mom had on hers and started to paint my nails. Before I could say anything mom smiled, “don’t worry dear we can take the polish off later I just want to see what they look like” she said. Soon we were sitting with our hand under a dryer and talking my hands and nails looked just as good as moms.

As we left the salon I tried to hide my hands so other people would not see them. In car I kept looking at them as we drove home. When we got home I asked mom if we could take the polish of but mom just smiled. “Sorry dear I don’t have any remover” she said as she walked into the kitchen. I followed and said, “But mom you said we could take the polish off” I said with a scared look on my face. “Yes dear I did and we will just not ye, the color will be a reminder for you not to bite them” mom said to me looking me right in the eyes. In time we will change the color to something less bright but for now they look great. But mom I said, “I can’t be seen like this what will people think”? “Well dear you never cared what people thought about your short chewed up nails so why worry now”? “But mom, they are long and bright red, they look like a girl’s hand” I said.

“Well dear consider this you punishment for biting your nails, maybe you will learn from this” she said to me. “But mom” I said but before I could finish she stopped me. “Mike, that’s enough now if you keep complaining I will make you keep them long and red even longer, now dear not another word” she said with a look on her face that told me this was not up for debate. I went to my room and turned on my computer. I had been on the computer trying my best to type with my new nails when the phone rang. Mom called, “Mike its Jill for you”. I picked up the phone and said hi. Jill and I talked for a while but I said nothing about my nails. Jill finally asked the question I had feared. “Mike that new movie I want to see opens tonight. Let’s go see it; it starts at 7:20” she asked. I had to think of something but what, “Sorry I can’t tonight” I said. “Come on Mike it is supposed to be real good” she asked. “I can’t Jill I am being punished so I can’t go out” I said in a sad voice. She asked what I did and sense she was there when mom yelled at me about biting my nails I told her just left off the part about the nails. Jill said “we will have to go another time after my punishment”. I hung up the phone not knowing how long it would be. The rest of the day I tried to get use to the new length of my nails, even the things I did without thinking seemed harder. Mom just kept telling me I would get use to them in time which made me wonder. Even eating dinner was harder. After dinner I was in the living room playing my video game when the door bell rang.

Mom answered it and I stayed where I was because I didn’t want anyone to see my hands. I heard someone coming in the room with mom so I hid my hands in my pocket as I looked up and saw Jill. “Hi Mike, I figured if you couldn’t go out I would come over here, we can go to the movie another night” she said as she walked into the room. Mom left us alone and I was trying to figure out what to do. Jill saw the video game on and spoke right up. “Want to play some games” she said? I couldn’t say no as I was playing when she came in but to play I would have to take my hands out of my pocket. “Well Mike” she asked again? “Jill I can’t” I said trying hard to figure a way out of this. “Why not she asked, what wrong you don’t want me over here” she asked with a sad look on her face. I could see the hurt in her eyes and knew I had to come up with something. “No Jill I always like spending time with you, you see mom put something on my nails to keep me from biting them” I said looking down. Jill looked at me, “that’s great you really should stop that bad habit, But why can’t you play video games” she asked again. I looked down, “you promise you won’t laugh” I asked? Jill said of course not. I pulled my hands out of my pocket with my new ½ inch long acrylic nails painted bright red. Jill’s mouth fell open.

“My god they are gorgeous, I keep asking my mom to let me get mine done but she says I am too young this is so unfair” she said in a loud voice. Not only did she not laugh but she was jealous that I had them and not her. “I am a boy Jill I can’t have nails like this” I said. She just looked at me, “why not?” “I would love to have them you are so lucky” she said again. I was so surprised at her attitude but I was happy so we sat and played video games. And for once Jill beat me most of the time and this thrilled her. Soon it was late and Jill went home. Mom looked at me; “see Jill didn’t mind the nails, you worry too much” she said with a smile. I did feel better that Jill didn’t make fun of me and at least I knew that I would not be all by myself. I went to bed and fell right to sleep. I guess the stress from the day had worn me out.

Sunday afternoon Jill called and asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie. Jill was okay with my nails so I asked mom and she said I could. When the door opened Jill’s mom was standing there, of course I had my hands in my pocket. “Hi Miss Mills, Jill invited me over” I said. “Come in Mike Jill is in the front room” she said as she let me in. I went in and sat down next to Jill. She started the movie and we sat there watching, Jill kept looking at my nails so I finally asked her why, “it’s just not fair Mike” Jill said. “I want to get mine done so bad and I can’t and your mom is making you” she said. The movie was good and I was so into it I didn’t notice Jill’s mom come into the room. “Would you two like a snack” Jill’s mom asked? We both said yes as I looked down and saw my nails. I quickly tried to hide them but it was too late.

