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Two Girlfriends

By Elizabeth James

My name is mike and I am 17 years old. I have never had much luck with girls as I am rather small for my age. I only stand 5″5″ tall and weigh about 130 LB. I have found most girls like guys who are tall so when I met Mary at the start of my junior year and she liked me I was so happy, my first girlfriend. Mary is beautiful with long blonde hair, long nails and the same height as me. She didn’t care about my size. Everything was great till Thanksgiving.

She was going out of town to spend it with her grandma while I stayed home and spent it with my mom and sister Jill. It’s just the three of us as my dad died when we were young but left us very well off so mom never had to work and took care of us. My mom is in her late 30’s bout looks like she is in her twenties and Jill who is the same age as me is very pretty in part to my mom’s help. They do all the girl things together including getting their nails done. The Friday after Thanksgiving I went to the mall to look around. As I was leaving the mall I noticed a girl standing by her car crying. She was beautiful, about 5″4″ tall with brown hair wearing a black skirt and white top with long red nails. I stopped to see what was wrong and her car wouldn’t start. I let her use my cell phone to call her dad and he said he would be there in about thirty minutes. I didn’t want to just leave her so I stayed and talked to her till her dad arrived. Turns out she is also 17 and a junior at Grant High across town. I liked her and could feel an attraction to her which made me feel a little guilt when I thought about Mary. Her dad thanked me for my help and I left. On the way home I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

That night after dinner my phone rang, I answered the phone expecting to hear Mary’s voice but I was wrong. Hi Mike this is Susie, the girl you helped today. I was caught off guard but managed to say hi. I want to thank you so much for helping me today. I smiled even though I knew she couldn’t see it through the phone, my pleasure I said. Then I heard, I thought if you weren’t doing anything I could take you out for dinner and a movie tomorrow to thank you. I know it’s sad but I never thought of Mary and said yes that sounds great. She said she would pick me up at 5 and thanked me again. As I hung up the phone I saw mom and Jill looking at me and all I heard was mom say, did you forget about your girlfriend? I suddenly realized what I had just done but played it down. She just wants to thank me as friend. Mom just gave me that look.

Saturday night Susie picked me up, she was wearing a very tight red dress and heels, her hair and makeup were perfectly done and she had on this incredible perfume. As we were leaving I saw mom look at me and whisper, just friends? I knew what she was thinking. At dinner Susie would touch my hand or arm whenever she could and every time I got a little chill. When we got to the movie Susie leaned up against me and smiled, I don’t know why I put my arm around her. I had such a great time I forgot about Mary. When we got back to my house I thought she would just drop me off but she parked and got out of the car. We stood in my drive for a few minutes talking then she closed her eyes and leaned towards me. I realized she wanted me to kiss her and I thought a little one wouldn’t hurt so I leaned in and gave her a kiss. As our lips met she wrapped her arms around me and gave me such a kiss. We broke for a moment and I looked at her but she kissed me again and this time I felt her tongue and I couldn’t stop. After about five minutes she got back in her car smiled, I had a great time Mike I will call you tomorrow.

I walked into the house and mom and Jill were standing there just looking at me. I knew what they were thinking but told them we were just friends. Jill smiled at me; I wish I had a friend that kissed me like that she said. Mom just smiled so you are going to tell Mary about her. I told her no there was no reason for Mary to find out and made them both promise not to say anything.

Well as time went on I found I had two girlfriends and it was not that hard to manage. As I said my dad had left us well off and I didn’t need to work but I told them each I had a job as a delivery person that way they couldn’t come to my place of work and when I was with Mary I told Susie I was working and did the same to Mary when I was going out with Susie. As Christmas came around I bought Mary the same perfume that Susie wore so they would not get suspicious, I saw that in a movie. Don’t get me wrong I did have a couple close calls but everything was fine, that is till Valentine’s Day. I told Susie I had to work late you know making deliveries and we would go out the next night and do something special. I thought I should spend it with Mary as we had been going out longer. We went out for a nice dinner and then took a drive up by the lake. Well one thing led to another and soon we had our clothes off and well you can figure out what happened. It was so incredible and afterwards Mary told me she loved me and I said the same to her (which I do love her) well we got dressed and I took her home. The next night I took Susie out and sense the night before went so well after dinner I took her up to the lake too.

