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A supportive girlfriend   3 comments

A supportive girlfriend

By Elizabeth James

My name is Kelly well actually it is Kelly James Johnson which wouldn’t normally be bad accept for my size. By the time I in the 6 grade I was as tall as I was going to get, 5’5” tall and puberty never really hit me. By the time I started 10 grade I still looked like I was 12 years old, no body hair, and no facial hair it was hard growing up. So when I started 10 grade I started going by my middle name James as with my size I didn’t want a name that could be male or female. High School was hard but I made it through, imagine being a boy that was smaller than half the girls in the school. I did 2 years of community college before transferring to a 4 year college. I led a lonely life as it seemed all the girls wanted the tall, strong, athletic guys.

It was the start of my last year that I met Jill, she was a beautiful girl, long blonde hair, 5’6” tall and looked like a model. I am not even sure why but she sat down across from me in the library one day and soon we were talking. She didn’t seem to even notice my size and we became friend and soon we were dating which was a little hard as I was an inch shorter than her and more than once people mistook me for her little brother. At Christmas we started talking and to save money we decided I should move into her apartment as it was a little bigger than mine and closer to school. I was thrilled. It was New Year’s night and we had had way too much to drink and after midnight we got talking and I don’t know why I asked her why she wanted to be with a guy as small as me one people mistook for her little brother. As soon as I asked it I regretted it I mean why risk it and point it out to her. As I said we had both been drinking. She looked at me and said I hope you don’t take this wrong or think bad of me but she did not find tall strong men attractive and she hated body hair or facial hair on men. She told me that for a while she thought she was strange that way. I felt better as she actually did like me for me.

We talked for a couple hours that night till we both stumbled to bed, I am not sure if I was helping her or she helped me but somehow we made it to the bed. In the morning when we woke up somehow I was wearing her nightie and she had on my pajamas. We both got a good laugh out of that. A couple nights later we were talking at dinner and Jill brought that night up and asked me if I had ever thought about dressing as a girl which caught me off guard. I said no as I really had never thought about it even though in high school I got called a girl a lot. She smiled at me and told me I would make a passible girl which no male really wants to hear but before I could say anything she just told me to forget it as she was just thinking about getting into clubs to go dancing. You see she has a fake ID which is how we got the liquor for new year’s but there was no way I could pass for 21 even with a fake id. Now the funny thing is even though I had never thought of it before now it was stuck in my mind you know how someone mentions a song and then you can’t get it out of your head.

Well the next night I brought it up and told her that since she had mentioned it I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. I didn’t think I could pass as a girl and I knew I wouldn’t have the courage to go out as a girl but I was curious as to what I would look like. Now I must ad my hair is a little long as I wear it in a ponytail I guess trying to look a little cool. Jill told me we would try it this Saturday and see what I looked like.

Saturday came and I was a little nervous, Jill had me shower and wash my hair with her shampoo and conditioner, when she combed it out my light brown hair was just to my shoulders. She used some curlers and a curling iron and actually gave me a pretty feminine hair style. Then she did my makeup, eye shadow, mascara, blush and finally a red lipstick. I could not believe how feminine I looked. She then gave me a pair of her panties pink and a pink bra which she padded out and then one of her dresses which was just a little tight seems even though she is an inch taller I weigh just a little more and then a pair of her heels which actually fit me well. The end result was I looked completely like a girl. I don’t think even my own mom would recognize me if she was still alive. I spent the weekend as a girl and I actually had fun. Jill tried to get me to go out with her but I just couldn’t leave the apartment like this. I know I would pass but there was just something that wouldn’t let me do it.

It is funny as all weekend Jill called me by my first name Kelly. So this is how it went for a while. On weekends we were staying home I would dress as a girl and I was Kelly and when I was not dressed as a girl I was James. Summer came and we graduated and I got to meet Jill’s mom Helen. I only met her briefly at Graduation as she lived in another state. Turns out Jill had not told her she was living with her boyfriend. She told her she lived with Kelly and was dating me James. Her mom was only there for the weekend and had a hotel room so it was easy to keep up the lie as Jill told her mom Kelly was away visiting her family.

Well after graduation neither one of us found good jobs. I turned 21 still looking like a little kid and Jill was turning 21 on August 2. Jill had put in an application in Las Vegas for a cocktail waitress at a big casino and they had offered her a job starting on August 10th and as I didn’t have a job here we decided to move there and see if things were better.

Now are plan was to fly to Las Vegas on Sunday morning August 8th, We don’t have much to move, a TV some dishes and clothes so what we can’t take on the plain we will just ship down there by FED Ex to the Hotel we are going to stay at till we find an apartment. The only issue was money but Jill’s mom Helen let us use her credit card to pay for the airline tickets. Now with this she knew we intended to live together there she still didn’t know we had been living together for a half year already. Now as it started getting closer we both got a little nervous and wondered if we had made the right choice which I guess is normal but we were going ahead no matter what.

Now I was thinking about my weekends as Kelly, I know that is a strange thought but I realized I would probably have to stop this at least for a while. Now Jill had some things she had to do on Saturday the 7th and I figured I would take the opportunity to spend one last day as Kelly before we move. I didn’t mention this to Jill as I have actually gotten pretty good doing my own hair and makeup. Jill must have been thinking the same thing as she mentioned maybe I should spend Saturday as Kelly and maybe we could go out for dinner that night as we would be moving away the next day. I told her I would be Kelly but wasn’t sure I would be able to go out.

Saturday I got up and got all dressed as Kelly and Jill tried to talk me into going with her for the day. I told her I would think about dinner but there was no way I could spend the whole day out. Jill gave me a kiss and she was off. Now I was cleaning up the apartment to get it ready so when we left we would get our cleaning deposit back. We lived on the 5th floor and the garbage room was just 2 doors down from our apartment and I just wondered if I could walk down there with the garbage. I had 4 big bags, I grabbed one and cracked the door open and there was no one in the hall. I decided to try it, I opened the door stepped out and pulled the door almost shut putting the lock bar out so it wouldn’t shut all the way. I quickly walked 2 doors down and put the bag in the can and back to the room. Wow I couldn’t believe the rush I got from that even though I was really scared. I took a deep breath and worked up the courage to do it again. Same thing open the door, pull it almost closed and put the lock bar out to hold the door open. Walked a little slower this time but still got back to the room quickly.

I grabbed the 3rd bag opened the door, stepped out and pulled it almost shut when I heard a voice say hi, I spun around dropping the bag. It was Jill’s Mom Helen, She said sorry she startled me and helped me pick up the bag. She said she was here to see Jill. I told her Jill was out for the day taking care of business before she moved. Walked the garbage down the hall and this time walking slower as Helen walked with me and I didn’t want her to recognize me which I didn’t think she would as I really did look different.

Helen finally said oh you must be her roommate Kelly, nice to finally meet you. On the way back to the apartment she asked if she could wait there. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t let her in as she would see the apartment pretty much empty of course I could tell her I was also moving as I couldn’t afford this apartment on my own. Amazing how fast your mind works when you are scared. I told her Jill said she would be gone all day and she said that was too bad as she wanted to spend the day with her before she moved. We got back to the apartment and the door was shut. I got that scared look as I tried the door and it was locked. I was locked out. Helen must have realized what had happened as she told me she felt like it was her fault for startling me. I didn’t know what to do. Helen told me she would take me to lunch I knew I could just stand there in the hall so reluctantly I agreed.

I was never so scared going down the elevator and walking out to her car. I was relieved once I was in her car. We drove to a little café at the shopping center down the street. It was after lunch so it wasn’t real busy which I was glad for. Now we sat there at lunch and we talked and I was scared again doing my best to make sure she didn’t figure it out. We spent almost 2 hours at the café and by the time we were ready to leave I was feeling like I had fooled her as she had seemed to accept me as Kelly her daughter’s roommate. Helen gave the waitress her credit card for the bill. She pulled out her cell phone and made a call.

Now I got scared again when I heard her say hi honey, I am in town to see you before you leave. There was a pause for a moment and I heard well why don’t I take you and James out to dinner tonight. We can meet at Henry’s at 6 for dinner her treat. There was another pause and I heard her say that’s too bad James can’t make it but I will see you at 6 and she hung up. She looked at me and said oh I forgot to mention you were locked out well you can have dinner with us and then go home with Jill. I guess we will be spending the day together. I didn’t know what to say but I knew I had no choice so I said that sounded like fun.

I figured we would go back to her but instead we walked over to a small shopping center and went to a salon there, Helen told me she had planned on spending the day here with Jill before she left. I wasn’t sure what to do so I went along with it. We went in and started off with a pedicure which was actually really nice. They painted my toes a beautiful red color.

Next came a manicure the lady filed and trimmed my nails pretty short and then glued tips on them. I looked at Hellen and she just smiled you will love long nails but if not you can remove them. Again not knowing what to do I went along with it? Soon I had beautiful long nails painted the same red and they were a half inch long.

Next came the hair a wash, trim and set. My hair now looked shiny and smooth and I think a little more blonde. The last part was a facial and this made me the most nervous as the lady removed all my makeup. Luckily Helen was 2 chairs away so I figured I was safe. Creams were applied and a mask and more creams it really was a fun experience At least up to the point I felt a pain on my eye brows. Turns out she waxed them. Once she was done she started my makeup again. She did a wonderful job and did the same color red on my lips as they did on my nails.

I finally got a look at what they had done and I was right, my hair was a little more blonde and my eye brows although they were not overly masculine before they were high feminine arches now but the makeup was flawless. I looked so beautiful. There was no way anyone would know I was not a female. Helen asked me if I liked it and without thinking about it I told her I looked beautiful and thanked her. We left the salon and drove downtown to Henry’s and waited for Jill. Now I was worried as Jill did not know I would be there or what had happened today. We were a little early so Helen and I went to the bar to wait for Jill. Helen called Jill and told her we she meet her in the bar and at this point also told her about me Kelly getting locked out and I was joining us. There was a pause and Helen handed me the phone. Jill asked me what had happened and I gave her a quick rundown without going into too much detail.

Jill walked in at 6 and Helen got up and gave her a hug I stood up and Jill looked at me and said wow girl you look fabulous and also gave me a hug which helped as I was a little worried about all that had happened today. I never thought I would be able to go out to dinner with Jill as a girl. We were shown to our table and we all looked over the menu as we talked. It was very pleasant and with Jill here Helens attention was turned more to her than me.

Helen finally brought up the question Jill had worried about and the reason she never told her mom we were living together, she asked if Jill and James were thinking of getting married. Now to be honest we have talked about it we even went as far to talk about getting married when we get to Las Vegas. Helen looked at me and asked me what I thought of Jill and James getting married and didn’t I think they made a cute couple. Now I had to agree but it is strange to be involved in a conversation about yourself and your future with someone who doesn’t know you are that person. First I did agree that they made a perfect couple and it would be good if they got married. Helen looked at Jill and told her Kelly agreed with her about them getting married and made the comment I would make a wonderful maid of honor. Wow this was getting interesting. Are dinner came and as we ate Helen was still talking about marriage and I felt bad for Jill as she was taking all of this by herself but as much as I wanted to help I had to stay in the Kelly roll. Jill finally said that she was pretty sure James and she would be married once they got to Las Vegas as they both really did love each other. Helen gave her a hug and said that was all she wanted, for her daughter to be happy and as long as she and James truly loved each other and were planning on getting married she could support their living together. This made Jill really happy and me too although I had to hide it.

After dinner as we had desert Helen told Jill she had a surprise for her. Jill asked what and her mom told her she was on vacation for two weeks and had decided to go to Las Vegas with James and her and help us move and get settled in. she had bought another plane ticket on the same flight. All 3 of us would fly out at 9 am tomorrow. Jill was surprised for sure but tried to act happy I on the other had was really worried. Even removing these long nails there was nothing I could do about my eye brows or my lighter colored hair. Helen would notice for sure.

Helen then finally sad she had one more question for Jill and asked when she was going to tell her the whole truth and then she looked at me and asked me the same question. I know I had a panicked look on my face. She smiled and told us both to relax and then pointed out that we had used her credit card for the plane ticket, she had got the conformation for the tickets also including the one for Kelly James Johnson. She looked at me and said it is fine I just wish you two had not been lying to me all this time. I know you two love each other and that is all that matters.

My Grandma part 2   3 comments

Continuation of my Grandma read this first

My Grandma part 2

By Elizabeth James

Well as I sat there waiting for mom my Grandma could tell I was nervous and told me not to worry. Mom loves me no matter what just like she does which did make me feel a little better. Well it was about 5 pm when mom got home and I was so scared I could hardly move as I waited. Grandma met her at the door and they talked for a minute as I stood in the kitchen listening. I was a little shocked to learn my mom had also known for several months I guess my Grandma had told her. Finally my mom called out to me, Jennifer come in here and let me see my daughter. It took every bit of concentration to get my feet to move but I did and I slowly walked into the front room and stopped. My mom walked over to me and looked me over as I waited. Finally she spoke, my what a beautiful daughter I have and she gave me a bug. I hugged her so hard back as I was so relieved but also I was afraid to let go.

Mom walked me over and we sat on the couch and she smiled at me, first let me tell you she said, I love you no matter what, I just want you to be happy that being said I am a little sad you felt you had to hide this from me but that is behind us now. She smiled again I am happy to have a daughter as I always wanted a girl also and if you want to be my daughter instead of my son or if you just want to be my daughter for a little while that is okay, I would even be okay with you being both from time to time as long as you are happy, do you understand. I nodded my head yes. Now for our trip and need an honest answer from you and I will be okay either way, do you want to go as Jennifer or David. I thought for a moment to make it look as though I was having trouble making up my mind which was not the case as the thought of being Jennifer for a full week was just too much for me. I finally spoke up and said Jennifer.

I could see the smile on my mom’s face as she gave me a hug, I am glad dear as I have had a son for 18 years it will be nice to have a daughter for a little while. With that mom told me to go and touch up my makeup and grab my purse as she was taking us out for dinner. While I did this mom changed into a dress and heels and the 3 of us went out the door and walked out to her car on the street, it wasn’t till I had gotten into the car I thought about how I had just walked out like it was nothing, I looked around and saw none of my neighbors though.

We got to the restaurant which was a really nice one and we all walked in. a few of the men did turn and watch us but then my mom is a very pretty woman and even my grandma was looking hot. We all looked at the menu and I found what I wanted to eat but when the waiter came to take our order my mom ordered a chicken Caesar salad for both of us and a glass of water. After the waiter left I was going to say something when mom spoke up, Jennifer dear as my daughter there are things you will need to learn and do and I will help you. First is your diet, it is okay for boys to eat anything but not young ladies, we need to watch our weight and figures so as Jennifer you will be eating less and more vegetables and fruit and cutting out sugar and that includes soft drinks. She smiled at me I am thrilled to have a daughter but as such I am going to treat you as my daughter and I expect you to act like a proper young lady would. I know you have been having fun but there are some things you need to learn. Young ladies walk, sit, stand and move different then young men. I looked at her and said okay but before I finished she stopped me. That is yes mom, young ladies always use proper English. It will be yes or no not okay or yah. I smiled and replied yes mom.

We had a nice dinner and then went home and it was time for me to get ready for bed. Mom handed me a pink teddy to wear and told me to go and wash my face, brush my teeth and put my hair into a pony tail so off I went to the bathroom. I started to wash my face and found my new long nails got in the way, now I had noticed little things today sense I had got them but nothing to bad but now I was really noticing them same when I tried to braid my hair, I had to ask mom for help. She smiled and told me I would get use to the nails and soon I would not have any issues. I was all ready for bed and both Grandma and mom came in and kissed me good night.

Sunday morning mom woke me up at 6 am to start getting ready. After my shower mom showed me how to put curlers in my hair to bring back the style I had and then she helped me with my makeup she did my eyes with browns and some black to give me that smoky eye look not the night time dramatic look but very flattering to my face and finished it off with a matt red lipstick. I looked very pretty and somehow older. I put on the white skirt and pink top and 3″ heels and then we combed out my hair and there was that beautiful girl. She told me to take my suitcases down stairs and be careful not to break a nail while she got ready. Grandma and I waited for mom down stairs for about 20 minutes but finally she came down. Mom came over and gave me a hug and Grandma just looked at us. I was not sure why and mom smiled at her and said I know it is amazing and I figured they were talking about how I looked. Finally mom walked me over buy the mirror and we stood there. I looked in the mirror and I was in shock, I actually looked so much like my mom. Our hair was the same style and color, our makeup was done the same, we both had on a white skirt although she had her flight attendant top on and heels.

Well it was time to leave and we all grabbed our suitcases and walked them out to the car, now I will admit carrying two suitcases with long nails and walking in heels is a lot more difficult but we managed to get everything into the car, Mom drove and Grandma sat up front and I was in the back and off we went to the airport. This was all so exciting. We got to the airport and parked in the long term parking which means we had to catch a shuttle bus to the airport and again here we were 3 females with way to much luggage, we were struggling with our luggage when two young men came up, probably business men as all they had were computer bags and they helped us get our luggage on the bus.

Well we got to the airport and checked our bags and then went to the security check where we had to stand in line. Now standing here in line I got a little scared as I wasn’t sure what all they were going to search but we made it through fine and then we found a little coffee shop to have breakfast as we still had over an hour till we could board the plan. After we ate we went to our gate and sat waiting for the plane. I was talking to mom and didn’t notice another family come over and sit down, it was a husband and wife and their daughter who was probably the same age as me, well before I knew it her and I were talking, and her name was Linda. Well it turns out she was going to Hawaii with her parents for the week also and they were staying in the same hotel as we were. Meanwhile my mom and Grandma were talking with her parents.

It was time to get on the plane and mom pulled some strings as she worked for the airline and got my seat next to Linda so we had the whole flight over to talk and get to know each other. Now we were ready to take off when it finally sunk in what I was doing. There was no turning back as I had no male clothes and when we landed I would be thousands of miles from home. I was quiet for a little bit but soon I was back talking with Linda. She was also 18 and just graduated and like me this was her graduation present. By the time we landed in Hawaii were knew so much about each other and the funny thing is I really didn’t have to lie that munch. We talked about school, what we liked, what we wanted to do now that we had graduated the only hard part was when she asked me if I had a boyfriend and I simply said no I was not dating anyone at the moment which was true. It was funny how similar my life was now and before other than it seemed easier to talk with people and I felt more at ease which really made no sense as I was passing myself off as a girl. Well the flight was a little over 5 hours but finally we made it to Hawaii.