“Wow mike those are gorgeous nails” Jill’s mom said. She had seen them and as I tried to think what to say Jill spoke up. “His mom made him get them done to stop him from biting them, it’s not fair we are the same age and you won’t let me get mine done” Jill said to her mom. “Why not mom I am 16 now, maybe I should start biting my nails so I can get mine done she said as she put one of her fingers in her moth. I was waiting for her to say something to me but she turned to Jill. “I know dear, you are a young lady now I have been trying to keep you my little girl” she said to her. “I guess I can’t keep you from growing up, if you want I will take you to the salon tomorrow night when I get home from work and you can get your nails done” she said to Jill. She smiled at me, “your mom is right you will not be able to bite them without breaking a tooth but they do look beautiful dear” Jill’s mom said to me. With that she left the room. She came back about 5 minutes later with some popcorn and a couple pops. I was trying to figure out how to open the pop can when she let out a little laugh. “No dear you will break your nail” she said with a laugh. Jill went to open it and she stopped her. “No dear Mike will need to learn this as will you if you are getting nails like his” she said to us. She left the room and came right back with a spoon and showed us how to lift the tab up. “That is how a lady with nails opens a can of pop, All you have to do is break one nail that way and the pain will keep you from ever doing it again” she said. I had a great time and now both Jill and her mom knew and thought nothing of it.

Monday night about 7 pm Jill came over and couldn’t wait to show me her new nails. They were just as long as mine but just a little darker red. We played video game till 9 when she went home. On Tuesday afternoon she came over and we talked for a while. She brought up the movie she wanted to go see again, “let’s go see it tonight Mike” she said. “I can’t Jill what about my nails” I asked. She smiled, “I already know about them, they don’t bother me” she said with a smile. “Yes but what about other people” I asked? “I can’t keep my hands in my pockets all the time we are out” I said looking right at her. Jill kissed me on the cheek, “I have an idea, let’s go over to my house” she said as she grabbed my hand. I was so caught off guard as Jill has never kissed me even on the cheek, a hug now and then but never a kiss. We got over to Jill’s house and her mom was not home but we headed right up to her room.

“Mike I have an idea that I think will work” she said as she smiled. She then took out her curling iron and came towards me. I was shocked, “what are you doing Jill” I asked? “Mike you have long brown hair so I am going to curl it to make it look more like mine, I will let you wear some of my clothes and you can be my sister for the night”. I was shocked. “Jill, have you lost your mind? I am a boy not a girl” I yelled. “I know she said but with those nails and hair and my clothes nobody would know”. “Let me at least try and we can see what you look like” she asked with a smile on her face. Jill’s mom got home and came to her room, “Jill you know you are not suppose to have boys in your room when I am not home” she yelled. She looked at us, “what are you doing she asked?” looking right at Jill. Jill spoke right up, “I want to go see that new movie and with Mikes nails he does not want to go out so I thought I would dress him up as my sister so we can go”. She said it as though it was an everyday thing. Jill mom looked at her, “honey you just can’t curl his hair and put your clothes on him”. There is more to being a girl then that” Jill’s mom said. I felt better now as I was not by myself against this idea. Jill’s mom came closer and smiled, “now let me take a look and she stared right at me”.

“Yes if done right I think it might work. Let me go get some things” Jill’s mom said with a smile. I was confused now as she left the room. I asked Jill what was up but her mom came right back into the bedroom. She wetted down my hair and then started to wrap it up in curlers. Once she was done she looked at Jill, “go get ready dear and I will finish Mike”. Jill walked into her bathroom and left her mother and me alone. She looked at me, “Mike I can make you look like a girl if you want to go out tonight but if this is something you don’t want then you will not act right and people my figure it out”. You will have to act like a 16 year old girl for this to work is that okay” she asked me. I looked at her not knowing what to say, “Are you sure no one will recognize me I asked her”? She smiled, “not even your own mother but depending on how you act they may guess you are a boy but Jill and I can help you with that” she said smiling at me. I did want to see the movie and get out for a while so I said yes. Miss Mills smiled at me; “well I guess I have another daughter for the night” she said. She quickly started to work on my face, creams, powders and all sorts of things. She spent about 45 minutes on my face and the feeling was both wonderful and strange at the same time.