Well things went the same way and again clothes were on the floor of the car. It was almost the same thing over. We made love and she told me how much she loved me and I felt the same and told her. We sat there and talked and I found it hard to believe I was in love with two women. As we got dressed Susie suddenly got a strange almost mad look on her face. She held up her hands and was holding up two pairs of pink panties. Hers ones and the pink ones Mary had on last night. She screamed at me what the hell are these mike, are you cheating on me? I couldn’t think of what to say then no dear I would never do that. You are the only girl I love. She smiled, then tell me who’s these are and don’t say your sisters because I know that would be a lie. I was searching for words and as if out of nowhere I heard my voice say, they are mine. Susie looked at me, yours? I just smiled and looked at her and she seemed calmer. Yes dear I know how it looks. She smiled at me, you like woman’s panties and let out a little giggle. I felt really embarrassed but nodded my head yes. She thought for a moment, I thought you were cheating on me. I said no I would never do that. She smiled; you better not because if you do you will not like what I do to you. She gave me a little kiss, so do you like the look or the feel of the panties. Her question caught me off guard and unable to pick I said both. She smiled again I think it’s cute, I bet you look lovely in them. She handed them to me and said, put them on for me so I can see. Unable to think I did as she said. She looked at me sitting there next to her in the hot pink panties. You do look cute dear, promise me you will always wear them and she gave me a big kiss and slipped her tongue into my mouth. When we broke I smiled. I can’t wear them all the time. Sure you can nobody will see them under your pants; I will even buy you some new pretty ones. She paused for a moment, unless they aren’t really yours she said? I smiled no they are mine and if you think I can get away with it I would love to wear them more and once again things were great. I drove her home and kissed her good night. She smiled, come by my house in the morning before work I have a surprise for you and be sure to have your panties on. I told her it would be early as I had to be to work (Mary’s house by 9 am) she said that was fine.

The next morning I got up and got dressed with my pink panties and went over to Susie’s house. She met me at the door and gave me a big kiss. She asked to see my panties so I pulled my pants down just far enough for her to see. She smiled they look even better in the light. She then took out a tape measure and measured my waist. I looked at her and she just smiled, I want to get you some pretty new panties and needed your size. She kissed me goodbye and said I better go before I was late. I drove over to Mary’s house.

Mary let me in and I asked her what she wanted to do today as it was Saturday. She smiled and said my parents are gone for the day as we sat on the couch. We can do anything you like. We started to kiss and things got hot. I started to touch her breasts when she slid her hands down my pants. I was feeling really good when she pulled her hand out and looked at me. I suddenly realized I had on the panties. Before I could say anything she asked me what you are wearing. All I could think to say was shorts. She looked at me again can I see them? I knew from the look on her face she wasn’t going to take no for an answer so I stood up and dropped my pants. She let out a laugh and I turned red. She smiled I wondered where my panties went. What made you put them on? I looked for what to say and all I could hear was Susie last night and said; I like the way they look and feel. She smiled; do they remind you of me she asked? I said yes and saw an out, it’s like you are a part of me I said. She smiled really big, how sweet Mike. You can keep them I will even give you a few more of mine so you can wear them all the time under your pants.

Mary took me by the hand and we went up to her bedroom. She went to her dresser and opened the drawer. She looked at me I have a couple panty sets that I just bought you can have if you like as she pulled out a bag. I said thank you that would be great. She handed them to me and then said oh I guess you will need this to and handed me a pink bra. I looked at her with a strange look. She smiled at me; silly these go together, the bra is no good without the panties that’s why they are called sets. I looked at the two pairs she had given me and sure enough there was a black panty and bra and a white panty and bra. I can’t wear a bra but before I finish she smiled nobody will see them under your clothes now take your shirt off. I did as she said and she slipped the bra and fastened it behind my back. My don’t you look cute she said. She took off her clothes and stood next to me in just her bra and panties. The bra felt funny to wear but there was something about it that made me feel nice. We spent the day together and had a great time and when I left I was wearing the bra and panty under my clothes.

When I got home mom was just putting dinner on the table. I sat down and Jill, mom and I ate. Mom told me again she didn’t think it was right to be seeing two girls at the same time without telling them. I said I know but I like them both please don’t say anything to them. Mom smiled, it’s not my place to tell them but you may wind up losing both. Jill smiled or worse, if my boyfriend did that to me I would do everything I could to make him pay. I know what you mean I said and they both just looked at me. When it was time to go to bed mom gave Jill a hug and a kiss then she turned to me and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. I felt her hand start to pull away and then she slid it down my back. I wondered if she had felt the bra. Mom looked at me; Mike is there something you want to tell me. Jill was half way up the stairs when she heard mom and stopped to look. I smiled no why I asked? Mom again said I was wondering what you were wearing under your shirt dear? This got Jill’s attention and she came over to me. They both looked real close at my shirt as if they were trying to see through it when Jill reached over and touched my chest. She let out a yell; it feels like a bra mom. I knew I was turning red as I stammered for what to say. Mom just smiled again, Mike please take off your shirt. The look in her eyes told me a better do as she said so I slowly removed my shirt revealing the pink bra. Jill let out a laugh and mom just asked again, is there something you want to say? We sat back down and I explained about what had happened with the panties and how they both thought it was cute and wanted me to wear them. And then how Mary said the bras went with the panties and wanted me to wear a bra too. Jill smiled, how are you going to explain the bra to Susie she asked? I had not thought about that. Mom just smiled, I guess this is one of those things that pop up when you miss lead people. You need to tell them the truth dear. I can’t I like them both mom. Well dear then you are going to be wearing a bra and panty from now till you tell them. I looked down I know every time I go see them I will have to wear these things but it won’t be that bad. Mom smiled no dear if you won’t be honest with them then you will do what they ask and wear them all the time do I make myself clear. Tell them the truth or wear this stuff. You mean but before I could finish she said, yes you will wear these all the time till you tell them. Jill got a smile on her face but mom looked at her, Jill you will not say anything about this to anyone or tease your brother or I will find a punishment for you. Jill just nodded. I went upstairs and went to bed.