We all walked down to the baggage claim area and we started to pull our luggage off the belt as it came by. A couple times Linda’s dad helped us and then he put all our luggage on a cart and wheeled it out to the curb. He even put it in a cab for us and as we were leaving he asked if we would like to join him and his wife for dinner tonight which my mom accepted and we agreed to meet in the hotel lobby at 6.

We got checked into our room and which was nice, it had a balcony and two bedrooms so Mom and Grandma would share and I would have my own. Now Linda called our room to see what I was wearing for dinner and I wasn’t sure what to say as I had never had that happen before. Mom told me it was just that girls had a little competition when it came to dressing, you never want to be way underdressed or overdressed so mom talked to Linda’s dad about the restaurant we were going to which turned out to be a really nice one so she told Linda that all three of us would be in dresses and heels tonight and she actually sounded excited about it. So there I was at 5:30 in a pretty somewhat short black dress and my 4″ heels and my makeup looking perfect. My Grandma had on a really pretty blue dress and heels and my mom also had on a black dress but hers showed more cleavage then mine. I thought we may have over done it for dinner. Well we all went downstairs to meet up with Linda and her parents. Her dad had on just a dress shirt and a nice pair of slacks nothing special and then I saw Linda and her mom. Her mom had on this beautiful red dress just as tight and low cut as my mom’s and Linda also had a red dress very pretty but like me not as sexy, both had on high heels and makeup perfect. We all looked like we had just come from the beauty salon on our way to a Hollywood party that is except for Linda’s dad. I guess girls just put way more effort into how they look.

We had a great dinner and again mom told me I should order a salad which I did and to my amazement so did mom, Grandma, Linda and her mom only Linda’s father ordered a steak. Mom must have realized what I was thinking and whispered in my ear, sweetie woman are always worried about the figure and weight especially when they are with other woman or someplace really warm as they want to look good. We had a great dinner and really got to know each other and my mom and Linda’s mom decide we would do things together this week as her husband was actually here on a business trip so he would only be with them in the evenings. Well it was almost 9 when we left the restaurant and headed for our rooms as it had been a long day and we were all pretty tired. Linda’s mom said we should spend the day tomorrow on the beach and why don’t we meet at 10 am. My mom said that was fine but Linda whispered something to her mom and she laughed and said let’s make it 11 okay so it was all set.

As we got up to the room it finally hit me we were going to the beach. I didn’t have a swim suit to wear and it would be hard to find a girls suit that I could wear and not be exposed. I told mom this and she just smiled, don’t worry sweetie I have already taken care of that. I cleaned off my makeup and went to bed, I must have been tired as I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Mom woke me up in the morning and had me take a shower and for the first time she actually put hair remover all over my body even though I hardly had any. Any way after my shower I could not help but notice how soft and wonderful my skin felt. Well she helped me do my makeup yes that is right we did makeup but we used makeup that was water proof so it would still look good when we got wet. I went into my mom’s room and my mom was in this really pretty and well skimpy bikini and she looked awesome. It was a red color and wow I knew she would turn a lot of heads on the beach. My grandma had on a really pretty black swimsuit. It was a one piece but it was still open in the middle and did show of some skin. I looked on the bed and there was a bikini in hot pink, I looked at mom and told her there was no way I could wear that. She just smiled and told me she had taken care of everything, then she told me to take off my robe which caught me off guard as that would mean I was naked which I had not done in front of my mom for years. Any way with a little encouragement from her I was soon naked. She pulled out this little pair of what looked like panties that was the same color as the bikini and held them up, this is a gaff Jennifer, I got 10 pairs in different colors and they are designed for men to hide what women do not have. She had me step into it and worked it up towards my waist and it was already tight. She then told me it would feel uncomfortable for a bit but I would get used to it. Then it happened something I was not ready for. Mom grabbed my private parts, she pushed my testicles up inside my abdomen and pulled my penis down between my legs and then pulled the gaff up around my waits. I actually got light headed from the feeling. It was so tight that nothing showed. Mom had me walk around for a little bit and sit down and get up to see how it fit and stayed in place and it did still nothing showed, I was amazed and she was right after a bit the pain went away although it was still not so much uncomfortable but it just felt different.

She looked at me and smiled this will work not I want you to take it off and out it back on just the way I did. I was a little confused but mom just smiled, Sweetie I can’t be doing this for you. If you go to the bathroom you will have to be able to do this yourself so I did and to my amazement it wasn’t that hard to do, after the 3 time I had it down. Now my bikini was a string bikini so mom pulled up the bottoms and then showed me how to twist the strings around the sides of the gaff to make them look like they were all the same thing and as the gaff was a thong back nothing showed and as hard as we both looked you could not tell I had anything on other than the bikini bottoms.

Now the bikini top had some padding built in but I knew it would not be enough. Mom pulled out what she called a Nu bra it was two small silicon breast enhancers. I wasn’t sure what good this would do but she said I had enough baby fat on my chest to make it work. She then put some form of adhesive on the sides of my chest and also on the enhancers and then pressed them to the outside part of my chest just past my nipples and held them for a few minutes. I looked down and really didn’t think they would help as they were too far out. Mom then told me to push the sides of my chest together which I did and she hooked a little clear piece of plastic together in the middle and then put the bikini top on me and tied it in place. When I let go my breast stayed there. I was shocked as I had not padded it out and they were as big as any girl in my class. Mom smiled at me you look great sweetie and this worked better than I thought, you are probably close to a C-cup now. I wasn’t sure what that meant but she led me over to the mirror for a look, I was speechless. I looked totally like a girl. No sign of my male part and my chest it was huge and I had incredible amount of cleavage I was also almost naked. Grandma came it at that moment and she let out a scream, my god you look like a female swimsuit model.

It was time to go and meat Linda and her mom so my mom put some things in her tote bag and Grandma and I each grabbed a towel and we were off. All three of us looked good but mom and I were hot and I could feel the people we passed starring at us. When we got downstairs we only had to wait a few minutes for them, Linda also had on a hot pink but a different cut and style but still really sexy and her mom had on a black bikini. All of us were hot and would be turning heads all day. Linda smiled at me and held out her hands, she had long acrylic nails in the same hot pink color of her suit, she told me her and her mom had gone and got pedicures and nail this morning, I looked over and her mom also had long acrylic nails in a red color. With that the 5 of us walked out of the hotel and onto the beach, yes our hotel was right on the beach.

Now the beach was crowded but we found a nice place and they even had some beach chairs which our moms and grandma used, Grandma brought a book to read. Linda and I just put out our towels and laid down. The sun felt so warm that I kept falling asleep. After a bit Linda and I went down and played in the surf for a while before coming back and lying down again, we never really went swimming as Linda didn’t want to mess up her hair or makeup and in a way I felt the same. We had lunch about 2 and then Linda and I went down to play in the water again. We were having fun when I turned around and there were two boys standing behind us and they started talking with us and soon the 4 of us were having fun. After about an hour Linda and I went back and laid out in the sun again. It was almost 5 by now and Linda’s father would be getting off work so we were deciding what to do when the two young men came over to us. They pause for a moment and then the one finally spoke up, hey Linda and Jennifer we were wondering if you would like to go to the movies tonight, I mean we could grab dinner first. There is a theater just a couple blocks away from the beach. I wasn’t sure what to do at this point but Linda did. She smiled back, that’s sounds fun but I would have to ask my mom, then she turned to her mom and said. This is Jake and Dan we met them earlier do you think we could go to the movies tonight with then? Her mom looked the two boys up and down and then said I suppose it would be alright but they will have to pick you up at the room so your father can meet them. But we will also need to check with Jennifer’s mom. I looked at her not knowing what to do or say. She also looked at them and said, I think it would be okay for the girls to double date as long as your husband approves. Now up to this point I was just thinking or it as friends hanging out together and catching a movie but my mom’s word gave it a whole new meaning. Linda smiled back at them why don’t you give us an hour in a half, than pick us up at room 2345 at 6:30 and we can catch dinner and a movie and with that they thank our moms and said they would see us soon.

Back in the room I took a quick shower and mom helped me get ready, she did my makeup giving me a more dramatic look. My eyes were done beautifully with browns for that alluring Smokey eye look and my lips were a deep red. I looked awesome and she picked out a really pretty and maybe too sexy red dress I thought but with the way she had my breast done and a pushup bra I looked incredible and of course 4″ heels. For the first time sense I had been dressing I had the feeling this was wrong, I couldn’t go out with a boy after all I was a boy and I was not attracted to boys so I tried to explain it to my mom. She just smiled and listened. Finally she broke in, there is nothing wrong with it or you and it does not matter if you are attracted or not to him. This is part of being a pretty girl, boys will want to date you and be around you. Just think of it as being out with your friends and only let him go as far as you are comfortable. I have gone out with many men and always have a good time. They wine and dine me and treat me great and pretty much the most they get is a kiss. It doesn’t mean anything now you go and have fun. With that mom and I went up to Linda’s room to wait for the boys.

Linda had on this really hot pink dress and it was probably sexier than mine and her makeup was also perfect. I looked at her dad and I could see he was not as thrilled as her mom about the whole date and the way we looked. It wasn’t long and the boys arrived, they had on nice jeans and shirt but nothing really special but when they saw us I could tell it was not friends they were thinking of. They talked with Linda’s dad for a while and promised to have us back by midnight. With that we left and walked to a little restaurant around the corner. Jake went with Linda and Dan with me and yes they held our hands as we walked. We had a nice dinner and again I ordered a salad as did Linda. From there we went over to the movie theater and watched a movie. I actually had a good time as long as I forgot about it being a date which was hard as I kept noticing Dan looking at me plus about half way through he put his arm around my shoulder.

The movie got out about 9:40 so the boys asked he we could take a walk on the beach, before I could answer Linda said that sounded like fun so again hand in hand we went down to the beach. Now this is where being a girl gets hard as I had my little purse to carry and of course you can’t walk in the sand in 4″heels so I had to take them off so I had a purse in one hand and my heels in the other which gave Dan the chance to put his arm around me and so there we were walking down the beach that way. Now the funny thing was as strange and awkward as it was to be with a boy there was a part of me that felt safe, after all a young girl out after dark by herself is not a safe thing. Any way we walked and talked and got to know them better. They were from Seattle Washington and down here vacationing like us. Well it was almost 11:45 and we were almost back to the hotel when we stopped and almost like they had rehearsed it they turned to face us and gave us each a kiss right on the mouth. I had kind of figured they would try but didn’t expect to get caught off guard. It seemed like the kiss went forever as it was in slow motion but in reality it was probably no more than a few seconds. Then we went into the hotel. Linda smiled at me and told me she needed to use the ladies room and grabbed my hand leaving the boys standing there. When we got inside I asked her if she couldn’t wait till we got up to our rooms and she let out a laugh as I turned to her I saw her face about the same time she told me to check my makeup. Both our lipstick was smeared. I couldn’t go upstairs looking like this so we both cleaned off what was left and touched up our makeup and redid our lipstick before going out to meet the boys again who walked us up to our rooms. We both thanked them for a wonderful evening and went inside. I thought about it and it was a nice night. I had a great time and it didn’t cost me anything and I bet the boys between dinner, movie, popcorn and drinks spent at least $60 each.

Mom was waiting up for me when I got home as she wanted to know how it went. We sat and talked for a while and I told her it felt awkward to have a boy looking at me that way and I wasn’t comfortable when he held my hand or put his arm around me, I stopped short and did not mention the kiss. Mom said she understood but that boys were a part of being a girl and I would have to learn to interact with them and how to deal with them. She then gave me a hug and said, I guess the kiss goodnight also made you feel uncomfortable? I looked at her how could she have known? I looked down, he caught me off guard and I didn’t know what to do and yes it bothered me, then I looked at her and asked how she knew. She just smiled, it is the payment girls give boys for the attention they give us, for the nice evening out and for them paying for everything, it really means nothing, plus your lipstick looked as good as it did when you left which means you must have redid your lipstick recently and that was the only reason I could think of you would do that to come home. Now off to bed she told me so I went upstairs and washed off my makeup, then mom helped me remove the breast enhancers which took a little work, it is amazing how well the adhesive held and then I removed the gaff which felt so good, I looked at myself in the mirror and my breast tissue was still pulled a little in so I looked like I had small breast but my tan lines I looked like I had a white bikini on. I laid down and fell right to sleep,

Tuesday morning we all got up and mom wanted to know what I wanted to do for the day, as we were talking about it Linda and her mom came to our room. They had got some information about things you could do and just a little way down the beach they were giving Hula lessons so we all decided that would be fun so we all started getting ready. Now I was able to get the gaff on and set but I was still having a little trouble with the breast enhancers so mom helped me again and soon I was standing there in my bikini looking hot. We all walked down the beach turns out a little way down the beach is about a mile. Well we all had a blast although it took me a little longer to catch on as it seemed my hips did not want to move right but the s that was giving the lessons were great and so patient and by the end I was almost as good as the rest of the girls. We finished about 2 so we stopped and had lunch on the beach and then we just found a place to lay out for a while and relax in the sun. We got back to the hotel about 5 and went up to our rooms. I was wondering what we were doing for dinner and mom shocked me, well sweetie she said you are going to dinner with Linda and her parents as you grandma and I have dates tonight. I didn’t know what to say but mom did. You had your fun last night and your Grandma and I want to go dancing tonight and two gentleman asked us to dinner and dancing. It is just like you last night nothing serious just a nice night out. I gave my mom a kiss and told her to have a great time and for some reason I threw in to watch out for that good night kiss as it can sneak up on you. We both laughed about it. I called Linda to see what she was wearing and she said a nice dress and heels so that is what I did too.

The week went by so fast and for the most part everyday was the same on the beach in our bikinis and then the evening fancy dresses and heels we even went out with Jake and Dan again and had a good time and I was more at ease. I could tell Dan would have liked more than just a good night kiss but that was all I was willing to give and he was okay with that. Linda and I became really good friends and in a way I felt guilty about not telling her the truth about me but I just couldn’t as I was sure it would ruin our friendship plus how does one bring something like that up anyway so I just did my best to tell her the truth with that one small detail left out.

On Friday all us girls went shopping in the morning, we were at the mall and mom saw a jewelry store so we went in and looked around, mom bought me a tennis bracelet, a necklace and then she picked out a nice pair of earrings and said it was time her daughter got her ears pierced. No I was actually excited about this and picked out a couple pairs of dangly earrings and a pair of hoop earrings but mom said no it would take several weeks for my ears to heal and get use to the earrings. I could get those later. I sat down and in no time I had my ears pierced.

Saturday Linda and I spent the whole day on the beach and had a great time. The week had gone by so fast, now we were not leaving ti Monday but Linda and her parents were flying out on Sunday. I was going to be sad to see them leave but Linda and I exchanged phone numbers so we could keep in touch after all she only lives about 20 miles from me.

On Sunday after Linda had left the three of us to a ride around the Island and had a great day. I wore my bikini with a skirt wrap as did my mom. It is amazing how flexible girl’s clothes are. You can change the look so easily. This being our final night here we went out to a really nice restaurant and for the first time in a week mom let me order anything so I did get a salad and then a chicken breast. The three of us sat and talked for a couple hours, and finally mom brought up the subject I didn’t want to hear, the fact we were going home tomorrow. More specifically what would happen when I got home? Now I had figured once I got home I would go back to being David and hopefully get to dress and be Jennifer a couple times a week which mom said was one option but would be the hardest as I would be switching back and forth. She asked if I would like to stay Jennifer at least for a while maybe the summer. Now this idea did appeal to me as I really did love being Jennifer and I so loved my long nails, I had gotten so use to them it would be strange without them plus I just felt more comfortable as a girl, kind of fit in better so I told Mom I wanted to be Jennifer a little longer if I could and she smiled and told me that was fine with her.

I asked her how we could do it as it was one thing to sneak out of the house a couple times but being Jennifer all the time what would the neighbors think she just smiled at me. Sweetie I have known about your dressing for a while and I have already talked with some of the neighbors. I got this scared look on my face but mom calmed me down, don’t worry she said I didn’t tell them about your dressing. I told them one of the reasons for our Hawaii trip as you were thinking of going to College hear and you had a chance for an internship this summer and that is why we were coming. I had also told them that my niece might come stay with me for the summer as she was looking at possible moving out to California if she could find a job. So it is simple as the neighbors don’t expect you to come back with me. So when they do see you they will think you are my niece Jennifer from Oregon. I looked at mom and said you don’t have a niece at which she just laughed and then I figured it out.

That night we got back to our hotel room and as I was getting ready for bed I looked at myself. I had such a deep tan accept where my bikini was I was almost white, as I stood there mom walked in and looked at me, wow dear you really do have a wonderful tan but your tan lines those will be noticeable for a long time, probably good you will be Jennifer for a while. She gave me a kiss and said you really do like being Jennifer don’t you? I looked down and said yes, I mean I just feel right, everything about being Jennifer is right except for well except for boys. I still can’t see myself with a boy I guess I will need to go back to being a boy at some point as I do want a girlfriend.

Mom sat down with me on the bed and gave me a hug, sweetie you do not have to be a boy to have a girlfriend. There are woman that are attracted to other girls and even feminine men. What is important is for you to be happy, find what you want in life and if you want to be Jennifer, if you want to be a boy who dresses as a girl, a boy who lives as a girl or even if you want to become a girl that is what is important. I gave her a big hug and told her I wanted to try to live as a girl to be Jennifer but I didn’t think I wanted to have any surgeries. Well then I guess I have a daughter now, when we get home as far as anyone knows David is living in Hawaii and going to school and my niece Jennifer is staying with me for a while.

With that I got into bed to go to sleep, I could stop thinking about what I had just decided to do, was I crazy, I was going to live as a girl for who knows how long. I finally fell asleep and I had such wonderful dreams all night. Monday morning we all got up and got ready for our trip home and my new adventure. Even Grandma was supportive of my choice and she said she looked forward to spending time with me. The flight home was a relaxing one, mom was working but Grandma and I sat together and talked. Grandma told me her and mom talked last night and when we get back I was going to stay at her place for a few days that way mom would go home by herself and then on Friday I would go over so the neighbors would think was just her niece showing up which sounded good to me as I was still a little scared about this. By the time we got home it was after 7 so we grabbed dinner and then mom took me and Grandma to her apartment so I could start my new life as Jennifer.
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My Grandma   2 comments

My Grandma

By Elisabeth James

Well I guess I should start with a little about me. My name is David Johnson and I am 18 years old and live with my mom. My mom is beautiful and works as a flight attendant for a major airline. She is 5’4″ tall and looks like a model and yes she is only 35 years old as she had me at a young age and my father I have never met as he didn’t want anything to do with us. We live in Southern California and the only other family we have close is my Grandma who is 55 and lives just a couple miles away. She retired from the city of LA after 31 years, she would have kept working but her eye sight got too bad that she doesn’t even drive any more. She lives in an assisted homes but she really loves it there. Mom and I live in an older house mom bought years ago.

