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My name is Miss Elisabeth James and I am a t-girl (cross-dresser) who loves to read and sometimes write stories about cross-dressing. So I have set up a blog for myself and anyone else to write and post stories true or fiction.

Now for this blog of stories I want to keep them reasonably clean so no graphic sex or child porn will be allowed. I would like to keep stories rated G, PG, or R, no X rated stories will be allowed. If you would like to add a story please e-mail to missjames64@yahoo.com

Story must be in word format 2007 or earlier or a text file.

Please do not submit any stories you have not written yourself or have the rights to. If you do and I find out you have posted someone else’s story without permission you will be removed from the blog and all your stories will be removed not just the one in question

I will not edit stories so please check spelling and grammar and remember the longer the story is the longer it will take me to read and post. Please include name you would like your story listed under (Elizabeth James) duplicate names will have a number after. Please include a few key words for tags in blog for your story.

This is my first attempt at something like this and I am looking forward to it but please be patient if you submit a story as I am doing this by myself at this point.


Elizabeth James

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  1. Hello Elizabeth James, my name is Joanne & I too am a cross dresser who, loves dressing in fem & reading cross dressing stories. I myself, have quite a number of stories that are, for the most part, true. I may add to them a little but the majority of the story has actually happened to me. I would love to share some with you on your web page.

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