The next day I went over to Susie’s house and again her parents weren’t home. Susie let me in and said I have your present upstairs. I thought to myself I have one for you too as I felt the bra strap dig into my shoulder. As we walked upstairs I thought how I could tell her. She looked at me and handed me a box wrapped up with a bow. About this I said, I don’t think it is right for you to have to buy me panties. She smiled would you rather buy them, I can go with you. I smiled as she started to open my pants and saw the black panties. Wow dear you have a new pair did you go shopping. I thought that it and smiled yes I stopped last night and bought them. She gave me a kiss, you have great taste in panties they look great on you all you would need is a matching bra. I got a panic look on my face and looked down. She smiled do you want a bra too honey as she smiled. I just said nothing. Then she got a big grin on her face, you already bought a bra didn’t you she asked? I quietly said yes and took off my shirt. She gave me a big hug; you look adorable sweetie I made the right choice. I looked at her as she said open your box. As I opened it there inside were matching bra and panty sets. I thought to myself between the two of them I now had more then I could wear in a week.

Things went well for a couple weeks and I had gotten use to wearing the bra and panty every day. On Saturday I was over at Susie’s house and it was the first hot day of the year almost 90. Her parents went away for the day and left us alone. I asked her what she wanted to do. She smiled it is going to be hot today why don’t we go out and go swimming. It sounded like a great idea so I said I would run home and get my swim suit. Susie smiled that’s okay dear I have an extra one. She handed me a hot pink bikini and said this should fit you and she went into the other room to put her bikini. When she came back she looked hot. She was also wearing a hot pink bikini. She smiled why aren’t you dressed? I looked at her and said I can’t wear this it’s a bikini. I can’t wear a bikini Susie I said. Sweetie, it is no different than your bra and panty. Please for me you will be so cute and nobody will see you in the back yard. She kissed me full on the mouth so I went ahead and put it on. We spent the day swimming in the pool and lying in the sun. When it was time to go Susie helped me put my bra back on for some reason she liked helping me. I kissed her good buy and went home.

Mom asked me how my day went and I told her we had gone swimming. Mom had that worried look, what did you wear you didn’t go skinny dipping? I told her no Susie let me borrow and I paused one of her suits. Jill spoke up, was it a bikini I bet you would look great in one? I suddenly realized how stupid it sounded. Mom smiled, you did remember sun tan lotion didn’t you? I shook my head no. mom and Jill looked at each other as I tried to figure out what they were thinking. Mom told me to stand up and take off my shirt. I did as they have both seen me in the bra. Mom reached up and pulled on the cup of the bra and let out a little gasp. I was puzzled as she asked me to remove my bra which I did and noticed them staring at me. Mom had me look in the mirror; I was scared because I had the start of a really nice tan except where the bikini top was. Panic struck me as I thought how I can explain this to Mary. Even without the bikini to get a tan like this would have taken hours out in the sun with just the bra on. That night I had a hard time sleeping as tomorrow I would see Mary.

When I got to Mary’s house I was afraid and wondered if I could hide my tan. We were home alone and Mary asked what I wanted to do. I thought if I could get her to go swimming and loan me a swim suit then she might think I got my tan here but if she didn’t have a bikini I could wear then I would have put myself in a bad position. As I thought she spoke up, it will be hot today so we should stay inside unless you want to go swimming? I saw my chance, that could be fun by I didn’t bring a swim suit. She gave me a kiss Mike I am sure I can find something for you to wear. I looked at her well I would have to see what you have first. She gave me a smile, you have been wearing panties and a bra for weeks and you are worried about my swimsuit, I will give you your choice. She pulled out two bikinis, one red and the other pink and asked which I liked. The red one was almost the same as the one I wore yesterday so I took it and went into the bathroom and changed. We spent the day outside. When we got back inside I looked down and smiled, I think I may have got a little too much sun as I took the top off. Mary gave me a big hug, what lovely tan lines you have. I had pulled it off. I don’t know how I was doing it but I was still able to keep both Mary and Susie without them finding out about each other.

A couple nights later I took Susie out for dinner and then back up to the lake. We had not had sex sense that first night at Valentines and I was hoping we could recreate that night. I was right and things went great. As I dropped Susie off at her home I went around to help her out and she dropped her purse and it spilled on the floor board of my car and the ground. I helped her pick it up and walked her to her door. We had a very passionate kiss and I was on cloud nine as I got back into my car and drove home.