Well as I said I am 18 and for a boy I am shall we say on the small side, I guess I took after my mom as I am also 5’4″ tall but weigh a little more than she does. Oh I guess there is one more thing, I like to cross-dress. I actually started playing with her makeup when I was about 10 or 11 and this confused me, not enough to talk about it as I have never told anyone. When I turned 15 for some reason one day when she was gone I snuck into her closet and tried on one of her dresses as we were the same size and for some reason I liked it, the way it felt and looked. Now being young and having these feelings is confusing as I knew I wasn’t gay as I never looked at the other boys in my class just the girls but it was more than just how pretty they were and that attraction you feel but it was also about how they looked, the clothes and makeup, I loved everything about girls. I tried to stop a few times but couldn’t and so that was my secret life. Now it was popular for boys to grow their hair out which I did and wore in a ponytail and maybe mine was a little longer than most but when I did get the chance to dress up I could make my hair look feminine. It is funny as there is a girl in my class I really like named Jill and so I try to make my hair look like hers.

Now there is good and bad things about this as there are with everything. Having this secret life I kept more to myself but this also allowed me to get really good grades. So by the time I was Senior in High school I had pretty much everything I needed for Graduation so I didn’t have to go to school on Wednesdays and Fridays were a half day for me. Now my mom had a great schedule as a flight attendant. On Monday and Tuesday she would fly from LA to Seattle and back which was about a 7 hour day, Wednesday she would fly from LA to Honolulu which was her long day about 12 hours and Thursday and Friday she would fly to San Francisco whish was only about a 5 hour day plus once or twice a month she would get a Friday flight to Japan which meant she would come back on Saturday and as I was in High school she would let me stay by myself. Wednesday became my day to dress as I was home all alone for the whole day as mom would leave the house about 7 am and not get home till around 8 at night.

Now as I said I am small for a boy and over the years I had gotten really good at makeup and dressing up and I really don’t think anyone would recognize me or for that matter be able to tell I was not actually a girl but I could never work up the courage to leave the house for fear someone would see me. Well it was just before Halloween of my Senior year when one of my mom’s best friends came over it turned out her husband had gotten transferred to Japan for a couple years, he was in the military and she asked mom if she could keep her car at our house while they were gone as she didn’t want to sell it and mom said okay. She told us we could use it if we would take care of it and run it once a week so it just didn’t sit there. I volunteered to drive it once a week for her. Now our house is an older one and both mom and I park our cars on the street in front, yes my mom got me a car for my 16th birthday. Behind our house is a little ally way and there is a drive behind with a little carport. The problem with this is you have to go out the front door and then around to the back so it was just easier and closer to park on the street in front so that is where we put her car. So I would drive her car once a week. Well it was late November on a Wednesday and I was all dressed up and looking great when the idea popped into my head to take her car for a drive.

Now as I said our house was older with a big front porch that really wasn’t visible except from the street right in front and I could go off the side of the porch and only have about 15 feet that people could see me before I went between the houses to the back and with the hedge along the side the chances of someone seeing me was very small. Now I spent a good hour working up the courage. A couple time I went out on the porch and then back inside. I just had to do this and so it was about 2:30 in the afternoon before I finally did it. I looked to see if anyone was out front and saw nothing so down the side steps to the side walk and across the front to the side. Now I was wearing a short skirt and heels so I couldn’t really move fast and once I started I never looked back as I wanted to get to the cars as fast as I could. Now the car had tinted windows so you really couldn’t get a good look inside so I felt safe plus because this was not my car no one should recognize me.

I drove around for about 45 minutes and never did work up the courage to stop any place or get out of the car. Once back home I did just the opposite. Parked the car and walked back to the front of the house and looked to see if I could see anyone and when it was clear across and up the side steps to the safety of the porch. Now I must say I do wear a lot of my mom’s clothes but I have also managed to buy some of my own and also makeup and shoes. One of the cool things with the internet is you can buy online and you can even schedule when you want them delivered so I was getting a nice little wardrobe. I so looked forward to Wednesdays there were times I might go out for a drive two or three times on a Wednesday but still could not get up the courage to get out of the car.

Now for Christmas my mom and Grandma gave me gift cards which I used online to buy several pretty dresses, heels and makeup so I was so excited so I was really looking forward to the first Wednesday in January as my mom had taken the week off work between Christmas and New Year’s which would mean I could not dress up.

Well the Wednesday finally came and mom left and I got all dressed up in this really cute white skirt and pink top and 4″heels. I grabbed my purse and out the door I went. I was getting pretty bold at this by now. Looked and it was clear so around to the car and off I went for about an hour before coming back for my lunch. It was so much fun.

Well after lunch I was ready to go for another drive so I touched up my makeup and out the door I went. I was just to the corner of the house when I realized I had left my cell phone so I turned around and went back and up on the porch. I was fumbling in my purse for my keys when I heard a vice behind me. I was scared to death as I turned around and saw my Grandma standing there. She said hi and asked what I was doing, now I know she has bad eye sight so I mustered my best female voice and squeaked out that I was here to see David, she smiled and said oh you must be one of David’s friends which I replied yes. She smiled again and said she was also here to see her grandson. I didn’t know what to do so I stood there as she knocked on the door and for a moment I was scared the door would open even though I knew no one was home. Well after few minutes she smiled at me and said looks like he is not home. I smiled and said yes looks that way still not knowing what to do. Grandma smiled at me again and said she would ell David I stopped by and asked me what my name was. I was at a loss as I had never thought about a name and before I could stop myself I said Jennifer. She smiled again and said what a pretty name for a pretty girl and with that she said we should go. I smiled and said I had parked out behind so I left my Grandma standing there and walked back around the house to the car as my Grandma walked back to the taxi.

I left and took a short drive maybe 15 minutes as I was still shaking for the encounter so I went back home. I carefully looked around before going to the porch and quickly inside. I put my purse down and there was a call from my Grandma, she still does not have a cell phone so she had to wait till she got home to call me. The message just said she had stopped by to see how I was and had wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner with her tonight and also that a friend of mine had stopped by to see me Jennifer.

I calmed down and gave her a call as I wanted to see if she had any suspicions and she seemed like everything was okay so I agreed to have dinner with her so I quickly cleaned up and got myself back to my male looking self as I had had enough for the day. I went over and picked her up at 4 and we went to a restaurant just down the street. We had a nice dinner and Grandma never brought up earlier today till the end when she asked me I Jennifer was my girlfriend, I almost choked and said no there was another girl I liked named Jill which was true. Grandma just smiled and said to bad we would make a cute couple beside she said I think Jennifer likes you from the way she was acting. I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded. Well that night I did a lot of thinking and decided that I was all done dressing up as this was to close a call.

The thing was by Saturday I was thinking about dressing again and come the following Wednesday I couldn’t help myself and soon I found myself all dressed up again and out ten door I went for my drive. I actually went out 3 times for a drive this day and had such a good time. I actually stopped at a store and thought about going in but just couldn’t work up the courage part of it was the fact I was wearing 4″ heels and although some girls my age do wear them and go shopping it still would draw attention to myself so after sitting in the car for 30 minutes I drove back home.

It was now the end of January and it had been 4 weeks since that fateful day I had run into my Grandma and I got all dressed up in a nice black dress of my mom’s, did my hair and makeup and put my 4″ heels on and out the door for my drive. I looked really good and had a great time but still too scared to get out of the car. I got back home about 11 am and came around the corner of the house and as I did I saw the cab out front and stopped as I looked up and saw my Grandma on the front porch at the door. I was just about to turn when she saw me and said oh Hi, Jennifer isn’t it. There was nothing I could do so I said yes and walked up to the porch as I didn’t want to be standing in the front yard, I told her I just stopped by to see if David was home as I knew we would knock on the door and no one would be there and then I could leave and not look suspicious. Grandma looked at me and told me how pretty I looked and we chatted for a second while we waited. She asked me if I liked David and I thought quickly and said yes but he likes another girl named Jill. After I said this I realized this might have been a mistake as I should not give too much information.

Well grandma said looks like he is not home and I said yes it looks that way. She smiled at me and said I came over to take him to lunch and now I guess I will have to go by myself. I smiled and told her I was sure he would be sad he missed her and again thought to much keep quiet. Grandma smiled at me I know why don’t we do lunch, I so hate eating alone. I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t go out to lunch with my Grandma and as I was thinking of an excuse she took my arm and we started towards the street where the cab was waiting for her. I told her I wasn’t sure I should leave my car out back but she just said it would be fine and by now we were out at the street. I was about to say no when I saw one of the neighbors doors open so I got in the cab quickly to hide and now there was nothing I could do. We were off to lunch. The cab driver really paid no attention to me but I was so scared.

We got to the restaurant and Grandma told the cab drive to be back in an hour and a half. Now I had to get up the courage to get out and I knew there was no choice as if I didn’t it would look strange and Grandma might figure it out so there I stood on the street with her and in we walked. Now as scared as I was I also found it exciting and such an incredible feeling. We were shown to our table and sat down. Now I had to think about what to eat as I wanted to do my best to act like a proper young lady so I chose a house salad. Now Grandma started off with small talk mostly she talked about her grandson David which was me if she only knew. This made it easier but after about 30 minutes she got around to asking me questions, how well did I know David did we have many of the same classes. Now as strange as this was it was actually easy to answer the questions as I knew everything about David and the school and his friends. Now I was so focused on Grandma that I had forgot about being out in public and actually had a great time. We finished lunch and Grandma paid and we went out and waited for the cab which showed up right on time. She had the cab drive down the ally way and stopped in front of the car in the car port so I didn’t have to walk around the house which was nice in some ways but it also meant I had to get in the car and drive away. With the hour I was gone before I ran into Grandma, the two hours we were gone over lunch and now this it would be the longest I had been out.

Grandma smiled at me and said, I had a great time Jennifer, it was nice to get to know you. I smiled back as it really had been an incredible day so far and I am sure it showed, I told her I had a great time also and it was great getting to know her also. That is when Grandma caught me off guard, she smiled and said Well Jennifer why don’t we do lunch next week, is Wednesday good for you? I was so caught up in the moment I said yes before I realized what I had said. Grandma gave me her phone number and address and said I should pick her up at 11 am next Wednesday and we would do lunch again. With that I got in the car and drove off and drove around for about 20 minutes before heading back home. This led to another problem, I couldn’t give Grandma my phone number as Jennifer as she already had it for David and I wasn’t sure if she had caller ID on her phone I had to do something. Now mom had a work cell phone so I had my own plan and mom gave me the money to pay for it she thought that if I had to pay the bill even with her money it would teach me responsibility so I cleaned up and ran to the mall to see what I could do. Well it turned out for only $20 a month I could add a second phone to my account so that is what I did.

Well later that night before Mom got home Grandma called me and told me about her day and having lunch with Jennifer and hoped I could join them, I had to think quick and told her I couldn’t as I had to be at school at that time for study hall and that seemed to satisfy her. Now as soon as I hung up I called from my new number, Jennifer’s number and thanked her for lunch and gave her the phone number so she could call me in hopes this would make it harder for her to figure out her grandson and Jennifer were one in the same. We talked for about 10 minutes and I told her I would pick her up next Wednesday for lunch.

Now next Wednesday came and I was really excited and looking forward to it as it was fun last week to be out in public especially as I was not by myself. But as I was getting ready I really got scared. I picked a grey skirt of my mom’s with a cream top and only 3″ heels this week as last week I had felt I was a little over the top going out. My makeup was also not as heavy as last week a little more shall we say day time look. I grabbed my purse and stood at the door wondering if I should really do this, go out to lunch again with my Grandma. I finally decided to go for it as I knew her eye sight was not that great and I could pull it off so I gave her a quick call and told her I was on my way and would be there in about 10 minutes. As I pulled in it hit me I have come here many times as David I could not walk in like this as I was sure someone would recognize me but as I pull to the front there was Grandma standing by the door waiting for me so I was safe.

This time Grandma said she knew a really nice café and told me where to go. We actually drove about 20 miles into LA and ended up at the mall and went to the a café at Nordstrom’s which had really nice food but it also meant walking into Nordstrom’s and to the front of the store by the mall and there were so many people around. Now I knew that no one could tell I was not a girl from my size and look it would be more the way I acted or if I ran into someone I actually new but I was still scared. We had a nice lunch and talked and Grandma told me more about her which of course I already knew but I didn’t let on as I needed her to think of me a Jennifer a girl she didn’t know.

After lunch Grandma said as long as we are here we should do some shopping. Now I got that scared excited feeling again. I couldn’t walk around the mall like this could I? I smiled at Grandma and told her I was sorry but I didn’t have money to shop at which she just smile and told me you can shop without money and off we went into the mall. Now as I said most of my stuff is my mom’s and what I have managed to buy online but shopping in person is a whole other experience. We hit several shoe stores and a few clothing stores and we both tried on some dresses, as I said this is my Grandma but she is only 55 and doesn’t look that old. The last store had some really cute dresses and grandma found a couple she really liked, as she said she needed something pretty to wear when we went to lunch as I always looked so pretty. As she was handing them to the sales girl to ring up she also handed her 3 of the dresses I had tried on and like. I told her she shouldn’t buy them for me and she just smiled at me and said, please let me do this for you. My daughter is all grown up now and I only have a grandson, I really enjoyed spending time with you today it was almost like having a granddaughter for the day. This made me feel so nice I just gave her a hug and said yes.

On the way out we stopped at the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s and we both got a makeover. Now this really scared me as the lady there removed all my makeup and started fresh. I thought she would for sure figure it out but she didn’t. She just redid my makeup and told me what all she was doing and why and how I should do things to enhance my face more as she said I had great eyes and lips and in the end she really did make me look better so again Grandma bought some makeup here for us both. I was a little shocked as Grandma had probably spent $250 on me today which made me feel uneasy but she seemed really happy so I let it go. I drove her back to her place and dropped her off and then went home it was almost 6:15 when I got home so I quickly ran upstairs and showered and hid my new dresses and makeup. And put mom’s skirt and top back. It really was an incredible day for me.

Over the next few weeks I found I talked with Grandma a lot more as she was calling me as David and Jennifer, I really had to work hard to keep the two straight and not mix up conversations. I also started having lunch with her on Friday’s as David and Wednesday Jennifer would have lunch with her and we always did a little shopping and she would always by me some cute outfit but I really worked on not letting her spend too much money on me as I didn’t want to take advantage of her as I was just so happy going out with her as Jennifer. Because of this we became really close. Now there were those awkward moments when she would ask David why he didn’t date Jennifer or ask Jennifer why she didn’t peruse David more or even worse when she would ask me if there were any boys I liked or if I was seeing anyone. These are always hard questions to answer and that ad my little situation into the mix.

Things were going great and I had a great life. I loved my time as Jennifer and I wish I could spend more time this way. Now I don’t want to have surgery and become a girl but I do feel so right as Jennifer. It was amazing how fast the weeks went by and how comfortable I had become as Jennifer. On the weeks that my mom flew to Japan and come back late on Saturday I started going out on Saturday mornings as Jennifer and even went shopping on my own. I even met a couple girls at the mall one day and we hung out shopping for a few hours. I seemed to fit in so well and at the end of the day we exchanged phone numbers and yes I did give them the one for Jennifer.

By the end of March I was still doing my Wednesday lunch and shopping with Grandma and twice a month when mom went to Japan after David had lunch with Grandma I would rush home and get all dressed up and then go out to dinner and the movies with Sue, Melissa and Amy the three girls I met from the mall. We actually became good friends and it became hard to balance all the things. Only being able to get together with them a few times a month made it hard but I told them I had to help take care of my Grandma and they seemed okay with that but we still talked on the phone all the time and it wasn’t long before Jennifer’s phone was used way more than David’s phone. It also was nice to have friends as David had really kept to himself. It is strange that I had to be a girl to make friends

It was the end of May and I was really looking forward to summer vacation as I would be out of school and able to be Jennifer almost every day. I just had one hurdle to get past. With mom’s busy schedule her and Grandma didn’t talk much but after school got out the three of us were going on vacation. Mom had arranged a week in Hawaii, I would graduate on Sunday June 6th then on Monday and Tuesday that week I would have to go into school to finish up some things, turn in books, clean out my locker and of course a few parties in some of the classes and then I would be done for the summer. Now that Friday June 11th mom would fly to Japan and come back Saturday early evening. On Sunday morning she would do the flight to Hawaii and Grandma and I would fly along, working for the airlines we got to fly for free. Mom had booked a hotel room right on the beach for Sunday night through the following Sunday night and we would come back on Monday, mom working the flight home so we would be there for eight night. This would mean not being Jennifer for all those days could I do it. The other two things that bothered me is this. Spending this much time with Grandma would she notice something? And with her and mom spending that much time together would Grandma bring up Jennifer and then mom ask me a bunch of questions I really don’t want to talk about. I was getting nervous but once I got through this week I would be able to be Jennifer every day during the week. Plus I was actually looking forward to Hawaii as I have never been there before. Now my plan for the week was of course was Jennifer would have lunch with grandma on Wednesday, David would skip lunch with her on Friday and end the day with Sue, Melissa and Amy and on Saturday I would spend it getting ready for the trip.

Wednesday came and I wore one of the Dresses Grandma had bought me and of course a pair of 4″ heels for our lunch date, Grandma was also in a dress as she had really started to dress well I won’t say better but she did wear dresses every time her and Jennifer went out, I guess Jennifer really did have an impact on her life she actually looked younger. I picked up Grandma and we went off to lunch and then some shopping, it was a great day but I could tell something was on Grandma’s mind, when I asked Grandma just smiled, you know I am going on vacation with my daughter and grandson next week. I took a deep breath wondering where she was going with this. She just smiled, I thought maybe we could get together Saturday morning and have some fun I have a wonderful day planed but I would need to be home by 4 so I could pack for the trip. Now I know I said I wasn’t going to do anything on Saturday but get ready but the fact I would go 9 days with no Jennifer I thought why not. She wanted to be home by 4 so I would be home and cleaned up by 5 in plenty of time to get packed and ready before mom got home so I agreed.