Jill came back in and looked at me, “my god mom you must do my makeup too or Mike will look better than I do” she said with a worried voice. She smiled ‘yes dear I have already thought of that, I will help you too” she said. She handed me a pair of black panties and told me to go put them on in the bathroom, she then had Jill sit down and did her makeup for her. As I stood in the bathroom in just the panties I realized how small they were. I heard a knock on the door, it was Jill’s mother. “Okay Mike Jill went to my room you can come out know so I can get you dressed” she said with a motherly voice. As I came out I kept my hands down in front of me. Jill’s mom smiled “modesty that is good”. She wrapped something around my stomach and chest, “this is a corset dear”. “You will need this to help your figure, It will pull in your waist and help you look better” she said. Once it was fastened in front she pulled on the strings in the back and it got tight. She then had me sit down and put some stockings on and attached them to the corset. Next came a black skirt. “There dear that looks good now stand straight and put your hands on the wall” she said. I did as she asked. “Now dear take a deep breath and let it out” Jill’s mom said. I did as she asked even thought it was hard to breathe in because of the corset. As I let the air out I felt her pull hard on the corset again and it tightened up like a vise around me. I let out a little yell “I can’t breathe Miss Mills”. She smiled at me, “sweetheart you will get use to it just take smaller breathes”. She then started to pull at the flesh on my chest. As tight as the corset was it had forced a substantial amount of flesh into the cups and as she adjusted it I soon had a pair of most realistic breasts. A little small only about a B cup but I guess for a 16 year old that is enough. She put my top over the corset and I was done. She took me over and took out the curlers and brushed my hair out. My long straight hair that I kept in a pony tail now framed my face. The last thing were shoes. Jill’s closet was full of shoes, there must have been 30 pairs where as I have 3. Jill’s mom looked them over, Honey she called to Jill. “Which shoes are you going to wear”? Why she asked? Miss Mills said, “I thought it would look cute if you wore the same height heel” she said. Jill yelled back “I have two black heels on the right side that are the same height”. “Oh I see them she yelled back”. She brought the shoes over and I looked with amazement. They had thin straps across where your toes go and a thin ankle strap and a thin heel that must be 4 inches high. Miss Mills strapped them on my feet and then had me stand. It was nice to be taller as I am only 5 ‘4″ tall but they felt so strange. Jill’s mom helped me walk around the room and told me to stay more on the balls of my feet. I soon was walking pretty good as Jill came in. “wow Mike you look so beautiful, nobody would ever know you are not a girl” Jill said as she gave me a hug.

Jill handed me a purse and told me to put the stuff from my wallet in it and also handed me a lipstick and some makeup. Jill’s mom looked at us and got a funny look on her face. “Stay here I will be right back” she said. She came back with her camera; “just a couple pictures of my daughters before we go” Jill’s mom said. Jill looked at her mom, before we go” she asked? “Yes dear I thought we would go out to dinner and then I will drop you off at the movie”. “I can’t have two young girls walking to and from the movie theater” she said. Jill looked at her, “Mike and I have done it many times” Jill said. “Yes dear but that was when he was a boy, it is unsafe for two girls” she said with a smile. I really felt better as I did not want to walk that far in public like this. Miss Mills smiled “are we ready for dinner she asked”? Jill and I both said yes. “Well grab your purses girls and let’s get going she said with a motherly voice. We took our purses and Jill showed me how to put it over my shoulder. As we got to the door Miss Mills opened it and there stood my mom. I froze not knowing what to do. Mom looked at me, “wow what a beautiful daughter I have, I would never have known it was you if Janet hadn’t told me”. I looked at her and she smiled, “girls it wouldn’t be right for us to go out to dinner and leave Mikes mom home alone would it” Jill’s mom said. Mom smiled, “you look fine dear lets go eat”. I felt a little uneasy going out with all of them dressed as I was but they seemed to think it was okay.

It felt a little strange to be outside in a short skirt and 4 inch heels and getting into the car my skirt came up showing my panties. They all laughed and Jill told me I had to sit first and then swing my legs in and then she showed me. I had never thought about it but girls always get into a car this way and now I know why. The drive to the restaurant was fine and we talked about everything and the way I was dressed never came up. As we walked in the front door I saw all the people and got really scared. Jill took my arm and said “it would be all right”, mom smiled “just act normal and everything will be fine”, “Nobody will be able to tell you are anything but a young lady” she said. With all this support I calmed down and walked to our table. The young man held each of our chairs out for us to sit which was a new experience for me. We ordered our food and enjoyed a quiet meal together. I would look around to see if anyone was staring at me but nobody was. There was a young man about my age that smiled at me a few times and even waved once which really made me feel strange.