The next day I decided to try with Mary so I took her out to dinner and then suggested we take a ride up to the lake. Mary surprised me and said no. I looked at her as she said her parents were gone for the night and we could go back to her house. As we drove home she kept looking at the floor. When we got to her house she took her purse and picked something up off the floor board. I asked what it was and she just said nothing. When we got inside she put her keys back into her purse and then I saw her staring in it and then she looked at me. Mike can you explain this as she held something up. I looked and said what is it? She smiled, it’s a tampon. I thought it had fallen out of my purse but it is a supper size I use regular. I got scared as I realized it must have fallen out of Susie’s purse last night. She walked over to me; did you take this from your mom she asked? Well sweetie it’s a little kinky but I guess it is okay if you want to try one but a super is way to big at least to start. Let me see what I can do for you. I wondered what she meant as we went upstairs. We went into her bedroom and she told me to strip down to my bra and panties as she went into the bathroom. She came out wearing just this little pink night gown that you could see through. I was excited as this would be our first time in a bed. She sat on the bed and then said, why don’t you be a good little girl and come over here. I went over and she gave me a big kiss. She smiled turn around and bed over sweetie. I did as she said and I felt her pull my panties down. She kissed my butt cheek and then said that supper size tampon is just too big for such a sweet little hole but I have a regular that will be just right. I spoke up and said I really didn’t think we should but she just said you did take it because you wanted to see what it was like, it was your tampon right? I had no choice and said yes. I felt her push something into my butt that was a little cold and felt wet, then she said that should moisten it up so it doesn’t hurt. She inserted the tampon in and then pushed it all the way in. There we are my sweetie how does that feel. I stood up and said it felt really strange we should take it out. Sweetie she said it takes time to get use to this, just leave it in for a while and she kissed me. I think we should do this a few more time before you decide if you like it or not but we will wait a week till we do it again. She was rubbing my grown and I was feeling good so I said yes. We got into bed and made love. It was so special and I even forgot about the tampon. It was almost 10 when she said I had to go so I got dressed and went home.

The next morning I got up and was feeling a little nauseous. I got up and went to take my shower, as I passed my mom’s room I saw her sitting at her table doing her makeup. I don’t know why but I knocked and went in. I sat on the edge of the bed and we talked as she did her makeup. For some reason I found it fascinating to watch her as she applied her makeup. When she was done I left and went on and took my shower but couldn’t get the image of her doing her makeup out of my mind. The next couple day when by and the sick feeling I had went away. At school I would watch the girls to see how they had done their makeup.

I got up Wednesday morning and as I was getting ready for school my chest looked different, almost like the skin the bra was holding was now staying up even without the bra. I went back into my room and put my bra and panties on and then my pants but I noticed my pants were tight and I had a hard time getting them over my hips. I thought to myself I must be putting on some weight. I put on a sweat shirt and left for school. After school I was going to stop by Susie’s house and spend some time with her. When I got to her house she greeted me with a kiss, sweetie she said I have a surprise for you. I looked at her and asked what? My parents are out for the night and she took my hand and led me upstairs. On the way she asked me what was bothering me and I told her I was gaining weight. She kissed me, don’t worry I have some weight loss pills you can have. She went to her dresser and brought me a bottle of pills, just take one of these every afternoon before dinner and you will lose the weight. I thanked her and went into the bathroom and took one of the pills. When I came back to her bedroom she was sitting on her bed wearing just her bra and panties. I took my close off and walked over to her. She smiled my you look beautiful honey. I sat next to her and we started to kiss and then I got a little light headed. She had me lie down on the bed. After about ten minutes I felt better and we started to kiss again. She pulled down my panty and started to play with me but nothing happened. She smiled; sweaty it looks like you are not in the mood. I didn’t know what to say but she kissed me and said that’s okay honey.

She reached into her night stand and took out something, I couldn’t see what it was but she lay back on the bed and then she inserted it into herself. Soon she was moaning as I stood there and watched. I watched for about twenty minutes as she did herself and finally she let out a scream and collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes she sat up and smiled, wow that was good. Then she looked at me, I’m sorry sweaty I forgot about you. She gave me a big kiss and slid her tongue into my mouth. Do you want me to do you honey she said. I wanted her but couldn’t get hard but I said yes I do. She told me to close my eyes as she had a big surprise for me. I did as she said and I could hear her doing something but she told me not to peek so I kept my eyes closed. She came over to me and told me to open my eyes as she kissed me. I looked down and the item she had pleasured herself with was not on a belt in front of her and looked like she had a man’s dick. I looked at her.

She smiled we are going to play a game where I am the master and you are my slave and you will do what I say. For some reason this excited me, not enough to help me get hard but still there was something about her telling me what to do. Get down on your knees sweaty she said as she put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. She pushed it right in my face and told me to kiss it which I did. I could taste her on it and I liked it so when she told me to suck on it I did. Soon she was pushing it in and out of my mouth and I was gagging. After a while I stopped gagging and even enjoyed it. She finally stopped and said sweaty what a good girl you have been now turn around and bend over. I did as she said and felt her pull my panties down. She stood behind me and put a cream on my butt hole and then put her hands on either side of my hips. As I wondered what she was doing I felt her push the long object against my butt. The pressure mounted and then I felt it slid in. it hurt and I let out a scream but Susie just said it always hurts virgin the first time till their opening gets used to it. As she drew it back out slowly it felt better but then in it went again. She pushed in and out and the speed and force increased till soon she was pounding away on my poor little hole. This went on for about fifteen minutes and then she pulled all the way out and I collapsed on the bed my heart was pounding. She came over and laid down beside me and kissed me, I loved that she said. Then she smiled, you did enjoy it as much as I did she asked. I didn’t but when I went to speak I said yes dear it was great. She kissed me again and smiled, we will have to do it again. Now let’s get ready and I will take you out for dinner. After I got dressed I saw her in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror, she was doing her makeup. I walked in sand started talking the whole time watching her as she did her face.