Friday came and Sue, Melissa, Amy and I spent all day at the mall looking around and having fun and even went to a movie that night. It was a great girl’s night out. Most of the day they were looking for things for my trip including a bikini, I just kept telling them that I had already bought everything I needed. They made me promise to send them some pictures from Hawaii which I wasn’t sure how I would do, I guess I could send them pictures I just wouldn’t be in any of them. Well after the movie I went home and to bed as I was picking Grandma up at 8:30 which would mean being up by 6:30 to get ready. I love being Jennifer but she does take more time getting ready. I reasoned it would be okay if I was a little tired as I would be in bed early Saturday night and on Sunday I could sleep on the plane if I was still tired.

Saturday morning I got up and ready again a cute skirt and top and heels, all of which were my clothes. I hadn’t realized it but over the last several months between what Grandma had bought me and I had bought myself I had quite the girls wardrobe, probably 20 skirts, 25 dresses, 15 Capri’s, 6 pairs of shorts and a whole suitcase full of bras and panties not to mention 2 dozen shoes. I had so much stuff hid under my bed I was so scared mom would find it but when you are buying it you never think of that all you see is how cute it is. Well I went and picked up Grandma and we went out for breakfast.

We were having a wonderful breakfast and Gram was telling me how excited she was to be going to Hawaii as it has been over 10 years since she was there last. I almost slipped a couple times as I was actually excited about it too. Well as we finished breakfast Grandma told me she had scheduled an appointment at the beauty parlor for her and me as she wanted to get ready for the trip and she wanted to share the experience with me as she missed doing things like this with her daughter, Mom was just so busy. Now I know I should have said no but the thought of being in a beauty parlor fascinated me. I remember when we got the makeover at Nordstrom’s and how fun it was so I agreed and off we went. I asked her what we were going to do and she smiled, you will love it, we will get our hair washed and set, a manicure and pedicure and then a facial and makeup. We will look like a million dollars afterwards. Now I figures what is the harm as I have nail polish remover at home.

We got to the beauty parlor at 10 and went in and the ladies were ready for us. They put us in a big chair and leaned us back and then washed and messaged our hair and scalp. It was so relaxing and Grandma and I just sat there and enjoyed it. I can see why girls love this so much. They conditioned our hair and washed again and then wrapped them up in curlers. Now I have done this many times at home when I get ready and as my hair is now down past my shoulders when it is not in a ponytail it looks very feminine anyway. Now with our hair wrapped up we were moved over to a chair and sat down and they gave us our facials again so relaxing and my skin never felt better.

From here we went over to these chair that had little tubs for our feet and we soaked our feet in the water. Grandma had picked out this really pretty bright red nail polish for us to wear, it really was pretty and it was almost a shame I would have to take it off when I got home but I was going to enjoy it for now. Soon our feet were done and I had beautiful red toe nails. We were then led back over to the manicure tables and sat down. The lady came over and told us to lean back for our mud mask, now this was a funny feeling as they put this stuff on our face that felt kind of slimy but soon started to harden and of course we had to keep our eyes closed and they even put cucumbers on our eyes. I have seen this in movies but I thought that was all it was but Grandma said it would keep our eyes moisturized during the mud mask and keep the puffiness down around our eyes so her we sat in darkness talking between ourselves and of course the nail technicians. This was turning into the best day of my life. It took about an hour on our nails and by then my face was so tight from the mud mask. They leaned me back in the chair and gently washed off the mud mask and dried my face. This was followed my more creams and something warm around my eyes. I felt her press down and rub above my eyes and then she pulled and I felt this horrible pain on my eyebrows. I suddenly realized they had just waxed my eyebrows. I was in trouble now. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t as Grandma would know but then she would notice the eyebrows tomorrow what was I going to do. I grabbed hold of the arms on the chair but something felt different. I looked down and I had long red nails, they were a ½ inch long with square tips and very feminine. I had been given acrylic nails. This had gone for bad to worse. I didn’t know much about acrylic nails other than they were hard to get off. I guess I could cut them short and try to pry them off but what about my eyebrows, how bad were they.

They leaned the chair up and I could see the eyebrows they were a very feminine arch and mom and Grandma would notice. As I was staring at them they took the curlers out of my hair which use to be a light brown but was more of a blonde now. I didn’t know what to do I wanted to cry but couldn’t I was too scared. My secret would be found out soon and mom would be so mad and Grandma I have been deceiving her for the last several months. My world was crashing down and there was nothing I could do. I had to find a way out and so I looked at Grandma and told her and the beauty technician that I needed my hair color back the way it was and the nails off as my mom did not think a girl should change herself like this, I knew there was nothing I could do about the eyebrows. The beauty technician told me I looked great and she thought for sure my mom would be okay with it but that if I really wanted to they could remove the nails and recolor my hair back to the way it was this made me feel better as all I had to do is figure out the eyebrows and right now I was thinking of just shaving them off and telling mom I tried to trim them and messed up that would work.

Grandma leaned over and smiled I am sure your mom won’t mind as you look great Jennifer. Besides you, your mom and I are going to have so much fun in Hawaii next week we just really wanted you to look good for the trip. I was in shock and didn’t know what to say, she knew, somehow she knew I was David her grandson. I wanted to ask but I knew that would sound funny in front of everyone here. The beauty technician looked at me and asked what I wanted and I just told her I was fine how I was. Grandma paid the bill and we walked out to the car in silence as I waited for her to let me have it but she never did. I drove in silence till I could take it no more and pulled over to the side of the street. I looked at Grandma and told her I was sorry for misleading her and for dressing this way and she just gentle took my hand and told me it was okay she wasn’t mad. I looked at her again, I have to ask I said, when did you figure it how what was it that gave me away. Grandma almost broke into laughter and then said. Sweetie you are my grandson, my flesh and blood. You don’t think I could tell who you are, I knew the first day I met you on the porch why do you think I waited for you that Wednesday and invited you to lunch. I just looked down, I thought with our eyesight you wouldn’t figure it out. Grandma lifted my chin up and said, my sweet child I had my eyesight fixed over a year ago. I just looked at her but you live in an assisted living apartment and you don’t drive. She smiled, I don’t like to drive and with where I live I can get everything by walking or a taxi and it is cheaper than owning a car and paying upkeep, insurance and gas and I live where I do because it is close to you and your mom, I have good friends there and I don’t have to do anything I can come and go as I like with no responsibilities. Now why don’t we go to my place and get my stuff and then go back to your home and get you packed for the trip.

I looked at her and started to tear up, but what about mom what will she say. Grandma smiled at me, I won’t lie to you your mom is upset with you but not for what you think. She is upset because you didn’t tell her how you felt and kept this a secret, she is also upset that she hasn’t had time to spend with her daughter and do the mother daughter things but that will all be fixed while we are on vacation in Hawaii. She is really looking forward to spending time with you like I have and getting to know this side of you. I looked at Grandma, you mean I am going on the vacation this way as Jennifer. Grandma gave me a hug, yes sweetie if that is what you want, both your mom and I would love to have Jennifer there for the week but it is your decision and you need to make it quick. We can remove the nails tonight and straighten out your hair and we can figure out something for your eyebrows but we both hoped Jennifer would go. I gave Grandma a big hug and a kiss and told her Jenifer would love to go to Hawaii. That is when I noticed the lipstick I left on her cheek and realized what I was about to do.

We got home and Grandma helped me unpack all my boy clothes and pick out the clothes Jennifer would need, the funny thing is I went from one suitcase to two and still had trouble fitting it all in. now it was just a matter of waiting for my mom to get home and as I waited I got more and more scared wondering what she would think of her son and how she would treat me.

My Grandma Part 2

Grandma’s special gift   2 comments

Grandma’s special gift.

By Elisabeth James

Well my name is Kelly Frost and I have had an interesting life. My parents are both very successful and work at Microsoft and as such we live in a big beautiful house in Seattle, actually it is bigger than we need as it has 5 bedrooms upstairs a master bedroom and then two pairs of bedroom each which share a bathroom with the room next to it like in the TV show the Brady Bunch. Well enough about that so let me tell you a little about me.

I am 16 years old and very small for a boy my age, actually I stopped growing at age 11, and I am only 5’4″ tall and weigh about 115. My story really starts when I was 7, I loved to watch my mom put on her makeup there was just something special about it, she looked so pretty. I guess I was jealous, I knew boys were not supposed to be pretty but I couldn’t help myself. Anyway when I could I would sneak a tube of lipstick or some eye shadow to play with. I thought there was something wrong with me but I couldn’t help myself. I think it was when I was 9 I started putting on some of my mom’s clothes that I could somewhat fit in. this is about the time I started growing my hair out as lots of boys my age had long hair. Now I am not saying I wanted to be a girl I just loved everything about them and the way they looked.

Any way when I was 9 I also got my first computer for the start of the school year and it was the best gift I had ever got as I was able to go online and I found Facebook and all kinds of boys just like me from my age up that like to dress as girls, well it didn’t take long for me to set up a Facebook account so I could chat with them and suddenly I wasn’t alone. Now with a name like Kelly I didn’t think to change my name so this would mean I could set up a Facebook page for my boy self but that was okay. It was great to talk with others and know I was not alone. I even put a couple pictures online when I had on mom’s dress and some makeup but nothing you could clearly see my face. Then other good thing about the computer was I was able to send e-mails and now I could e-mail my Grandma who lived in Portland. My Grandma was really well off, I mean she lived in a bigger house then we did and traveled all the time which meant I really didn’t get to see her very much at best once a year so this was a way I could keep in touch. Now she was really nice but she was also a little eccentric at least that is what my mom and dad called it but I guess when you get older you can do what you want.

Well I was shocked when my Grandma said she was coming to our house for Thanksgiving but I was really looking forward to it as it had been over a year since I had seen her. I was really excited and my parents just told me to be on my best behavior and not do anything to make her made. Any way we picked Grandma up at the airport on Wednesday night and she gave me a big hug and said how happy she was to see her granddaughter which caught me off guard, mom just said it was because of my long hair. Any way when we got home Grandma had little gifts for all of us and when she got to me she handed me a couple small boxes and to my surprise inside were two dresses, she gave me a big hug and told me it was time I stopped being such a tom boy and how cute I would look in them. Mom and dad both told her I was a boy but she just smiled and told them she knew how they had wanted a boy but it was time I started dressing like a girl. Mom gave me a hug and apologized and told me Grandma had a little trouble with reality and they would make it up to me so I thanked Grandma and gave her a big hug. Now deep down inside I was thrilled with the dresses as now I had my own in my size.

When Grandma left both mom and dad told me how sorry they were about the dresses and they would fix it. I told them thanks and I understood about grandma. Mom was going to get rid of the dresses so I had to think quickly. Mom why don’t we put them in the next room just in case Grandma comes back we wouldn’t want her to think I just got rid of them, mom thought that was a great idea and so did I as I could get into that room anytime I wanted through the bathroom.

Now it was getting close to Christmas and we received several boxes from grandma, one for mom, one for dad and 3 for me I was shocked as grandma had always sent gifts but this year she really went overboard. I couldn’t wait for Christmas day. Well it finally got there and I got so many great gifts from my mom and dad and even Santa and then it came to the boxes from grandma. I opened the card and I saw right away it said to her special granddaughter on Christmas so my hopes were high she would send me something pretty I just had to not act to excited. I opened the first box and sure enough it had not one but 5 pretty dresses in it I got to the second box and when I opened it I didn’t have to act shocked as I was. Grandma had sent me an assortment of bras and panties and a few nighties in such pretty colors I looked at mom and dad and they were just as shocked as I was but probably for a different reason. The third box had several pairs of shoes all with heels ranging from 1″ to 4″ which I loved but for someone my age probably a little more grown up then I was and also a makeup set. I looked at mom, she gave me a hug and told me they would make it up to me. I picked up the boxes and mom asked me what I was doing. I just smiles and told her I was going to go put them in the spare bedroom so when Grandma came she could see them. She gave me a hug and told me what a wonderful child I was to care so much about grandma.

That night I could control myself so I went to bed early, mom and dad thought it was because I was disappointed and they promised to make it up to me. I snuck into the other room and got a bra, panty, dress and makeup and soon I was all dressed up and looked better than I had ever. I took a couple pictures and posted them on my Facebook page and this time you could see my face not that anyone would recognize me. I soon got comments from some of my friends which I now had over 200 and all of them told me how cute I looked. I told them all about the presents I got from grandma and they said how lucky I was which I new. Now as I said by this age I had stopped growing so I was now happy about that as I would outgrow these wonderful gifts.

Well as I said I loved this and Grandma started coming around more, Easter, My Birthday in June, Thanksgiving and Christmas and she always bought me cute dresses, shoes and girl things and mom and dad just gave up trying to convince her I was her grandson and thanked me for being so understanding of a grandma. Well it was Easter when I was 14 when Grandma showed up with this really pretty pink Easter dress for me and I thanked her for it and gave her a big hug. Any way it was about an hour before dinner when Grandma said we should all get dressed up for dinner today, she looked at me and told me to go put on my new dress. Now she had bought me many things over the last few years but she had never asked me to wear them. When she came I would stay in the spare room with all her stuff and that had always been enough. I looked at mom and I could see the look on her and dad’s face and I could tell they were about to say something when I realized I had to say something or risk an end to it all. I walked over to mom and said well we normally don’t dress up but if mom dad thought it was a good idea I would agree. Mom gave me a big hug and said she would help me. On the way upstairs she thanked me for being so understanding, I just smiled and said for one day I could do it. We got into the room and I was getting the dress when mom sat me down, sweetie it is so nice of you to do this but I am afraid you will also have to wear the underwear as she held up a pink bra and panty. My heart almost stopped as this was too wonderful. I did my best to hide my excitement and told her for grandma I would. Soon I was standing there wearing a bra, panty, and a beautiful pink dress and of course some low heels. I was in heaven. We went outside, dad gave me a hug and told me he knew how hard this was on me but thanked me for putting grandma first. Grandma’s eyes lit up when she saw me and she gave me a hug and told me what a beautiful girl I was and it was a shame I didn’t dress this way more. Grandma also had on a beautiful dress that almost match mine in color. Mom and dad went upstairs to change and grandma too me back into the room. She sat me down and told me I was old enough to wear a little makeup. With that she put on some eye shadow, mascara and a pretty pink lipstick. I was in shock, what would mom and dad say. When they came out they saw us in the bedroom and saw me, I just smiled and told them Grandma thought I was old enough. We all went down stairs and on the way down mom gave me a hug and promised to make this up to me and how proud she was I was thinking of grandma first.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was the most wonderful day of my life but I couldn’t tell mom that. I did not want the day to end and I did everything I could to keep from changing but soon it was 10 pm and time for me to go to bed. Mom and grandma came upstairs to help me and grandma picked out one of the nighties she had given me to sleep in. from then on whenever Grandma would come I would wear a dress and pretend I was her granddaughter and my parents would always reward me afterwards for being so thoughtful. It was the perfect life and I so looked forward to Grandma’s visits which seemed to increase. Seems as she got older she cut down on her traveling an d as such would come visit us about every 6 weeks which gave me a lot of time to be a girl. Grandma even took pictures which she would send me copies through e-mail and I would post to my Facebook page. She even taught me how to put on makeup. Even a few times mom would come in while she was showing me and give me tips. It was really so much fun. I even got pretty good at it.

By the time I was 15 I was pretty good at dressing up so much so that when we knew Grandma was coming over I would get dressed up before she arrived, mom would even help me maybe with my hair or makeup and we would pick out the outfit I was to wear which was getting harder as my wardrobe had really grown as Grandma always had something new for me when she came. I think we all got used to it as mom and dad no longer shall we say made it up to me which was okay as I totally enjoyed my girl time, it became the new normal when grandma was here although we never went out which is something I really wanted to do now but that was okay as I got time to dress and I had my friends online I could video chat with while I was dressed up and I had posted so many pictures to my Facebook account. I would chat with some of my friends online that were older about what it was like to go out and I had several friends that were real girls and we would chat about what it was like to go to the beauty salon and get your hair done or a nail salon and get your nails done and it always sounded so much fun. I new someday I would get the chance to go out. Or what it would be like to live for a week or more as a girl to do this every day.

Well it was my 16 birthday on June 21st which fell on a Saturday and Grandma was coming to town for it. My Parents told me we would go out and celebrate after grandma left so I was happy as I would get to spend my birthday as a girl this year. Grandma arrived on Thursday night so while dad was at the airport picking her up mom and I were at home getting her granddaughter ready. By the time they arrived home I looked so beautiful and so much like a girl no one would ever be able to tell and I could see in my mom’s eyes she was proud of the way I looked.

Grandma’s eyes lit up when she saw me and she gave me a big hug and told me how pretty I was and how lucky she was to have such a beautiful granddaughter. Even dad told me I looked pretty and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Grandma had a few presents for me but she told me I had to wait till Saturday, my birthday to open them but maybe if I was good I could have one present tomorrow which was Friday. Mom and dad both had to work so it would be Grandma and me at home all day alone and I hoped she had something special to give me.

Grandma smiled Kelly my dear lets go out and have some fun today maybe some shopping or something. Now I knew I should have said no as I have never gone outside like this but I so wanted to. How much fun would that be? I gave her a hug and told her that sounded like so much fun. She smiled and told me to go put my ID, some money and makeup in my purse as the cab would be here shortly. I was shocked she had already arranged for a cab.

By the time I got back downstairs the cab was there and so I took my first steps outside. Now we did have a big house which also meant a big yard and long drive so I really didn’t have to worry about the neighbors seeing me which made it a lot easier. Soon we were on our way. We got to the mall and the cab left us off at one end and grandma and I walked to the door and inside and I past several people and none of them pointed at me or laughed, a couple boys did take a good look the way I do when a pretty girl goes by. Just inside the door was a beauty parlor and grandma headed inside. I paused for a moment and grandma smiled at me and said, honey you are 16 now you need to take better care of your hair and nails now so I went in. we were greeted at the door and I found out Grandma had made an appointment for us both.

We started off with our hair, first a wash and then cut just a little off the ends then some conditioning and then another rinse and then my hair was set up in curlers. Now I had played with my mom’s curling iron at home but this was a first. Once our hair was set we were led over to these chairs where they soak your feet and give you a pedicure. Oh this was so relaxing and I was enjoying every minute. It was everything I had hoped it would be. When they were done she asked me what color I wanted. Now I have played with makeup but never nail polish I looked at grandma and she smiled and told me any color I liked so I picked out this bright red color which grandma liked too so we both got our toes painted that color. They looked so beautiful and no one would see them unless I was barefoot so I thought I might even be able to keep them painted once grandma left.