After dinner Miss Mills dropped us off at the movie theater and told us to call her when the movie was over, Mom just smiled and said, “You girls have a fun time”. Jill and I walked up and bought our tickets, it felt strange again to have to take a wallet out of my purse to get my money but the girl at the ticket booth paid no attention to us and gave us our tickets. Inside Jill grabbed my hand and led me to the woman’s bathroom, again I felt uneasy as I entered I noticed they had a small couch just inside and stopped to look at it. Jill smiled, “it’s for when we need to sit for a while” she said. Just before I went into the stall Jill gave me a quick hug, smiled and said “remember to sit sis”. Again something I probably would not have thought of. When I came out Jill was at the mirror putting on lipstick, I washed my hands and also touched up my lipstick. We went out and got some snacks for the movie. As we were standing in line two other girls, Sara and Ann came over and got in line behind us. I was really scared but they paid no attention to me as they talked with Jill. I was listening as I tried not to look at them. Suddenly Jill spoke up, “I am sorry, this is my new friend Michelle, Michelle this is Sara and Ann we go to school together” I looked at them and they both said it was nice to meet me. They seemed to not recognize me and went on with talking to Jill. We all went into the movie and sat together.

After the movie we were all standing out front waiting for our rides when Ann spoke up “so Michelle are you new to the area” she asked as I paused Jill spoke up “no she has lived here but just moved into my neighborhood” . That seemed to answer her question plus I did not have to remember a lot of lies about where I came from. Sara looked at Jill, “we are going to the mall tomorrow would you like to go?” she asked. She then looked at me before Jill could answer, “Michelle you are welcome to come also.” Jill smiled and said “that sounds like fun but I will have to ask my mom, I will call you first thing in the morning and let you know”. I said the same thing. There ride got there first and they left. Jill’s mom showed up just a little later and gave us a ride home. She dropped me off at my house and Jill gave me a hugs and a kiss on the cheek again. I walked to the front door and went in. Mom was still up and we talked about the evening and the movie. I told her it was good and I had a good time. Then I told her about Sara and Ann and the invitation to go to the mall tomorrow. She smiled and said it would be fine if I wanted to go.

We went up to go to bed and mom helped me take off my makeup and even gave me one of her night gowns to wear. It was so soft and felt so nice against my skin. I slept really well. In the morning I got up and took my shower and mom helped me with my hair. I was surprised at how well my hair held its curl from the day before. Mom was able to make it look just as it did with just a curling iron and some hair spray. Mom then helped me with my makeup but still insisted that I do some of it myself and would correct me as needed. She put the corset on me and tightened it up and then I got dressed in the same outfit I had worn last night and we walked over to Jill’s house. I guess mom didn’t want me walking by myself just yet.

When we got there Jill took me right up to her room and gave me a white skirt and a new top, “Dear you can’t be seen wearing the same outfit two days in a row” she said. Again something I had never thought about, as a boy I never thought about wearing the same clothes twice. Jill had on a cream color skirt and top with her heels on. Our moms drove us to the mall and left us to meet up with Ann and Sara. As we walked into the mall I suddenly got a little scared, there would be a lot more people in the mall and it was during the day when it was really bright out instead of us being in a dimly lit movie theater. Jill smiled and took my hand, “it will be fine Michelle you look every bit the girl I do” she said.

Ann and Sara showed up and we had a great time at the mall. I must have tried on dozen of outfits, from skirts and dresses and so many shoes. I had never really liked going to the mall before but somehow being there with the three of them was so much fun. The four of us walking through the mall in our short skirts and heel drew quite a bit of attention from all the boys our age in the mall. Some were even following us. It was so strange to be on this side of the attention. I felt bothered by having boys look at me that way but at the same time there was some pride that I looked good enough for them to look at me that way.

We ate dinner in the food court and by the time we were done it was after 6 pm, we had spent over 7 hours at the mall. I could not believe that there was that much one could do at the mall. Sara called her mom and she came and gave us all a ride home. I got out at Jill’s as I said my mom was going to pick me up there at 9 pm. We were just inside Jill’s house when she grabbed me and gave me a big kiss right on the lips. I just looked at her. As she spoke, “that was so much fun today” I was still in shock about the kiss when we walked into her living room where her mom and my mom were. We told them all about our day and how much fun we had.