She smiled at me doesn’t the makeup make my face look beautiful she asked? I said yes. She smiled again don’t you love the way it looks? Yes I said again. She smiled and it feels so nice, would you like to see how it feels sweaty? And without thinking I said yes. She smiled and gave me a wink. Okay dear but just a little. I stood there as she gently took her brush and put a powder in it. She tapped it off and then started to brush it all over my face. After a few moments she smiled what a wonderful glow you have. I looked in the mirror and my face did have a glow about it but you really couldn’t tell I was wearing any make up. Next she had me shut my eyes and she put the lightest of eye shadow on my lids, this is peach dear it will brighten your eyes. Again I looked in the mirror and my eyes did look better but you still couldn’t tell I was wearing eye shadow. Then she took out a lipstick and put some on. It was a very neutral color that just gave my lips and even color but you couldn’t tell. There we are sweaty a beautiful natural look. We don’t want to overdo it. I looked in the mirror and Susie said you like it right. I nodded and said yes. She smiled and gave me the makeup powder, eye shadow and lipstick. You can have this that way you can wear it every day you want to wear it right. Again I don’t know why but I said yes and took the makeup. Susie finished getting dressed and we went out for dinner and a move.

The rest of the week I would get up and talk to my mom as she did her makeup, I loved watching her. Then I would put on my make up very lightly so as nobody could see it but I felt batter knowing I had it on. On Friday night I went over to Mary’s house. Her parents were gone so we went up to her bedroom.

She smiled and gave me a kiss, how has my little girl been this week she asked? I smiled and said good. She took off her clothes down to her panties and bra and I did the same. We started to kiss and she was touching me all over and again I could not get hard. She smiled at me; I know what’s wrong I promised you that you could try a tampon again. That’s what you want isn’t it. Again I don’t know why but I said yes. She told me to pull down my panties and bed over which I did. She touched my butt and I felt her push something into my but that was cold then she inserted the tampon and pushed it in all the way. There we are my sweat; she kissed me on the lips and told me what a cute butt I had. I thanked her and this time I couldn’t feel the tampon. We kissed for a little while and then Mary and I went out for dinner.

Saturday morning I got up and again I was feeling sick to my stomach. I got up and went and had my morning talk with my mom as she did her makeup. We talked about spring break which was only one week away. Mom and Jill were going to the beach for the week and she wanted to know if I wanted to go. I looked at her and said no I would stay home. She smiled have you told the girls the truth yet? I smiled no I can’t. She just shook her head; when they find out they will be so mad. Do you have any idea what they will do, you will be lucky if they will even talk to you. In the mean time you are wearing panties and a bra to keep this little secret. I smiled I know mom but it’s not that bad I really don’t mind. She gave me a strange look, are we getting attached to your bra she asked? I suddenly felt stupid and just looked down. Mom touched my hand, I like my bra too sweaty but you better be careful who you tell.

Wednesday I could barely get my pants over my butt and my breast were starting to really show. I was a little worried about someone noticing them but for some reason I wasn’t worried about the breasts themselves. I put on a large bulky sweat shirt and went to school. After school I went over to Susie’s house as her parents were gone again. Susie took me up to her bedroom. We got out of our clothes and soon we were just wearing panties and bra. Susie looked at me and smiled. Wow sweaty you are looking beautiful today. I looked at her and said I know I just can’t stop gaining weight. She gave me another one of her pills and told me these will fix you. I got the dizzy feeling again and lay down on the bed. When I woke up Susie was standing there looking at me. Sweaty would you like me to make love to you she asked? I smiled and said yes. She strapped her thing on and then smiled. Turn around and be a good little girl. I did as she said and she pulled my panties down, put some cream on my butt and then slid it in and this time it didn’t hurt. So she was pushing in and out and I was moaning with each stroke. Susie made love to me for over thirty minutes till I collapsed on the bed. Susie and I talked for hours and she told me that she was going to be out of town for spring break but she would see me when she got back.