From here we were led over to these little table for our manicure. Again they soaked our hands and fingers and pushed the cuticle back at least that is what the lady said which made my nails look longer. She then glued some extensions on the end and cut them down till they were about a half inch long. She then started to spread a paste over them and shape them. It was so relaxing and such a great feeling. It took her almost an hour to do this and then she took the same bright red color and painted our finger nails, now this I knew I couldn’t keep which I was sad about but I had them now.

We then went over to another chair where we put our hands under these lights for the polish to dry and while we did this they gave us a facial. They put a cream on our face that kind of hardened and then washed it off. They then spread another paste above my eyes and pushed down and rubbed then I felt them pull away and I jumped. Up to now everything had been so relaxing and fun but this hurt. I suddenly realized I had just had my eyebrows waxed. I got a little scared now as things might be getting out of control. The lady put a moisturizer on my face and massaged it in which relaxed me and then she started to apply makeup. I couldn’t wait to see what I looked like.

When this was all done we went back over to the chairs we started at and they took the curlers out of my hair and brushed it out. I was could not wait to see what I looked like. Finally she was satisfied and turned my chair so I could look in the mirror. I was in shock, I was both scared and thrilled at the same time. I did look totally beautiful and completely like a 16 year old girl but I also had a very feminine haircut and style with bangs and my light brown hair was now a blonde color and really curly. It would be impossible to make this look at all like a boy’s hair style. My eyebrows were also well shaped with a high arch and there was nothing at all boyish about them, actually most girls in my class would love to have eyebrows like this. I looked at grandma and told her I was worried what mom and dad would think. She smiled and gave me a hug and said, my beautiful granddaughter you are a young lady now and they will see you for that, they will be so proud of you. I knew what she meant and had I been a girl that would have been true but I was their son and they had been going along with this while grandma was here this was a little more permanent. There really wasn’t anything I could do so I made the best of it after all it is something I dreamed about doing. I couldn’t wait to post pictures on my Facebook page and chat with some of my friends especially a few of the girls I had been chatting with.

It is funny the friends you can make online they are from all over the world, and although you never really meat them they are in some ways really good friends. Most of them other crossdressers, some real girls I had met and even a few older woman that in some ways were like online moms that I could talk to and it was amazing the support I got from all of them. The girls all told me I needed to do what made me happy the older woman told me the same thing and that they would love their child no matter who he was or how he wanted to live his life, one even encouraged me to tell my mom and dad how I felt. Tonight when I got online I would have so much fun but right now I had to focus on the here and now and enjoy this time out.

We walked into the mall and I had a whole new kind of self-confidence as I knew I looked as good as any other 16 year old girl at the mall, actually probably better. We stopped at a little jewelry store and grandma bought me a ring, bracelet a necklace and some earrings. The earrings were little gold hoop earrings and they were for pierced ears. I looked at grandma and she smiled you are 16 you should have your ears pierced, I looked at the lady and figured why not as at this point pierced ears would be the least of my problems so I sat down and in a few minutes I had gold hoop earrings in my ears.

From here we went to the food court and had a late lunch and then we hit the mall shopping. We went to every store that sold anything that a girl might want. Shoe stores, dress shops, Victoria’s secret which is one shop I had always wanted to go into but was too afraid. We even went to a bridal store and I tried on a wedding dress. I tried on so many beautiful dresses today it was like being in heaven and the funny thing is somewhere during the day I stopped thinking about being a boy dressed as a girl and started thinking of myself as a girl and enjoying it. It was the most wonderful day of my life.

Well by now it was after 5 and grandma called a cab to take us home. We were on the way home when mom called me on my cell phone. She said her and dad were worried when they got home and we were gone. I told her grandma had wanted to take me shopping today and I heard the pause in her voice, did she take you as a girl? I said yes and I heard my mom tell me how sorry she was and she hopes I was okay. I really didn’t want to go into it on the phone with grandma right next to me so I just told her it was fine and we had a great day and there was nothing to worry about and then I did tell her grandma did go a little over board today to give her a heads up. She asked what I meant and I just quietly said two words, beauty parlor. Mom let out a small gasp, sweetie I am so sorry for you, I will make this up to you somehow. I just said its okay I am fine and I knew I would soon be home and they would see me and what had happened.

The cab pulled up in front of the house and for the first time I was scared. I got out of the cab and grandma and I walked to the front door, I did my best to stay behind her. We got inside and my mom came to great me, she stopped and her mouth dropped open and she couldn’t speak. Grandma looked at her and said, see what a beautiful young lady your daughter has turned into. Mom gained he senses back and said yes she is beautiful. She gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that everything would be alright. She then called dad by saying, honey come see how beautiful your daughter is grandma took her to the beauty salon today for a complete makeover and you will not believe how beautiful she is now.

Dad came around the corner and looked at me and I could see in his eyes he was confused, not upset but more of a wow he is a beautiful daughter. He paused for a moment and looked at me, then grandma and then me again. Then he walked over and said I guess my little girl has turned into a beautiful young lady and he gave me a kiss on my cheek.

We all went in and had a nice dinner and talked and I could see mom and dad looking at me from time to time trying not to stair, and as time went by we got back to a more natural sense in the house and it was almost like they overlooked what had happened to me so I felt more relaxed. That night when I went to bed dad actually called me over to kiss him good night and mom and grandma took me up and helped me clean off my makeup and get ready for bed.

The next day my birthday I got up and mom, dad and grandma were all waiting for me downstairs. I opened my presents from mom and dad and they were the normal type presents. I opened grandma’s presents and I found several pairs of skirts, several pairs of Capri’s and about 20 tops all very colorful and so pretty. Mom and dad said we would have a nice dinner tonight at home as mom would prepare anything I wanted. As I thought Grandma spoke up, nonsense it is her 16 birthday we have to do something special, I have planned a special day we are going downtown to the city center and go up in the Space Needle and walk around and see the city center. Mom and dad looked at me and without thinking I said that sounded like fun. I no more than said it and realized how it must have sounded. Mom smiled and looked at dad and said well if that is what my daughter wants lets go. Dad looked at me and said okay it sounded like a fun day.

I went and got my purse and mom followed me, are you sure you are okay with this sweetie, we will be outside all day. I looked at mom and said it would be fine it was only one day as long as it was okay with her and dad. Mom gave me a little kiss on my cheek and said it was fine she would love to have a daughter for the day and with that we were off.

It was funny as the day went by we all became more relaxed, I acted like a 16 year old girl and mom and dad treated me that way. Mom even pointed out a couple things I did that a girl shouldn’t and then we both broke up laughing when we realized what she said. The day was awesome to say the least. No one questioned if I were a girl, people held doors open and even several boys looked at me and when one came over to talk to me dad was right there like an over protective father should be. We had a wonderful day and then went out for dinner and it was after 9 when we got home and I was so tired I was ready for bed. Without thinking I went over and gave my dad a kiss and he gave me a kiss back and then I kissed mom and grandma and up I went to bed.

Sunday Morning g I got up and mom and dad were downstairs for breakfast but Grandma hadn’t come down yet. Mom said morning sweetie and dad asked how I was doing. I told them I was fine. We sat and talked for a bit and then mom gave me a hug. Sweetie we have a problem, I just looked at her. You know we love you and we are so proud of the way you have acted and all you have done for your grandma and she didn’t mean any harm to you, she loves you very much as we do. I looked at them both and said I know. Well dear the things she has done, the hair color it will be weeks before we can color it back unless you want to cut it all off. The nails again will be a week or better before they can be removed, we can cut them short but still you will have acrylic on them and the eye brows there is nothing we can do about them till they grow back. I looked at them again and said what are you saying? Mom looked at dad and then said well dear, we know Grandma is leaving today but it will be very hard for you to look like a boy for a while, it may be easier and only if it is okay with you to be a, well a girl, our daughter. I thought for a moment this was my fantasy coming true to live as a girl for a few weeks.

I paused for a moment to make sure I didn’t sound too excited and to get just the right words. I guess if you think it is okay I mean if you don’t mind it might be easier. Mom was getting ready to say something when dad spoke up, we love you Kelly and nothing will change that, not how you dress or what you do, you are still our son, well I guess daughter. All that matters are that you are happy and healthy. Plus I will admit I had always hoped we would have another child maybe a daughter and well I actually enjoyed yesterday. Mom and I both looked at dad for a moment as we took in what he said. He was the one I figured would be the least understanding. Mom looked at me and said your father is right, boy, girl, son, or daughter I will love you no matter what. You are such a good person for doing what you did for Grandma and like your father I would love to have a daughter to do all those mother daughter things with. I was actually a little jealous about grandma going to the beauty salon and getting her nails done with you as I thought it should have been me. Does that sound weird?

I looked at them and could no longer hold back, I love you both so much and I feel so bad as you think I am such a wonderful son for what I did for Grandma. The truth is I really liked this, when she started giving me girl clothes I loved it as I really like dressing this way. I was too scared to tell you the truth, I am your son but I feel more comfortable this way. I would like to stay your daughter for a while if that is okay with you. Dad got up from the table and came down by me and looked me right in the eye, I was afraid that what I said may have changed everything. Dad leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek looked at mom and said I guess we have a daughter for a while. Then he looked at me, now young lady I expect you to be a proper young lady and that is how mom and I will treat you, do you understand? I said yes. That is good and remember we both love you no matter what. He looked at mom and said I guess we will have to fix up that room proper for a 16 year old girl. Mom looked at me and smiled we will have so much fun dear but you must promise me one thing, you will always be honest with us. If you want to go back to being our son you must tell us or if you want to stay our daughter that is okay, even if you want to permanently change. Now that is something had never thought about as I had always planned on meeting a girl and getting married someday, I had never even thought about boys. I looked at mom and told her I would be honest with them and that I didn’t ever see me wanting to change permanently as I had no interest in boys.

On the bright side I would no longer have to pretend just when grandma came over. Just about this time Grandma walked in had gave us all a hug. She smiled at me and then my mom and dad. She said she would be sad to go but would be back in 5 weeks again for a visit as she loved all of us so much. I gave her a hug and said I would be looking forward to it and maybe we could go shopping and to get our nails done at which mom spoke up and said only if she could go also. Grandma hugged me and said that sounded wonderful and she could think of nothing better than going to the nail salon and getting a pedicure and our nails done with her daughter and grandson. I gave her a kiss and then stepped back and looked at her. Mom was the first to speak, what did you say mom? She smiled again I said there is nothing I would enjoy more than getting my nails done with my daughter and grandson. I looked at her but you thought I was your granddaughter?

Grandma let out a little laugh, sweetie I may be old but I could never forget you were my grandson. I just knew you liked to dress as a girl and wanted to but were too afraid to tell anyone. So I figured if I treated you as my granddaughter and bought you the things you needed you would say something, the beauty salon was my last hope, I hope you don’t mind but I love you too much to not help you be who you feel you are.

I looked at her, how could you possible know, sweetie you are so young. When you put my e-mail address into your e-mail account it linked it with your Facebook page and I got a friends request. I was a little surprised to see you dressed up and posting pictures and even though I couldn’t see your face clearly I recognized your bedroom. We have been Facebook friends for several years now, I am Miss James. She was one of the older ladies I had been talking too online for a couple years, the one who told me that my parents would understand and I should tell them as all parents want their children to be happy no matter what. She looked at me and gave me a big kiss, those chats we had changed my life and made me realize how important family is and what I was missing when I realized I didn’t even know my own grandson. I didn’t know what to say so I just gave Grandma a big kiss and told her I loved her. She looked at me and asked if I would be seeing her off at the airport today and I told her I would as she had helped me accept who I was and I loved her for it. And so that is how my life changed. It is now the end of summer and I have lived the last two and half months as a girl. I talked with mom and dad last night and told them I want to stay this way for a while longer so I have transferred to another school and will be going to school this year as a girl.

Mom and dad both love me and they love having a daughter although sometimes I think they miss their son especially dad when we are late going someplace and dad hast to wait for not only mom but me to finish our hair or makeup. Mom loves going to the beauty salon with me every other week to get our nails and hair done. I think mom has more of a glow about her now and I think she looks better now than she ever has as we do all the girly things together and she now also has long acrylic nails and wears makeup all the time and has even tried a few new hair styles. Being a girl is so much fun I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

PS Grandma is planning on moving here soon as she just bought the big house across the street, yes it is a 6 bedroom 4,000 sq. ft. house, she is downsizing.

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A new way of life

By Elizabeth James

Well I grew up in Las Vegas and although it is a fabulous place to visit and yes live if you don’t work for a Casino life can be hard. My name is Kelly and I have lived here all my life but being only 18 and not a lot of options for employment at least not that paid well. Add to the fact I was very small for my age only 5’4″ tall and weighed less than most 14 year olds so finding a job was hard. Mostly I did odd jobs for whatever money I could get for what I needed. It really wasn’t till my mom died in a car wreck she was hit by a drunk driver that things got hard. You see my mom had me when she was only 16 so she was only 34 when she died which no one really plans on so she had nothing set aside, no life insurance other than the $10,000 from the casino she worked at. Now I had to support myself which means I would need rent money, food and all the other bills that come along with living on your own. When you are young you really never understand how much things cost.

I was downtown one night at the Freemont Experience and yes I was thinking of begging which is against the law in Las Vegas when I noticed some people dressed up in costumes and tourists were giving them money to get pictures with them and I thought what a idea so I went home and dug out some of my old costumes. Yes as I really haven’t grown since 4th grade they all still fit me. I had all the super heroes, Superman, Batman, Thor, Green Lantern and several others. So I was ready.

The next night I put on my Superman costume and went back downtown and started walking around. It wasn’t long before I ran into some other people in costumes and I tried to talk to them to find out more about doing this. That’s when my first problem started. There was another guy dressed as Superman and he was not at all happy to see me in the same costume and he was a lot bigger than me. He started to yell at me, for a minute I was scared. that’s how I met Jill she was dressed as Cat Woman and she came over to my aid and told them to leave me alone which they did but not without warning me about wearing the same costume as them. Jill was so nice and we got to talking and she told me all about how this works downtown. Seems you can dress up and get pictures with people but you can’t charge them or ask them for money. If they give you a tip for getting their picture taken with you that is fine, this is something I didn’t know as I was planning to ask for money.

The evening went all right and I did get some tips but not much as it seems that a 5’4″ scrawny Superman is not on the top of the list for pictures. It was about 3 am when Jill and I decided we had been there long enough and she asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat so we went to one of the all night coffee shops in a casino. I had been down there for 6 hours and had made about $50 which wasn’t bad as it was tax free I guess. Then Jill counted her money and she had over $100, I was shocked. I asked her and she told me it was all how you approached people and of course how awesome you looked. I knew I had to work on being more outgoing if this was going to work and of course get a better costume. Over the next couple weeks I tried different costumes and some were better but not by much. I think my best night I made about $80 while Jill was still getting over a $100 every night. Jill and I became friends during that time and we would get together during the day as I was still living at the apartment my mom had rented which had a pool although I wasn’t sure how long I could afford the $1,000 a month rent.

Jill suggested that maybe come the first of the month I move in with her as she had an extra bedroom and we could split her rent which was just a little less. I liked the idea as it would save me some money and also I really didn’t like living on my own. It was September 10th so I gave my notice and told them I would be out by the first. Jill and I became really good friends and we spent time together every day. A few night later we were downtown working on a Friday night and it was so busy, people everywhere and of course so many people in costume. The night was almost half over and I don’t think I had even made $20 yet and Jill was even having a slow night. I think every Superhero there has ever been was downtown and many more than one. I told Jill I needed to find a new costume or I wasn’t going to survive when she told me she was also thinking of changing her costume as we had seen 2 other Cat Woman that night.

The next day we were talking and she said she had an awesome idea for a costume one she had not seen downtown and new she could make a lot of money it was just that it really took two people to make this costume idea work. I was intrigued and asked more; she told me she bet we could both make $200 a night or more which really got my attention. I told her I was interested but remember my size as that has really affected my tips she just smiled and said my size would not be an issue and would actually help the costume. She told me she would tell me all about it tomorrow after she went and got the costumes and figured out if it would work. We went back downtown that night in our costumes and did a little better than the night before. Jill kept saying I can’t believe no one else has thought of my idea yet, I haven’t seen one other person wear this costume. I tried to get her to let me in on it but she just kept saying it would be a surprise. We stopped about 2 am tonight as she said she had to be up early to go get the costume and I should be at her place by 6 to try on my costume, actually after the first it would also be my place.

I got to Jill’s apartment at 6 and she told me to come in as she was almost ready. Jill finally came out and she had on this awesome showgirl costume, 4″ spiked heels, skimpy red sequence bikini bottoms, and a skimpy red sequence bikini top and was carrying a big feathered head dress which she say down. Her makeup was perfect including bright red lipstick. She really looked like a showgirl from one of the big hotel casinos shows. I just stood there and stared at her as she was so beautiful. I had always liked Jill from the day we met but seeing her this way I was in love and I guess I wasn’t just thinking it because in heard Jill say thank you, which is when I realized I had said it out loud. She was going to get a lot of tips tonight. I was so taken by her costume that I hadn’t even asked about my costume.

Jill took me into what would be my room and there on the bed was a matching costume. That’s when it hit me she wanted me to dress the same way as her which was impossible. In would look stupid and no one would want a picture with me. She smiled and said let’s just try it and with that she gave me a kiss on my lips leaving red lipstick on my lips. In a moment of weakness I agreed so into the bathroom and Jill gave me a cream to put all over my body which removed what little body hair I had. Now we were ready to start.

Now it was time to get dressed and she explained what I needed to do, well what she was going to help me with as we didn’t think I could do it on my own. This included hiding my male part between my legs. Now this was the first time Jill had seen me without clothes so I was a little embarrassed. It started with an ice pack to shrink things down and then she used a special tape and folded and pushed and tucked and in the end I had a smooth front even without clothes. I asked her how she knew how to do this and she told me she had gone and talked to a local drag queen to find out how to make me look female. Well it worked and I could even go to the bathroom if needed but I would be sitting down. I pulled on the bikini bottoms and they fit perfectly. Next we started on the top. She attached these little silicone jell like breasts to the outside of my chest, yes I had some flab on my chest which people call baby fat. Once the glue had dried she pulled it to the center and attached the little clip between them and I had small breast. I was amazed. Next came the bikini top which was tight and pulled them even more to the center increasing my breast size to almost a C cup. I was amazed but we were not done yet. She took out another item she called a silicone breast enhancer and stuffed them into the outside of the bikini top further pushing things in and up. I was now as big as her and looked just as good and realistic.