Mom smiled at me, “well sweetie sound like you had a wonderful day?” she said. I told her how much fun it was and about trying on all the clothes not thinking anything about it. It almost seemed normal. Mom and I said our goodnights and we walked home. As we did mom and I talked about the day. When we got home mom said we needed to sit down and talk. We sat on the couch and mom started,” Sweetie, I have been thinking and while we are keeping your nails long to break your habit of biting them maybe you should be my daughter for that time” she said. “this way you can still be out and do things with your friends and won’t have to sit at home, what do you think?” she asked. I thought for a moment, I had a great time with Jill and Sara and Ann were nice even if they never really talked to me as Mike, Michelle they seemed to like. Pretending to be a girl was kind of fun and a lot better than being a boy with long red nails. I gave her a hug and told her that would be fine. She gave me a hug “let’s go get you ready for bed, I am glad to have a daughter for awhile” she said.

When we got to my bedroom it had changed, I had a little vanity table with a mirror and a bunch of makeup on it in the corner. My bed now had pink sheets and a pink comforter on top. I looked at Mom and she smiled, “Janet and I went shopping today, I have always wanted to be able to shop for a daughter. Not that I don’t love you as Mike but all moms wish they had a little girl so I am going to enjoy Michelle for a little while” she said. I gave her a hug and told her it was fine, she could spoil Michelle if she wanted. I took off my makeup and mom helped me out of the corset. On my bed was a pink teddy that mom had also bought me to wear to bed. I slept really well again and woke up feeling really good. I took my shower and went to my dresser and there I saw panties, bras but none of my boy underwear. I opened my closet and there were a couple dresses, and a dozen skirts and tops in different colors and on the floor were four pairs of heels all with 3 or 4 inch heels.

Mom came in and smiled, “I got carried away yesterday, don’t worry. All these things will fit Jill so when we cut your nails we can give them to her” she said. “I just want to make the most of this while my daughter is here” she said. I gave her a hug and kiss and told her it was fine. I know I should have hated it but for some reason it really didn’t bother me.

The next few weeks were great; mom and I became closer than ever before. Jill and I were becoming more than best friends, she would kiss me almost every time we met or part. She even asked me out on a date, her words. Ann and Sara became close friends too. Everything was going great when mom told me that I could cut my nails down and get rid of the nail polish. I was a little sad as I had become use to them and really liked them. I told Jill and she gave me a kiss, “I will be sad to see your nails go but I think I love you, Michelle or Mike it doesn’t matter I love you” she said. I gave her a big kiss smearing our lipstick.

The next morning Mom and I went to get our nails done, hers a fill and mine cut and the polish removed. I kept thinking about the fact I had had them for almost two months now and would be sad to see them go. When we got to the salon we were both shown to a table. Mom looked at the nail tech doing my nails; Michelle would like her nails trimmed down short and the polish removed. The lady quickly removed all the nail polish and asked me how short I wanted them. I know I should have jumped at the chance to have them cut but I really liked them and I don’t know why. She again asked I and I smiled at her and I heard my voice say just a fill please. They were busy so mom was two tables away and couldn’t hear what I said. The nail tech filled my nails and when she was done smiled, “would you like a clear coat” she asked. I again before I thought told her I would like red again. She painted my nails and took me over to the nail dryer. Soon my mom came over and we sat and talked as our nails dried. When they were done mom paid and we left. In the car Mom smiled at me, Well Mike will you miss your nails?” she asked. I looked at her and told her no I would not. She looked a little surprised, “after two months of having long beautiful nails you won’t even miss them a little? She asked again. I smiled and told her no, as calmly as I could. Mom looked over at me so I held my hands up with my long beautiful red nails. “But sweetie, I said you could cut them and remove the nail polish” mom said. I looked down “I know mom but I really like them” I said, “is that okay?” I asked. Mom smiled “Yes dear you can keep your nails” she said so we went home.

Jill was waiting for us when we got home. As I walked up she saw my nails and ran up and gave me a big kiss right in the lips in front of my mom. “Wow Michelle I am so glad you kept your pretty nails” Jill said. “I guess my best girl friend is staying for a while” she said. “I guess so” I said. Mom took us both inside the house, “now girls if you want to kiss or be more than friend you must be careful when you are in public so know one sees you” mom said. Then she looked right at me, “I guess I get to keep my daughter a little longer” she said. I smiled “Yes mom if that is okay with you? ” I asked. Mom gave me a kiss, “yes sweetie I love you no matter what and it would be fun to have my daughter a little longer.” mom said. And so my life as Michelle began.

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  1. Mike I would keep dressing and I would enjoy it as long as I can.


  2. That was so cute and so innocent. Young Love.

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