Thursday morning I got up and looked in the mirror. My breasts were huge now and filled out my bra. Instead of being worried about them I just wondered what mom would say and how I could hide them again put on a big sweatshirt and then when I tried to put my pants on they would not fit. I started to panic. What could I do? I saw Jill’s black sweat pants on the door and put them on. I pulled the sweatshirt down to hide Jill’s sweats and it looked okay. I went to school. At lunch I saw Mary and we talked. Her parents were going away for the week two so we planned on spending it together. She told me to come over as soon as my mom and sister left. Friday morning again I looked at my breasts and they were big and beautiful so I put on another big sweatshirt and the same pair of sweat pants and went to school. When I got home Mom and Jill loaded up the car. Jill said goodbye and got in the car. Mom gave me a hug and for a moment I thought she had felt my breasts under the sweatshirt. She kissed me goodbye and told me to be good. I went right over to Mary’s house and her parents had already left. She took me upstairs to her room. We stripped down to our panty and bra and Mary looked at me. Wow sweaty what a great body you have you should show it off more. I smiled and looked down and said thank you Mary. She gave me a hug I have a great idea for what we can do tonight. I asked what? Mary gave me a kiss, I will tell you but first I think my little girl needs her tampon for the night. I didn’t say anything I just turned around and pulled my panties down. She put her hands on my butt and said, wow sweaty I think you are ready for the super size. I felt her push something into my butt and then another and yet a third and then she inserted the tampon and pushed it in. I got such a sensation from it.

Mary took my hand, you look so cute and you have such a great body I want to see what you would look like in one of my dresses. We went over to her closet and started to hold up dresses to me. She finally decided on a low cut short black dress. Sweaty this will look great on you and show off your breasts. She put the dress over my head and as it slid down my body I got such an incredible feeling. Mary looked at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. What a cute girl you make let’s find you some shoes. She took a pair of 4″inch heels and put them on my feet, Sweaty you love the way they feel don’t you. I said yes and smiled. She helped me stand and showed me how to walk. We went down stairs and had dinner and watched TV. Mary just kept telling me how cute and beautiful I looked. When it was time for bed we went upstairs. Mary gave a short pink night gown to wear and helped me get ready for bed. The feeling was so intense. We got into bed and she kissed me on the cheek and said, sweat dreams my little girl.

In the morning we got up and Mary smiled at me, how did my little sister sleep in her new nightgown she asked? I smiled and said terrific. We got up and Mary picked out a black skirt and pink top, would my sister like to borrow some of my clothes? They were beautiful and I blushed and said, can I? Mary kissed me on my cheek, yes sweaty I think you would look great but you have to wear it the proper way. She helped me get dressed and then gave me the same heels from last night. I looked in the mirror and I was beautiful. Mary smiled we are not finished, and she sat me down and started to put curlers in my hair. Then she smiled I think you are ready for some makeup. She started off putting foundation on my face. The feeling was so nice. Next she put some eye liner on and some eye shadow and then some mascara, the whole time explaining to me what they were for and how to apply them. She finished off with a deep red lipstick. I looked into the mirror and I was even more beautiful. Mary smiled; I think you like the way you look shall I do your nails. I just smiled and nodded yes. When she finished she had me stand in front of the mirror. I had never thought I could look so beautiful. Mary went and put on a skirt and top and her heels. She stood next to me; we look like sisters don’t we she asked? I said yes. She gave me a light kiss on the cheek as not to mess our makeup. How about we spend the day as sisters and go shopping. I looked at her with a scared look on my face. Go out in public like this. She smiled, you are a beautiful young lady nobody will know so you want to go shopping don’t you. I smiled and said yes. We spent the day at the mall and tried on all kinds of clothes and shoes. We even got my ears pierced. I had so much fun. When we got home it was late so Mary showed me how to take my makeup off and we got ready for bed. I put my pink night gown on and climbed into bed with Mary. I thanked her for an incredible day and gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek. She smiled; sweat dreams and I have a big surprise for you tomorrow.

Sunday Morning we got up and Mary helped me get dressed in a white skirt with a green top and again gave me her 4″inch heels to wear. She put on a little makeup and then she got dressed in a skirt and top and heels and again we looked like sisters. We grabbed our purses and we left. I asked where we were going but she just smiled. Relax you will love it. We pulled into a parking lot and parked. I looked out and there was a beauty salon. Mary and I walked in and the lady greeted Mary with a hug, so this is your Cousin she is lovely. I looked at Mary and didn’t know what to say. Mary just smiled and said Michele, say hi to Linda. I looked at Mary and then Linda and said hi. As we walked in Mary smiled; just relax dear you are fine just remember to answer to Michele. I asked why she called me Michele. Mary smiled, sweaty looking like you do you can’t go by Mike, and she thinks you are a girl so I gave you a female name. You do like it don’t you dear? Linda sat me down and started to wash my long brown hair which was now down to my shoulders. After she washed it she put a cream in my hair. Then she smiled, let’s start on your face dear. She put a cream on my face and then started to work on my eyebrows. She used a little wand that admitted a light and some heat. It felt strange and tingled as she went over them.

She washed the cream out of my hair and then started to wrap it in curlers. Soon my head was a mass of curlers and it felt like my hair was being pulled out of my head. I still had the cream on my face which was now drying and getting hard. She took me over to a seat and I put my feet into a little tub. It was so relaxing. Linda then took my feet out and massaged them. It was so incredible I have never felt anything so wonderful. Mary was in the seat next to me and noticed the smile. Are you enjoying your day of beauty sweaty? I knew I shouldn’t but I was so I said yes. When Linda finished my massaging my feet she dried them off and then she applied a deep red nail polish.