Standing next to her I had the body of a young girl and felt almost naked. Now she started on my hair which was a little long, down to my shoulders. Some curlers, hair spray and soon I had a very femeini6 hair style just maybe a little short but with the headdress it would look fine. Now it was time for my makeup. Now I have never worn makeup or even thought about dressing this way but I was kind of enjoying this. She put all kinds of makeup on my face, blush, mascara, eye shadow and finally the same red lipstick. The last thing was to paint my finger nails red and I was ready. I looked totally like a girl, not just a girl but a beautiful showgirl. I could not believe how I looked. It was finished with the same 4″ spiked heels and a little perfume. We stood in front of the mirror and we looked almost like sisters accept for the fact I had brown hair and Jill had longer Blonde hair. It was almost 9 so it was time to leave. I was so in a trance and couldn’t believe how I looked that I really didn’t think about it till we were outside getting into her car when a couple guys walked by and started hitting on us. I got scared and got in the car.

I told Jill I had changed my mind and wanted to go back inside the apartment and change. Jill calmed me down and talked me into going downtown and against my better judgment I did. We got downtown and started walking down the Freemont Experience. I was so scared as I felt like I was naked. I don’t know how woman can walk around with so little clothes on even though I love seeing them that way. We had only been there 15 minutes when several men came up and wanted pictures with us. We must have taken 20 pictures with them as a group one at a time, both of us together and alone. When it was done the 6 of them each gave us $10 each so we had made $60 in such a little time. Now that was incredible but I was still scared and uncomfortable having men put their arms around me.

We were a hit that night we took so many pictures and no one recognized us or thought we were anything other than 2 girls. As the night went by I relaxed and actually had a lot of fun. I even started to flirt with the people as I found that really helped with the tips. By 3 am I was ready to call it a night as I was really tired and my feet were hurting, I don’t know how woman wear such high heels all the time. Jill just said they get use to them. We dropped off our headdress in the car and then went to get something to eat. I was amazed as we got stopped 3 times just walking to the casino coffee shop for pictures. We drew a little attention in the coffee shop but no one said anything. We each counted our money and we each had almost $400. It was a really good night and I was so happy as I finally made a lot of money. I told Jill we were going to make a fortune doing this; she just smiled at me and said so that means you are willing to dress this way again? This caught me off guard as I had not fully thought through what I had said. I thought for a moment, it is no different than an actor playing a part in a movie. I told her yes I would as the money was too good to pass up. She said that was great but we could do better than so I should come by her place in the morning.

The next morning I got to her apartment and she took me in and helped me get ready again, the tucking and putting on the breast went a little faster this time and soon I looked just like a girl again. Jill handed me a hot pink bikini and told me to put it on. I asked her why and she said I was to pale and needed a tan. The next thing I knew we were both down by her pool laying out in the sun and yes we even went into the pool. It was all going well till a couple of her neighbors came over to talk to us. Jill introduced me and we all talked for a while, one of the ladies asked if we were sisters which caught me off guard although we did kind of look alike as Jill had done my makeup and hair like hers although my hair was shorter and brown. I looked at Jill not knowing what to say when Jill just smiled and said yes. I smiled at the thought that they thought I was her sister. We all spent the day at the pool and I got a nice tan.

Later Jill and I got back into our showgirl outfits and left for downtown again and I was a lot more relaxed going tonight as it went so well last night plus the day at the pool. We got downtown and immediately we had people who wanted pictures with us and not just men. We had another awesome night and I was really enjoying it as we were once again the stars downtown. We again made about $400. We had really figured out how to work it. Jill asked me to come over again the next day in the early afternoon.

The next day I got to Jill’s about 1 and Jill helped me get ready again but this time she gave me a short skirt and top to wear and we were off. Now this was different as we were just out as 2 girls and I didn’t see the reason. Dressing as a showgirl was to make money and the time at the pool was needed for a tan but what was this about. We stopped at a beauty salon. I asked her why and she just smiled, I was thinking about yesterday when they thought we were sister and I just wanted to see if we could make us look a little more alike. I thought for a moment and it sounded like a fun idea but I really didn’t think it through. I was shown to a seat and the lady trimmed my hair in the same style as Jill’s although it was shorter, then she put a cream in my hair. That’s when I realized she was dying my hair blonde to match Jill’s I was going to say something but at this point it was really too late. A half hour later I had beautiful blonde hair. Next we got a manicure and pedicure but it was more than just that. They gave me a beautiful set of acrylic nails that were now as long as Jill’s, about ½ long and bright red. We really did look like sisters. It was a fun day and now it was time to get ready and go back downtown. We had another great night and made lots of money.

The next few days went by fast and soon it was the end of the month and time for me to move in with Jill which brought another problem I had not thought of. All of Jill’s neighbors already knew me but as Jill’s sister. How could I move in with her as my male self? I brought this up to Jill and she thought for a moment. She got a smile on her face and told me I would just have to move in as her Sister. I looked at her and told her I couldn’t live full time like this and she just smiled and said you really have been for a while. You get up and come over here and become a girl till you go to bed each night you will just be getting ready a little earlier. Think about it we will get up and lay out by the pool during the day and then go downtown in the evening to make money it will be fine. I thought for a moment and she really was right and so I moved in with her as her sister and so starts my new way of life.

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A big step forward

By Elizabeth James

Well let me start off by telling you all a little about me, my name is David and I am 20 years old and live in Las Vegas which is not that great if you are under 21. I have always been small for a man 5’4″ tall and weigh about 115 so growing up I was always teased as I look like a little kid. I hated it and always wanted to grow bigger that is till I was 17 and discovered girls clothes. Yes it turns out I am a crossdresser. I just love dressing up with the makeup, hair, dresses and heels and I actually grew my light brown hair out past my shoulder and wear it in a pony tail so when I dress I can use my own hair. I actually make a fairly passable girl although my makeup skills suck and my collection of makeup and clothing is small.

Well my parents were killed in a car wreck when I was 18 so I have been living off of the insurance money, I have a small apartment and dress at home and have never gone out as my clothing are all second hand stuff and really don’t look that great. I had only been in the apartment about 2 weeks when I met Jill she lived right across the hall from me. She is gorgeous, 22 years old 5’5″ and long blonde hair. Just the kind of girl I would love to date and if I thought she would go out with me I would try to stop dressing but she could have any guy she wanted. She works at the Paris hotel casino as a cocktail waitress. We would talk and built up a friendship. About a year ago she was going on vacation and asked me to water her plants and look after her apartment and gave me a key.

So while she was gone I went over and watered her plants and I don’t know why but the second time I went over I just had to look in her closet and she had so many beautiful things and as we are about the same size I tried on one of her dresses. Now I know this was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. The whole week she was gone I spent most of my time over there and tried on a lot of her stuff and wished I could have such beautiful clothing.

I couldn’t stop thinking of her clothes and wondered when she was going on vacation again. It was about 2 months later when I couldn’t control myself and as she worked the late shift at the casino I went over to her apartment when she went to work and tried on a couple of her dresses and I was in heaven. I started doing this moiré and more to the point I was going over there almost every night when she went to work. I saw no harm in it even though I knew she would be mad if she found out but her stuff was so much more beautiful than the things I had bought at goodwill.

Well everything was going great till about a month ago, Jill invited me over to her apartment for dinner and to ask me a favor. I was hoping she was going on vacation again as I would have way more time and not have to worry she would come home early. Well I got to her place and she invited me in, the food she was preparing smelt so wonderful and we sat down at the table to talk. Jill Smiled at me in a way I have never seen before and said “I want to show you something David” and she turned her computer towards me. She looked me in the eyes, “I forgot to turn my computer off a few weeks back and my web cam caught something I can’t explain.” I looked in terror as I saw myself in her bedroom trying on her red dress. She smiled again, “I started leaving my computer on and have many videos of you trying on my clothes.” I was really scared and just started to apologize knowing we were done as friends. She looked at me again, “I am mad at you but not because you were trying on my clothes but because you did it without asking.” I looked up as she smiled, “Please tell me why you did this?” I told her about my crossdressing and how the clothes I have are all second had and don’t look good and I just couldn’t control myself when I saw all her beautiful clothes.

She smiled at me and gave me a hug, “I guess if you like to wear pretty clothes that is okay and I don’t mind you barrowing some of my stuff but you must ask first okay?” I shook my head yes and thanked her. Now was the biggest shock as she smiled at me, “we have about an hour till dinner is ready so why don’t we go pick out some nice dresses to wear.” Now I was so excited and scared at the same time, I really wanted to but I have never let anyone see me dressed but than again she had several videos on her computer so I said yes. This time though instead of just the dress Jill gave me a bra, panties nylons and heels to go with it. In about 15 minutes I was standing there in a beautiful red dress and heels and Jill had on this really cute black dress and yes she even had some breast forms so I really looked good. We still had time so she had me sit down and her vanity and she quickly combed out my hair and put some rollers in it, “if we are going to do this David we might as well do it right.” Once my hair was up she started on my face with makeup and she was way better at doing makeup than me. My eyes looked perfect and she finished it off with a red lipstick. I looked in the mirror and could not believe it. I looked totally like a girl, even Jill commented on it, “wow David no one would ever know you were a guy.” We had a wonderful dinner and then sat around and talked. We became really close that night, not just best friends but there was a bond between us as she knew my deepest darkest secret and was okay with it. We did this a couple more times on her nights off and had a blast.

It was about a month later when I was over to her apartment and we were all dressed up, we both had on these really cute black cocktail dresses and 4″ heels and makeup done perfectly when she smiled at me, “you look so awesome tonight it is a shame to stay home. Now I have never gone out dressed even though I often thought about it but with Jill’s support we left and went down to her car and off to dinner at the Paris Hotel casino where she works. We had a wonderful dinner and then went to the casino. Now as I said I am not 21 yet so I was scared but no one questioned me. It wasn’t till Jill ran into a couple of her co-workers that when I got scared. She just smiled and introduced me as Julie her friend from High school. With that I was accepted as just another pretty girl. The 4 of us hung out together the rest of the night and no one had the slightest clue I wasn’t a girl.

We stayed out till the wee hours of the morning before heading home. I asked Jill who Julie was and all she said was a friend from High school that she and lost touch with. We got in the habit of going out on a regular basis and I met some more of her friends and in every case I was accepted, my small size was really a blessing now plus Jill and I grew closer more like sisters. One night when we were out with her friends they told me I should apply for a job at the Paris Hotel Casino as they are always looking for people. I just smiled and said I would think about it as I knew there was no way I could.

Now I was spending two nights a week as Julie as I always went out with Jill on her nights off and Jill had taught me how to do my makeup so if I wanted I could dress on my own which I did on occasion. It was Saturday morning and Jill wanted me to get dressed up to go out which was new as we always went out in the evening but I was willing as I had become so comfortable as I passed so well. We left and went to a local shopping center and there was a beauty salon there that Jill went to. Now I was a little nervous about this as I am still a guy in a dress but she told me it would be fine. She just wanted them to fix my hair up in a little more feminine style which sense I wore it in a pony tail as a guy I figured why not. Jill told the lady what she wanted and I just sat there. It was a wonderful experience as they shampoo your hair and massage your scalp. It was very relaxing. She trimmed the back and cut my bangs and then put a cream in my hair. After a few minutes she rinsed the cream out and more conditioner and rinse and then she started with curlers and wrapped my hair up.

While my hair was drying we both went to the manicure tables and Jill talked me into getting acrylic, “you can always take them off in a day or two if you don’t like them” she said. It really was a fun experience and after about an hour I had long beautiful red nails, they were about a ½ inch long just like Jill’s. It was back to have the rollers removed from my hair and a mass of curls fell down but something was different. My hair was now blonde. I wanted to scream but didn’t as I didn’t want to cause a scene. We left the salon and when we got into the car I was ready to yell at Jill and she knew it so before I could speak she spoke up< “don’t be mad David but the other night I got thinking about you needing a job and I figured why couldn’t you work where I do, I could give you a good reference.”

I just looked at her, “Jill I am a guy to get a job I will have to give them my real name, they are not going to hire a man who dresses as a girl.” Jill got quiet and then started telling me about Julie her best friend from high school. It turns out after high school she got mixed up with some guy and ended up on the street. Any way it got so bad she had joined a cult and in doing so had moved away and was going by a different name as the cult likes them to forget everything from their past life. It was a really sad story. That’s when Jill told me I could just use her name to get the job and work as her since all her friends already knew me that way. Now I was about to say no but this idea did sound a little exciting, I could live as someone else for a while. I told her I would think about it so we went out shopping for the day and out with her friends for the evening.

Now the next day I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. With my new blonde curly hair and nails there was no way I could go around as a guy so I put on a nice skirt and did my makeup and went over to see what Jill was up to. She was so happy to see me all dressed up. We went out and had a nice lunch and did some shopping before she went to work. Now I have gone with her before when she had to go to work and came home by myself but this was the first time I was doing it as Julie, I had never been out as Julie on my own so I was a little scared. But I really did look feminine and the worst thing was some whistles from men I passed which on your own is a little intimidating.

Over the next few days I went out more and more on my own and was getting pretty use to it. It was Sunday night when Jill and I went to meet her friends; well I guess they are mine too now. We went out to have a nice dinner and while we were talking I asked if they thought they had any job openings that I could do. Jill looked at me and got such a big smile on her face and gave me a hug. She told me we would go down to the employment office first thing tomorrow morning and she would help me put in an application. It was a fun night and we all had a blast but Jill said we should not stay out as late so we could be there first thing in the morning.

The next day I got up and got all dressed and went over to Jill’s. She had me take my top off including my bra. She had what she called a barely there bra. What it really is are two silicon breast shapes and what woman do is attach them to the outside of their breast and then pull them together to increase their cup size. I really wasn’t sure what this would do for me. She attached it to the outside of my chest where I had a little bit of flab. Once it was attached and had set for a bit she pulled it together in the middle and put on a tight bra. I was amazed, I had breast and cleavage. They were not huge but a nice C cup size. Jill gave me a new top that really showed my new breast off and off we went. Now I was a little self conscious as I felt a little naked.

We got to the Casino’s employment office and it turns out if you come in with a current employee you go to a different office, seems they give preference to friends of employees. Now I was introduced to a lady named Sara, she was in charge of all hiring. She asked me some questions and had me fill out an application which Jill helped me with as I really didn’t know all the answers to Julie’s life such as birthday and such. Turns out I was now 22 just like Jill. Sara came back and asked me some more questions and had me stand up and turn around. She was really looking at me and I just knew she had figured out I was a man.

She left again and Jill smiled, “she likes what she see I think you may get a cocktail waitress job like me. They only hire really cute girls for that. The money is okay but the tips are great.” Now I was still having a hard time thinking of me working as a girl but now I was picturing myself as a cocktail waitress in one of those tight skimpy outfits. Could I really pull it off? Sara came back and smiled. “I think we have an open cocktail position that would be perfect for you if you are interested. It is the same shift as Jill’s so she would be training you.” Wow I was offered a job. Should I take it could I pull it off? Jill nudged me and I said yes I would love that, thank you. Sara handed me some paper work to sign I read it and it was authorizing them to do a background check on me or rather Julie. I signed the paper work and the 3 of us walked from her office to the front desk, Sara handed the paper work to the receptionist and then looked at the Security guard, “This is Julie a new hire here is her authorization for a background check.” He looked at me, “everything looks good step up to the line.” I did as he asked and he took a couple pictures and showed them to me. I got to pick out the one for my employee ID badge. Then he had me stand at the counter and he took my figure prints which caught me off guard. Now I have no criminal record and have never had any contact with the police so I knew my figure prints weren’t on record any place so I was okay there. He looked at me, “here is your temporary ID you will get you regular one when you pass your background check and the Gaming commission files your paper work and gives you clearance to work in a casino.” That’s when it hit me it was not the problem of my figure prints being on file before it was the fact they were now going to be on file and for a woman named Julie. Officially in the eyes of the State of Nevada, and the gaming commission I was a woman and it was now in their computers that way. I may be stuck now living as a girl.

Jill and I left and she was so happy that in the car she gave me a big kiss which was the first time we had kissed and it caught me off guard. My first night was tonight to start my training and apparently my new life. What will happen next, will I be found out, will it all work out okay, can I ever go back or am I now stuck as a girl full time, have I gone too far? Only time will tell.

The Makeup Trap   2 comments

Makeup trap

By Elizabeth James

Well I live with my mom (Julie Frost); she is a beautiful woman in her early thirties with long blonde hair. She could be a model she looks that good at 5’4″ tall and 108 lb she takes great care of herself. Long acrylic nails and her makeup always perfect. This is where I come in. you see it is just the two of us as my dad left us when I was really small. My name is David Frost and I am now 15 years old 5’3″ tall and 115 lb with long brown hair. I was always small for a boy but it didn’t seem to bother me that much. There is one other secret about me I had never told anyone. I love makeup which I know is strange for a boy.

It started when I was really little I would go into my mom’s room and watch her put her makeup on. I would talk to her as we have always been best friends plus I didn’t want her to notice how close I was watching her do her makeup. There was just something about makeup that I loved and I wished boys could wear it. As I got older I would go shopping with my mom when I knew she was going to the mall because I knew she would stop by the cosmetic counters at the department stores and I could look at all the different cosmetics as I stood there with her. I was always careful not to be too obvious as I checked out the makeup.

I guess I was about 10 or 11 when I first got the courage to try my mom’s lipstick one day when she was out talking to the neighbor. It was such a thrill to see my lips turn red. When I turned 14 mom thought I was old enough that I didn’t need to go to a baby sitter after school and I could come home and be by myself till she got home. This gave me almost three hours to play with her makeup and for the first time I tried more than just her lipstick. It opened up a whole new world to me, mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. I was in heaven and as I got better at putting on makeup I started to let my hair grow. I told my mom it was because all the boys in school were when in fact only a couple boys had long hair but my face looked so much better in makeup with my hair framing my face. I would pull it back in a pony tail except when I would play with mom’s makeup. By the time I was 15 my hair was down below my shoulders and I loved it and mom never had a clue.