She led me over to a little table and then started to work on my nails; again Mary was at the table next to me. We had been there for over two hours now. Linda filed my nails and then glued nail tips onto them. She cut them so they were about ½ inch longer and then she started to apply a paste on top of them. I was amazed at how quickly and perfectly she applied it to my nails. I looked at Mary and she smiled, just enjoy your day. Linda filed the nails again and then applied the nail polish. First a clear coat then two coats of the same deep red and then a top coat. I was took over to a seat and told to put my hands under a light to dry the nail polish. Mary sat next to me; beautiful aren’t they. Don’t you just love the way they look. They were beautiful and I know I should have hated it but I didn’t. I loved them.

When they had dried Linda took me back over to the where I started and took the curlers out of my hair and started to brush out my hair. She played with it for almost twenty minutes and then smiled. You are lovely dear. She then washed the dried cream off my face and started to put on my makeup. It didn’t take long to apply my makeup and I sat there and kept looking at Mary as the lady working on her did her makeup. She looked so beautiful just like a model and I wondered what I was going to look like. When we were all done Linda took me over to a full length mirror and I got the first look at myself. I was beautiful. My eyebrows had been shaped into a high thin feminine arch and my brown hair was now blonde, it was very wavy and very full. It looked like I had twice as much hair. My makeup was flawless and I looked completely like a young lady. Mary stood next to me; Michele you are gorgeous and she gave me a hug. Did you like my little surprise dear? I said yes I loved it, I never stopped to even think how I could hide this or what my mom would say or how I could go to school. I never thought about anything except how I looked right now. Mary said we should go now. I thanked Linda and we left. In the car I couldn’t take my eyes off of my nails.

When we got back to Mary’s house she smiled. Michele my dear I have one more surprise for you and gave me a hug again. I asked what and she said just wait. We walked into her house and there was Susie sitting on the couch, Susie looked at me and smiled. Wow Michele you look beautiful and she came over and gave me a hug. I thanked her and shyly looked down. Susie walked around me, I can’t believe how great you look nobody would ever know you were once a boy. We had talked for over fifteen minutes before I realized something was wrong, why was Susie here in Mary’s house. I got a really scared look on my face and then I heard Mary; well I think you finally figured it out now sit down. I don’t know why but I sat down and just looked at them. I finally asked how they found out. Mary smiled did you like getting your nails done and the way we talked she asked? I said yes. She smiled again, that’s what girls do when they get their nails done. They chat with the nail tech and with the girls around them. Imagine my surprise when I was talking to Susie and she was telling me all about her new boyfriend who by the way had the same name as my boyfriend.

Susie started to yell, how dare you lie to us and cheat on us. I thought you and I had something special. I said we did but she told me to shut up. When we realized you were dating us both I was so mad but Mary wanted to treat you a lesson. She came up with this idea and I thought it was a good idea. I looked at her, so you dressed me up as a girl to teach me a lesson I asked? She smiled you still don’t get it do you. We didn’t just dress you up, look at your breasts your hips and waist. I started to get really scared. Mary came over and looked at me. Sweaty did you like your tampons she said? I just looked at her with a horrified look. Well before I inserted it I put in several capsules of powerful female hormones and a male testosterone blocker. You are now more female then most women are. She reached out and cupped my breast in her hand and I looked down at them. What have you done to me I said softly. Susie came over to me. You know how you have been worried about your weight because your pants didn’t fit anymore. It was the hormones that were making your hips grow. She put a scale down in front of me and told me to stand on it. I did as I was told and Susie smiled perfect dear, you weigh 115 pounds. I looked at her with shock. It was imposable, I had lost 15 pounds and my pants didn’t fit. Mary took a tape measure and measured my waist and haps and bust. She looked at Susie, you are right she is perfect 34-24-34 and at least a C-cup. You make a beautiful woman Susie said and by the way those weren’t weight loss pills I gave you. They were a hypnotic drug that would allow us to get you to do what we wanted. I was really scared now; these two girls were trying to turn me into a woman. I looked at them and said in my most defiant voice, I will not let you do this to me. I will stop you somehow I will tell people what you have done to me. Susie laughed; sweaty it is too late for that dear. We have already turned you into a female just look at yourself and remember we have control over you. I looked at them and said no you don’t and got up to leave. Mary smiled at me, where are you going sweaty she asked? I told her I was leaving. Mary smiled that’s fine dear but I think you better put your tampon in first honey so turn around and bend over. I don’t know why but I stopped and pulled down my panty and I felt Mary push several things into my butt and then she inserted the tampon. There you are my sweaty that is the last of the hormones and will finish the job. You will not remove the tampon till tonight. I looked at her and said yes and then realized what had just happened. I wanted to remove it but I couldn’t. They saw the terror on my face when I realized I would do what they said. Susie smiled I see you now understand the hold we have on you now sit down. I sat down and Susie smiled, for the rest of the week you will do what we say and you will enjoy every minute of it dear or we may make you do some things you won’t like. You will think of us as your big sisters and you will only answer to the name Michele, do you understand Michele? I just looked at them and said yes. The rest of the week went quickly and even though I knew what they had done I couldn’t stop going along with it.