It was a Thursday night in early April when my life started to get interesting. Mom and I had gone out for dinner and we had a great time. As I said we were more than just mother and son we were best friends. On the way home she stopped at Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries which was not what I called a fun shopping trip but I went in with her. We spent over 30 minutes getting groceries we needed and I was board then as we were headed for the check stand mom went down the cosmetic aisle to look at some makeup and I was right there. This night might not be such a waste after all as mom looked at all the different makeup I kept looking at the nail polish. As I said before my mom went to the salon every other week to get her nails done so she never bought nail polish and I really wanted to see what my nails would look like painted a red color. Mom finally found what she was looking for because I heard her say yes they have the new color lipstick she also picked up a new mascara. As she through them in the cart I saw the lipstick was a deep red and I liked the color. When we got home mom put all the groceries away and I helped.

The next morning I was in talking to mom as she did her makeup. She opened up the new mascara and put it on and then she took out the lipstick but instead of a regular tube I had always seen her use it was a tube that you pulled out a little wand and painted your lips. It looked so cool and I really wanted to try it. She smiled at me and asked how I like the color and it looked great on her but I didn’t say that I just told her she looked beautiful which she did and I didn’t want her to know I was thinking about the lipstick. She then took out another tube and put a clear gloss over the lipstick which gave it a shiny wet look that was perfect. With that we left and she drove me to school. All day long I couldn’t get the thought of that lipstick out of my mind so when I got home I went right up to her bedroom and their all her makeup was.

I put some foundation on my face and then some eye liner and eye shadow. I was pretty good at this sense I have had lots of practice. Next to come were her new mascara and then the new lipstick. I looked great and I even put on the gloss and took my hair out of its pony tail. I looked so cute. I went in and did my homework and then down stairs to watch TV. I just love the look and feel of makeup. I kept looking at myself in the mirror on the wall and every time I saw myself I was thrilled. I just couldn’t understand why boys can’t wear makeup. I heard the garage door open and knew I had to wash it off so as mom pulled the car in the garage I went into the downstairs bathroom and washed my face. Mom came in and said she was home. I answered I was in the bathroom and would be right out. As I rinsed the soap off my face I noticed the mascara and lipstick didn’t wash off. I got a little nervous and again put more soap on my face and rubbed. Mom knocked on the door, are you okay sweetie? Yes mom I replied I will be right out. I again rinsed the soap off but again the mascara and lipstick did not come off. I was scared now, what was I going to do. This had never happened before, the makeup always just washed off. Mom called again,

“David I brought dinner home come out and eat it before it gets cold”.

Yes mom I said I will be right out as panic gripped me. What was I going to do?

Are you okay dear she asked?

Yes mom I am fine I said still trying to figure out what to do.

Mom knocked on the door. Sweetie open up and come out now dinner is getting cold.

I knew there was nothing I could do so I opened the door as I tried to figure out what I was going to tell my mom when she saw my face. As I walked out mom smiled and gave me a hello kiss on the cheek and said let eat before dinner is cold and she turned and went over to the table and sat down. I stood there for a moment and wondered had she failed to notice the lipstick and mascara? Maybe the mascara but the lipstick was a deep red, even a blind person could have seen it. I walked over to the table and sat down across for her. Mom said her usual prayer and we started to eat as we did mom told me all about her day and I for a moment relaxed. It was about ten minutes later when mom had finished her story than she asked me how my day was.

Well sweetie how was your day, did you do anything fun?

I was panicked again as I tried to think what to say as she was looking right at my face and I am sure it was as red as my lips. What could a say. Well mom let me explain as I searched for the words. Mom could tell I was scared and finally spoke up.

Sweetie that color looks pretty on you, I knew it would when I bought it for you. My jaw fell open.

You bought it for me, why, how did you know?

Sweetheart, I was suddenly going through my makeup a lot faster. I knew someone else had to be using it and sense we are the only two here it wasn’t hard to figure out. I hope you don’t mind I bought water proof mascara and all day lip color so you wouldn’t be able to wash it off till I got home.

I looked at her and didn’t know what to say.

You see dear I don’t mind if you like to wear makeup or you want to borrow something of mine, I just wish you felt you could have come to me and told me. You are my son and I love you no matter what.

I was so relieved I got up and gave her a big hug, you mean I can wear your makeup whenever I want to I asked?

Yes dear, but there is one condition. No more secrets. If you want to borrow something please just ask. I can even give you some help with your makeup.

That’s great I said, but why would you want to help me I asked?

Mom smiled, dear I love you so very much but I have always wished I had a little girl that I could have done all those mother daughter things with so in a way this will help me too. Besides I may ask you for a favor someday too. We sat and ate or dinner and after wards we watched TV till bed time. When I went up for bed mom called me into her bedroom and showed me how to remove the mascara and lip stick. Then mom gave me a bottle of cleanser and a moisturizing cream.

Sweetheart she said, if you want to wear makeup though you need to take care of your skin. I bought these for you and you will need to use them every night and morning okay.

I gave her a big hug and kiss, Thank you mom for being so understanding. I wish I had told you sooner. Mom showed me how to take care of my skin and I went to bed and I was so happy. Mom had found out about my love of her makeup and she not only didn’t care but thought it was fine for me to put on makeup.

I slept so good that night dreaming of all the makeup I could wear now that mom new. I got up and went in and took my shower and washed my hair. When I got out I put on my moisturizer and started to dry my hair when I heard mom call me.

David, sweetheart can you come into my bedroom. I put my hair dryer down, put my robe on and went into her bedroom. Mom was standing by her vanity smiling at me.

Honey, would you like me to do your makeup for you today?

I was thrilled and said yes and again gave her a big good morning kiss. Let me go dry my hair and I will be right back.

Mom smiled again; will you let me do your hair this morning? It will make the makeup I put on look so much better.

I was so thrilled I said yes. She had me sit at her vanity table and started to comb out my wet hair and then she started to wrap them up in her curlers which were hot. I was amazed at how fast she wrapped up all my hair on my head. Then mom started on my face and as she did she talked to me about what she was doing. I think she was a little amazed at how much I already knew about makeup.

Sweetheart, how did you learn so much about makeup she asked?

I smiled, mom I have watched you every morning for years as you did your makeup. I loved watching you and the way you looked when you were all made up so beautiful. I think that is why I finally started putting makeup on. I think I wanted to look just like you. Now it was moms turn as she gave me a big hug and kiss.

Oh honey I love you so much, that is so sweet that you want to look like me. I looked at her and almost thought she was going to cry but she started again with my makeup. When she finished my face it was flawless and looked so beautiful. I thought I had gotten pretty good at putting makeup on but wow what my mom did was so much better.

Mom and I went down stairs and she made us breakfast. Some fresh fruits and she gave me a bowl of her cereal and we sat there and talked.

Honey, can you tell me how long you have liked makeup and how long you have been playing with it?

I smiled and for some reason I didn’t mind the question and just answered.

As long as I can remember mom I have loved watching you put on your makeup and the way it looked and wished I could wear it. Even when I was young when you would go outside to do yard work or talk to the neighbor or run to the store I would put on a little lipstick but that didn’t happen that much. This year when you let me come home after school instead of going to the after school activities club I found I had almost three hours every day and that is when I really started to experiment with your makeup.

Wow honey you really do love makeup don’t you.

I smiled again and said yes, it is so unfair that boys can’t wear makeup and look pretty. Mom gave me a hug and led me back up to her bedroom. We touched up our lipstick and then she sat me down and started to take out my curlers and brush out my hair. It took her about twenty minutes and some hair spray but when she was done she had managed to make my hair look a lot like hers except for the color and the fact her hair was longer. Mom and I stood in front of the mirror and from the neck up I looked just like her. I gave her a big hug and we went down stairs. I helped her clean the house and do the laundry. Mom loved having the help and I was just so happy being able to wear makeup all day I didn’t care what I was doing.

By the end of the weekend I was so happy and mom and I had so much fun I was sad it was ending. I had stayed in the house all weekend but I spent the whole weekend wearing makeup. On Monday morning when I was getting ready for school, all I could think about when I would get home and I am able to put on some makeup. As mom and I left mom handed me a lipstick. I looked at mom with a puzzled look on my face.

Go ahead dear she said, it is just a moisturizing lipstick no color so you can wear it all the time. I opened it up and put some on. My lips felt so great and it just gave my lips a little shine but was no more than if I had put on some chap stick. As mom dropped me off she gave me a little kiss.

Have a great day honey and I will see you tonight, and by the way this weekend I have a surprise for you.

I asked what it was but mom just smiled.

You will have to wait for the weekend dear.

The rest of the week went great. I would get home and do my makeup. Friday morning when mom dropped me off she smiled and kissed me goodbye.

Remember sweetie I have a surprise for you this weekend she said, I will see you tonight. All day at school I couldn’t stop thinking about what my surprise would be, maybe my own set of makeup I thought. When school was out I rushed right home and was surprised to find mom sitting on the couch waiting for me. It was only a little after 3 and mom was already home, she usually got home at 6. Mom smiled at me.

Come and sit by me and tell me how your day was dear. I sat beside her and looked at her not knowing what to say. Finally she spoke.

Well I guess you are wondering why I am home so early, I guess I was just too excited about my surprise for you. I couldn’t control the smile that came to my face as this was all I had been thinking about sense she told me she had a surprise for me.

She kissed me gentle on my cheek. Dear you know I love you more than life itself. I started to say something but she held her finger to my mouth. Remember last weekend when you were explaining about why you wanted to wear makeup? I nodded my head yes. You said that you loved the way I was so beautiful and wanted to look just like me? Again I nodded yes. I was thinking we could see how much like me we could get you to look if you are willing to give it a try?

I thought for a moment and really wanted to see if she could do better than last weekend when she did my hair. I smiled, yes that would be great but we looked so much alike last weekend when you did my hair can you really do a better job on my face. Mom smiled and gave me a big hug.

Oh yes dear we can do so much better and she took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. As we walked in I noticed that her room was not as neat and there were two black dresses that lay on the bed along with two sets of black bras and panties and two beautiful pair of heels that must have been 4″ tall. I had always loved the way my mom looked in her black dress and heels. I think that is such a beautiful look for a woman but before I could say anything mom took me into the bathroom.

First we need to get you ready, you will need to wash your hair and condition it. Now take off your cloths dear as she turned to the counter to get something. I waited for her to leave but she turned around and looked at me.

Well come on honey we need to get you started.

I looked at her, mom I can’t get undressed with you in the room.

Mom smiled, sweetheart I am your mom I have seen you before now let’s get going so I can give you your surprise. I felt a little uneasy but did as she asked. Soon I stood there naked in front of my mom and could feel myself turn red as I wanted to hide. Mom seemed to pay no attention and started to spread a cream all over my body from my neck to my toes and although it was cold I felt a little better as at least I had something covering me up.

Now stand her for a few minutes while I go and get things ready she said and walked back into her bedroom. I could hear her moving around as I stood there in the middle of her bathroom waiting for whatever she was looking for.

Sweetheart I heard her say, you can take your shower and be sure and do a good job on your hair. As the water hit my skin it felt different, I washed and conditioned my hair as the water rinsed the cream off my body. As I started to dry my skin felt so soft and smooth and then I noticed my body hair was gone. Now I must confess that I really didn’t have much to start with and for the average person if they saw me before and after probably wouldn’t have noticed unless they really looked close but I could tell. I put my robe on and walked back into her room but before I could ask her about my hair she spoke.

Hurry honey she said, sit down so I can do your hair. I sat down and was amazed at how fast she had my hair up in curlers and then she put a cap over my head and I felt warm air blowing on my head. It startled me but she just smiled.

It’s my old hair dryer silly it will help speed up your hair drying. As the hair dryer hummed along she started on my face. I could tell she knew just the look she wanted as she really didn’t say much except for the occasional wow you are going to look fabulous tonight. When she was all done she had me sit next to her as she applied her makeup. I just sat there and watched as I still loved the way she did her makeup.

Once she had her makeup all done we both looked in the mirror and our faces were made up just the same from the perfect eyes right down to the deep red lipstick. Mom sat me down and started taking the curlers out of my hair and brushing it out. We had been at this for almost two hours as it was now 5:15. When she was all done we stood next to each other me in my robe and her in her skirt and blouse. She had done a great job and we looked so much a like I gave her a hug.

Mom walked over to the bed and picked up both dresses and showed them to me.

Honey which one of my dresses do you like the best she asked?

Now I must tell you my mom is a beautiful woman and she looked great in anything but when she put on her little black dresses she was what men called a fox. There really wasn’t much difference in the dresses as I had seen both on her. Both were short mid thigh and had small thin straps over the shoulder but one showed a little more cleavage then the other. Now being as she is my mother I picked the one that didn’t show as much cleavage as I didn’t want everyone looking at her. Mom smiled at me and winked.

What great taste you have dear as she came towards me. You will look beautiful in this dress. I smiled back at her as her words sunk in.

Me, wear that dress I asked with a look of fear and excitement both on my face. Up to this point all I had ever thought about was makeup. I had never thought about trying on her clothes or really looked at them other then how beautiful she looked in them.

Why yes dear I was hoping you would let me dress you up so we can see how much we look alike?

I was now really thinking about the dress and what I would look like. I know most boys would have run at this point but I did love makeup and if this made me look better than what’s wrong with it so I said yes. Mom came over and took me by the hand over to her bed.

Okay sweetheart lets loose the robe. Unlike in the bathroom I didn’t hesitate as I was thinking only about the dress. Mom had me step a pair of the black panties and then sit on the bed. She took a box off the dresser and came back over to me and sat on the bed.

She placed her hand on my knee and looked me in the eyes. I know how much you like my makeup and I would really love to see if you really look like me but if this is too much or you just don’t feel this is right for you please tell me and I will be okay with it. We can just play with the makeup you love. She was looking right at me.

I thought for a moment as I tried to get the words right. Mom I said, I have never thought about wearing your clothes or any girl clothes for that matter but I do love the way I look in makeup and if you think it is okay and will make me look better and won’t laugh at me or tell anyone I would like to see what I look like. I was thinking to myself what a great surprise she had given me.

Mom smiled, oh my dear she said. I love you no matter what and I would never laugh at you or betray your trust in me besides I love pretty things why shouldn’t you. I told you that you can tell me anything and borrow anything of mine including my clothes and she gave me a big hug. I felt so much better and now I really wanted to see what I would look like all made up and wearing the dress.

Now honey there is just one thing though she said. My clothes are made to fit a woman’s body not a man’s so we will need to add a little help to you okay. As I said yes she opened the box she held and there were two lifelike silicone breasts. I felt my throat choke up. You mean I get to wear those two I asked?

Why yes dear if you want to look like a young lady you need a little up top shall we say. She smiled, I tried to find an A cup as I thought that would be better for your age but they were out so I got the B cup so you will just look a little older and more developed than a girl your age would be now lie back on the bed. Mom placed them both on my chest and kept adjusting them till she had them right where she wanted them.

Dear hold them right there for a minute. Mom then took the one off my right side and then put it back down but it had a cold feel to it. She put my hand on it.

Dear hold it right there and don’t move it. She did the same to my left chest and soon I was holding that one also. She held up the bra and asked me if I liked it and I just nodded again.

Okay sweetie sit up which I did still trying to hold the breasts in place till mom could get the bra on me.

Honey she said smiling you must let go so you can put your arms through the bra straps. As I let go expecting the breast to fall they just hung there pulling on my chest. Mom could tell what I was thinking as she spoke up.

There fine honey just a little glue they will come off okay. I put my arms though the bra straps as I couldn’t get over the feel of my new breast. They felt so heavy but once the bra was on they felt better.

How are you doing dear she asked as she opened a package of stockings. I smiled as I looked at my chest. Fine I said.

These are stockings dear, not panty hose do you know the difference she asked? I just shook my head no. these are for when a girl wants to feel a little sexy or may need to take them off at some point without getting undressed. She slipped something around my waste she called a garter belt and then threaded the straps under my panties. Next she very carefully rolled one of the stockings up my leg. It was a light black color with a seam right up the back of the leg. She attached it to the straps from the garter belt and then did the other leg. She had me stand as she adjusted the stockings till she had the seam straight. I could not believe the feel of the stockings.

Mom had me stand and I stepped into the dress and she pulled it up my body what a great feeling as she zipped it up the back. With the bra and the tight dress it pushed my breast together and gave the most realistic cleavage. I could only think of one girl I knew in my classes at school that had breast as nice as mine. Did I just think I had nice breast, did I think of them as mine. Mom had me sit down and she started to put the shoes on my feet. I was so amazed at how light they felt. There was no weight to them unlike my normal shoes I wore. I was all done and mom helped me stand.

Now dear she said. These are your first heels and they are a little high. You need to remember to take small steps and try to keep your weight on the balls of your feet instead of your heels okay? I said yes mom as she helped me walk across the room and back.

That was very good sweetie, now walk back and forth across the room while I get ready. I started walking across the room and made it to the other side feeling pretty good as I turned to walk back I saw my mother, she had just taken off her bra and was putting on the black one standing there in just her panties. I think I was more embarrassed seeing her then when she saw me.

Mom looked at me and must have realized what was going through my mind. It’s okay dear, it’s just us two girls here and she finished putting on the bra. The comment made me feel better even though she referred to me as a girl

Did you just say us two girls I asked? Mom smiled.

Yes dear I mean you look so cute and like my daughter would. I meant it as a compliment. You look so lovely and well I thought you could be my daughter for the evening as a favor to me? I looked at her and could see it meant so much to her and this was such a great surprise and smile.

Okay mom I am your daughter for the night and without thinking I added what is my name. As soon as I said it I knew that sounded wrong. Mom smiled at me.

Oh sweetie, thank you. This will be so much fun, you have made my evening. Do you have a name you like dear she asked? I just looked at her.

I have never thought about it I said and again without thinking I said you pick. Mom came running across the room in just her bra and panties and gave me a big hug.

Dear when you were born had you been a girl we would have named you Rachel, do you like that name she asked?

I thought for a moment and smiled, it did have a nice sound so I said yes. Mom hugged me again.

My daughter Rachel, you are such a pretty girl. She then went back and put on the same garter belt I had on and the same stockings. I was amazed that she could get the seems of the stockings straight on her own stocking. Then she slipped her dress up and zipped it up again I couldn’t figure out how she did it by herself. She looked so beautiful. She took my hand and we stepped in front of the mirror and just looked at each other for a while. Neither one of us said a thing, the mirror said it all. Except for the hair color and the fact hers was longer we look alike. Mom finally broke the silence.