On Sunday morning we got up and got dressed, I did my own makeup and had no problem with it. We drove over to my house and I asked why. Susie smiled, your mom and sister will be home today and it would be nice if you were there to greet them. I begged them to stop and change me back. Mary gave me a little hug, sweaty even if we wanted to we can’t now. You are to female now. When we got there they gave me the same pink bikini I had worn before and told me to put it on. I did as I was told and looked at myself. The top barely held my now huge breasts in them, I looked totally female. I joined Mary and Susie at the pool. I asked how they were going to explain this to my mom and sister. Susie smiled you will dear. When your mom asked what you are doing you will tell her this was your idea. You came to Mary and told her you wanted to wear her bra and panties and begged her to help her. Mary smiled you liked it so much you then asked Susie to help dress you up. We didn’t want to but you were are friend and after you kept begging we agreed. You then went on line and bought some female hormones and started taking them and didn’t tell us. When we found out we tried to stop you and tried to get you to talk to your mom but you told us not to say anything. You cried telling us how you longed to be a woman and that was the only way you would be happy. We finally agreed to help you. I can’t possible tell her that but before I finished Susie smiled, sweaty you will tell her that.

About an hour later I heard the door to the house open and out walked Mom and Jill. I was as scared as they walked over to us. Mom looked at me, my god what are you doing she yelled. I looked at her and said, mom it’s not Mary or Susie’s fault. I begged them to help me. I want to be a woman I have to be a woman. I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I told my mom exactly what Susie had told me to say. Mom just stared at me and Jill was laughing. Mom finally looked at me and saw my breasts and I told her about the female hormones I had bought. I thought she was going to yell more or even hit me but she gave me a hug. I guess I have no choice but I wish you had come to me first, and then she told Jill to stop laughing. She looked at Mary and Susie, you two should have also told me but I can see you are good friends to help her and not judge her. Mom then said well Mike I guess I have a new daughter. I looked at her and wanted to scream but all I could say was, Mom I don’t like that name please call me Michele. She just nodded and gave me another hug. Mary and Susie stayed for dinner and after we ate we went back out to the pool.

Susie smiled, how have you liked your day dear? I just said I can’t believe what you made me tell my mom. Susie smiled again, it was so much fun but I think we are done. She looked me in the eyes, Michele listen to what I tell you. Tonight when you go to sleep you will remember today. What you told your mom will become the truth. You will believe with all your heart what you told her. You came to us. When you wake up tomorrow you will be totally happy as a girl and know that it is what you have always wanted. You will forget about how you were once a boy. You will start to think about boys and how you want a boyfriend. I got scared again as she kept going on. You will not be attracted to girls. You will be attracted to boys. But you will only date boys who are 6′ tall as you will always want to wear heels that are at least 4’inches high and you will almost always wear dresses or skirts with very revealing tops. You will want to show off how female you are. Do you understand she asked? I said yes as the horror of what she just said went through my mind. Mary came over and gave me a hug. One last thing dear we are the best of friends now and we tell each other everything. You will not hid anything from us do you understand? I said yes and felt a little better that they would be my friends. They both gave me a hug again and then Susie smiled oh by the way from here on out the drug will not have any effect on you and nobody can tell you what to do or control you anymore do you understand? I said yes.

We sat there and I could not stop thinking about tomorrow and how after tonight I would be a girl and happy about it and I would be attracted to boys. I looked at Susie and Mary, I have learned my lesson please stop this before I go all the way. I looked so scared and Mary looked at Susie, maybe we are going too far. I felt hope and maybe this would stop. Susie smiled you may be right but we can’t stop it now. I looked at her just tell me not to like boys and that I don’t want to be a girl. Susie smiled I can’t the last command I gave you was to deactivate the drug. What I said. Susie smiled I thought we might feel guilty and change our minds so I made it so we can’t. Susie then looked at me, Michele I want you to go tell your mom your mom you changed your mind and you want your name to be Mike. I looked at her I hate that name Michele is much better. What did I just say; I refused to do what she said. Susie smiled you see we can’t undo what we have told you now there is nothing any of us can do but tomorrow you will feel better and we will all be the best of friends. I went to bed that night and new tomorrow my life would change and the only comfort I had was I would be totally happy and I fell asleep.

I hate that name Michele is much better. What did I just say; I refused to do what she said. Susie smiled you see we can’t undo what we have told you now there is nothing any of us can do but tomorrow you will feel better and we will all be the best of friends. I went to bed that night and new tomorrow my life would change and the only comfort I had was I would be totally happy and I fell asleep.

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  1. Love the stories. I wish those things will happen in me!

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