Oh dear just wait as she ran from the room. A few minute later she came back with her digital camera and had me stand by the wall. She set it on the table and then came running over to me even wearing her heels I was so amazed. We smiled and the flash went off. We looked at the picture and she took several more, some close ups of us together and then some of just me and even some of just her. She said she wanted a picture of her on her first night with her daughter.

The two of us walked down stairs arm in arm I had been unsure of this but I was now having a great time and it added so much to the way the makeup looked on me. I was as cute as any girl in my class maybe even more so. It was almost 6 pm by now and I gave my mom a big hug

Thank you so much mom I said.

She smiled for what dear she asked?

For my surprise mom I said, this has been so great and it may sound strange but I have really enjoyed tonight. It made the whole makeup thing and the way I look so much more special. I love you mom.

She gave me a big hug. Sweetie my dear this is not your surprise. I looked at her for a moment. This had been the best night of my life and this was not my surprise.

Sit down Rachel dear and as I did she showed me how to smooth by dress behind me as I sat. the last time we were shopping and I bought the lipstick I noticed you were looking at all the nail polish and as I have acrylics and go to the salon to get mine done I don’t have any nail polish here for you to use. I looked down at my hands, she was right. They looked so plain compared to the rest of me.

Without thinking again I said, yes I would love to paint my nails. Mom smiled

I know dear so I thought we would go and I will treat you to a manicure pedicure tonight, besides although my nails are fine I thought I would also get a pedicure and maybe change the color on my nails. Would you like that?

I was so excited that I said yes before I fully understood what I had said. Mom picked up her purse and then handed me one. I took the purse and then realized we would have to go outside. I froze right where I was.

Mom I can’t go out like this I am dressed like a girl.

Mom hugged me. Rachel dear you look beautiful. Better than most girls your age. No one will know anything other than what they see a mom out with her beautiful daughter. It will be fine and we will have so much fun. I had not even noticed but as we were talking she was gentle guiding me to the door. When we reached the door I looked at her.

Do you really believe it will be okay I asked? She smiled.

Sweetie it will be fine and I would never do anything I didn’t think would be safe for you. I gave her a hug and out the door we went. As I walked to the car I had this incredible feeling in my stomach. I got into the car and mom just stood there.

Rachel dear, that is no way for a young lady to get into a car. I looked at her and she smiled and had me get back out of the car and try again. After the third time mom smiled at me and told me that was much better. As she drove down the street I was watching the people in other cars as we went by. It only took ten minutes to get to the salon. As we walked in a very attractive blonde lady came up to us and gave my mom a hug. Hi Julie so nice to see you but your appointment isn’t till next Friday. Mom smiled.

Hi Tammy, do you have time to fit my daughter and I in for a pedicure and my daughter would also like a manicure I think she is old enough now to start taking care of her nails better. She smiled at me and looked at my hand.

Oh my you do need a manicure dear. She led mom and me over to a big seat. We took our shoes of and then mom helped me with my stockings. We sat down and put our feet into a warm bath of water. As Tammy did my mom’s feet another young girl came over and started to do my feet. She massaged and put lotion on my feet it was such an incredible feeling after that she trimmed my toe nails. When she was all done she asked what color I would like I looked at mom and smiled.

Can I have the same red color that my mom has on her finger nails. Mom smiled at me and the lady doing my nails went and got the nails polish and started to paint my toes. When she was done she led me over to another chair by a little table and started to work on my finger nails. As she worked on my fingers I just watched and was amazed at all the feelings I was having after all I was a boy dressed as a girl and getting a manicure. I looked over and mom was sitting talking to Tammy as the nail tech finished painting my nails the same dark red as moms fingers except my nails were shorter. I went over and sat next to mom and put my nails under the nail dryer and we all talked. When my finger nails were dry mom helped me put my stockings back on and my beautiful heels and we left. As we got to the car mom looked at me.

Honey she said, how did you like getting your nails done dear. Before I said anything I gave her a big hug.

Oh mom it was so much fun and I really loved it, thank you so much.

We got in the car and started home. I was still looking at my beautiful nails when I suddenly realized that mom was going into town instead of home. We pulled into a parking lot in front of a restaurant.

Are you hungry dear mom asked me? I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten sense lunch and didn’t even think about how I was dressed. We went in and had a lovely dinner and spent the time talking like a mother and daughter would and no one seemed to pay us any attention. When we got home I was on cloud nine and I was walking on clouds. Mom helped me take my makeup off and gave me a night gown to wear for bed. I slept so well that night as for the first time I dreamt I was dressed in beautiful dresses with my makeup perfect.

In the morning I got up and went down for breakfast and mom asked how I slept.

Oh mom I slept so well and I kissed her good morning. After breakfast mom watched as I put on my makeup and helped me get dressed. We spent the day shopping and having a great time. It was so much fun being out wearing my makeup and skirts.

We did the same thing on Sunday another girl’s day out. It had been the best weekend of my life and Sunday night I was sad that my weekend was over. Mom came into my bedroom and sat on the side of my bed.

Rachel Dear she said, I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did?

I kissed her good night, oh mom it was so much fun thank you for such a wonderful weekend.

Mom smiled, I love you dear and I loved having a daughter for the weekend and I hope she will come back and spend time with me from time to time?

I smiled back oh mom she will defiantly be here from time to time and with that mom turned off my light and I went to sleep.

Over the next couple weeks I was Rachel on the weekends and mom and I had so much fun. During the week I would put my makeup on every day when I got home and if we were going out I would also be Rachel. By the last week of school I was spending almost all my free time as Rachel except when I was at school.

It was a Tuesday night when mom sat me down. Sweetheart we need to have a talk about Rachel. I got a scared feeling and wondered if mom had grown tired of my little hobby.

She smiled at me, Honey you know I love you, both David and Rachel. I felt better after she said that.

Mom smiled again, I need to talk to you both, David and Rachel. You see dear I have to go to LA for the summer to help with the new office my company is opening. I just looked at her. I will be there for two months the whole summer. They have a condo that they are letting me use. Now you have a choice to make. I just looked at her. Dear I will be working during the week while we are down there and you can’t just sit in the house. We can continue as we are with David during the week and Rachel on the weekend but it may be really hard on you. You can also be just David while we are down there. I looked at mom.

I know it would be hard I said as I could see where this was going. But I don’t want to give up being Rachel as I looked at mom afraid she was going to tell me I had to be David.

Sweetheart she smiled, you didn’t let me finish. There is one other choice; you could be Rachel for the whole time. I was about to say something when mom stopped me. Just wait dear she said, before you make up your mind if you do choose to be just Rachel for the summer I can help you but it will not be as easy as being Rachel on the weekend. I thought about it and I really liked the idea.

Mom I don’t need to think about it mom I want to be Rachel for the summer. I really want to.

Mom gave me a big hug. I want you to know it will not be all fun and there will be some problems but I will help. If you are willing it should be fun. Then she gave me a kiss I will enjoy having a daughter all the time during the summer. I smiled at her.

Mom I do want to be Rachel all summer thank you for letting me. Mom told me she would make all the arrangements for the summer. The next few weeks all I could think about was being Rachel all the time. Wearing makeup every day and pretty dresses my life was perfect.

My last day of school was Thursday and it was only a half day. I couldn’t wait to get home and start my summer as Rachel. When I got home mom was waiting for me.

Are you ready dear to be my daughter?

Yes mom I said with great enthusiasm.

Now dear I am just making sure so don’t think I am trying to talk you out of it. If we proceed from here on in you will be Rachel my daughter till we come back home. That means I will treat you like my daughter and you must act all the time as a girl. Are you ready for that? My love of makeup took over as all I could think about was all the makeup I would be able to wear.

Mom smiled at me but it was a smile I had not seen before as she took me upstairs to start my transformation. In my room were several boxes. When I looked in the first one it had a pair of very realistic breasts. Mom had me lay down and she glued the breasts on my chest. The feeling was strange as I stood up without a bra on. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled from now on you will be my daughter.

Two Girlfriends   1 comment

Two Girlfriends

By Elizabeth James

My name is mike and I am 17 years old. I have never had much luck with girls as I am rather small for my age. I only stand 5″5″ tall and weigh about 130 LB. I have found most girls like guys who are tall so when I met Mary at the start of my junior year and she liked me I was so happy, my first girlfriend. Mary is beautiful with long blonde hair, long nails and the same height as me. She didn’t care about my size. Everything was great till Thanksgiving.

She was going out of town to spend it with her grandma while I stayed home and spent it with my mom and sister Jill. It’s just the three of us as my dad died when we were young but left us very well off so mom never had to work and took care of us. My mom is in her late 30’s bout looks like she is in her twenties and Jill who is the same age as me is very pretty in part to my mom’s help. They do all the girl things together including getting their nails done. The Friday after Thanksgiving I went to the mall to look around. As I was leaving the mall I noticed a girl standing by her car crying. She was beautiful, about 5″4″ tall with brown hair wearing a black skirt and white top with long red nails. I stopped to see what was wrong and her car wouldn’t start. I let her use my cell phone to call her dad and he said he would be there in about thirty minutes. I didn’t want to just leave her so I stayed and talked to her till her dad arrived. Turns out she is also 17 and a junior at Grant High across town. I liked her and could feel an attraction to her which made me feel a little guilt when I thought about Mary. Her dad thanked me for my help and I left. On the way home I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

That night after dinner my phone rang, I answered the phone expecting to hear Mary’s voice but I was wrong. Hi Mike this is Susie, the girl you helped today. I was caught off guard but managed to say hi. I want to thank you so much for helping me today. I smiled even though I knew she couldn’t see it through the phone, my pleasure I said. Then I heard, I thought if you weren’t doing anything I could take you out for dinner and a movie tomorrow to thank you. I know it’s sad but I never thought of Mary and said yes that sounds great. She said she would pick me up at 5 and thanked me again. As I hung up the phone I saw mom and Jill looking at me and all I heard was mom say, did you forget about your girlfriend? I suddenly realized what I had just done but played it down. She just wants to thank me as friend. Mom just gave me that look.

Saturday night Susie picked me up, she was wearing a very tight red dress and heels, her hair and makeup were perfectly done and she had on this incredible perfume. As we were leaving I saw mom look at me and whisper, just friends? I knew what she was thinking. At dinner Susie would touch my hand or arm whenever she could and every time I got a little chill. When we got to the movie Susie leaned up against me and smiled, I don’t know why I put my arm around her. I had such a great time I forgot about Mary. When we got back to my house I thought she would just drop me off but she parked and got out of the car. We stood in my drive for a few minutes talking then she closed her eyes and leaned towards me. I realized she wanted me to kiss her and I thought a little one wouldn’t hurt so I leaned in and gave her a kiss. As our lips met she wrapped her arms around me and gave me such a kiss. We broke for a moment and I looked at her but she kissed me again and this time I felt her tongue and I couldn’t stop. After about five minutes she got back in her car smiled, I had a great time Mike I will call you tomorrow.

I walked into the house and mom and Jill were standing there just looking at me. I knew what they were thinking but told them we were just friends. Jill smiled at me; I wish I had a friend that kissed me like that she said. Mom just smiled so you are going to tell Mary about her. I told her no there was no reason for Mary to find out and made them both promise not to say anything.

Well as time went on I found I had two girlfriends and it was not that hard to manage. As I said my dad had left us well off and I didn’t need to work but I told them each I had a job as a delivery person that way they couldn’t come to my place of work and when I was with Mary I told Susie I was working and did the same to Mary when I was going out with Susie. As Christmas came around I bought Mary the same perfume that Susie wore so they would not get suspicious, I saw that in a movie. Don’t get me wrong I did have a couple close calls but everything was fine, that is till Valentine’s Day. I told Susie I had to work late you know making deliveries and we would go out the next night and do something special. I thought I should spend it with Mary as we had been going out longer. We went out for a nice dinner and then took a drive up by the lake. Well one thing led to another and soon we had our clothes off and well you can figure out what happened. It was so incredible and afterwards Mary told me she loved me and I said the same to her (which I do love her) well we got dressed and I took her home. The next night I took Susie out and sense the night before went so well after dinner I took her up to the lake too.

Well things went the same way and again clothes were on the floor of the car. It was almost the same thing over. We made love and she told me how much she loved me and I felt the same and told her. We sat there and talked and I found it hard to believe I was in love with two women. As we got dressed Susie suddenly got a strange almost mad look on her face. She held up her hands and was holding up two pairs of pink panties. Hers ones and the pink ones Mary had on last night. She screamed at me what the hell are these mike, are you cheating on me? I couldn’t think of what to say then no dear I would never do that. You are the only girl I love. She smiled, then tell me who’s these are and don’t say your sisters because I know that would be a lie. I was searching for words and as if out of nowhere I heard my voice say, they are mine. Susie looked at me, yours? I just smiled and looked at her and she seemed calmer. Yes dear I know how it looks. She smiled at me, you like woman’s panties and let out a little giggle. I felt really embarrassed but nodded my head yes. She thought for a moment, I thought you were cheating on me. I said no I would never do that. She smiled; you better not because if you do you will not like what I do to you. She gave me a little kiss, so do you like the look or the feel of the panties. Her question caught me off guard and unable to pick I said both. She smiled again I think it’s cute, I bet you look lovely in them. She handed them to me and said, put them on for me so I can see. Unable to think I did as she said. She looked at me sitting there next to her in the hot pink panties. You do look cute dear, promise me you will always wear them and she gave me a big kiss and slipped her tongue into my mouth. When we broke I smiled. I can’t wear them all the time. Sure you can nobody will see them under your pants; I will even buy you some new pretty ones. She paused for a moment, unless they aren’t really yours she said? I smiled no they are mine and if you think I can get away with it I would love to wear them more and once again things were great. I drove her home and kissed her good night. She smiled, come by my house in the morning before work I have a surprise for you and be sure to have your panties on. I told her it would be early as I had to be to work (Mary’s house by 9 am) she said that was fine.

The next morning I got up and got dressed with my pink panties and went over to Susie’s house. She met me at the door and gave me a big kiss. She asked to see my panties so I pulled my pants down just far enough for her to see. She smiled they look even better in the light. She then took out a tape measure and measured my waist. I looked at her and she just smiled, I want to get you some pretty new panties and needed your size. She kissed me goodbye and said I better go before I was late. I drove over to Mary’s house.

Mary let me in and I asked her what she wanted to do today as it was Saturday. She smiled and said my parents are gone for the day as we sat on the couch. We can do anything you like. We started to kiss and things got hot. I started to touch her breasts when she slid her hands down my pants. I was feeling really good when she pulled her hand out and looked at me. I suddenly realized I had on the panties. Before I could say anything she asked me what you are wearing. All I could think to say was shorts. She looked at me again can I see them? I knew from the look on her face she wasn’t going to take no for an answer so I stood up and dropped my pants. She let out a laugh and I turned red. She smiled I wondered where my panties went. What made you put them on? I looked for what to say and all I could hear was Susie last night and said; I like the way they look and feel. She smiled; do they remind you of me she asked? I said yes and saw an out, it’s like you are a part of me I said. She smiled really big, how sweet Mike. You can keep them I will even give you a few more of mine so you can wear them all the time under your pants.

Mary took me by the hand and we went up to her bedroom. She went to her dresser and opened the drawer. She looked at me I have a couple panty sets that I just bought you can have if you like as she pulled out a bag. I said thank you that would be great. She handed them to me and then said oh I guess you will need this to and handed me a pink bra. I looked at her with a strange look. She smiled at me; silly these go together, the bra is no good without the panties that’s why they are called sets. I looked at the two pairs she had given me and sure enough there was a black panty and bra and a white panty and bra. I can’t wear a bra but before I finish she smiled nobody will see them under your clothes now take your shirt off. I did as she said and she slipped the bra and fastened it behind my back. My don’t you look cute she said. She took off her clothes and stood next to me in just her bra and panties. The bra felt funny to wear but there was something about it that made me feel nice. We spent the day together and had a great time and when I left I was wearing the bra and panty under my clothes.

When I got home mom was just putting dinner on the table. I sat down and Jill, mom and I ate. Mom told me again she didn’t think it was right to be seeing two girls at the same time without telling them. I said I know but I like them both please don’t say anything to them. Mom smiled, it’s not my place to tell them but you may wind up losing both. Jill smiled or worse, if my boyfriend did that to me I would do everything I could to make him pay. I know what you mean I said and they both just looked at me. When it was time to go to bed mom gave Jill a hug and a kiss then she turned to me and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. I felt her hand start to pull away and then she slid it down my back. I wondered if she had felt the bra. Mom looked at me; Mike is there something you want to tell me. Jill was half way up the stairs when she heard mom and stopped to look. I smiled no why I asked? Mom again said I was wondering what you were wearing under your shirt dear? This got Jill’s attention and she came over to me. They both looked real close at my shirt as if they were trying to see through it when Jill reached over and touched my chest. She let out a yell; it feels like a bra mom. I knew I was turning red as I stammered for what to say. Mom just smiled again, Mike please take off your shirt. The look in her eyes told me a better do as she said so I slowly removed my shirt revealing the pink bra. Jill let out a laugh and mom just asked again, is there something you want to say? We sat back down and I explained about what had happened with the panties and how they both thought it was cute and wanted me to wear them. And then how Mary said the bras went with the panties and wanted me to wear a bra too. Jill smiled, how are you going to explain the bra to Susie she asked? I had not thought about that. Mom just smiled, I guess this is one of those things that pop up when you miss lead people. You need to tell them the truth dear. I can’t I like them both mom. Well dear then you are going to be wearing a bra and panty from now till you tell them. I looked down I know every time I go see them I will have to wear these things but it won’t be that bad. Mom smiled no dear if you won’t be honest with them then you will do what they ask and wear them all the time do I make myself clear. Tell them the truth or wear this stuff. You mean but before I could finish she said, yes you will wear these all the time till you tell them. Jill got a smile on her face but mom looked at her, Jill you will not say anything about this to anyone or tease your brother or I will find a punishment for you. Jill just nodded. I went upstairs and went to bed.

The next day I went over to Susie’s house and again her parents weren’t home. Susie let me in and said I have your present upstairs. I thought to myself I have one for you too as I felt the bra strap dig into my shoulder. As we walked upstairs I thought how I could tell her. She looked at me and handed me a box wrapped up with a bow. About this I said, I don’t think it is right for you to have to buy me panties. She smiled would you rather buy them, I can go with you. I smiled as she started to open my pants and saw the black panties. Wow dear you have a new pair did you go shopping. I thought that it and smiled yes I stopped last night and bought them. She gave me a kiss, you have great taste in panties they look great on you all you would need is a matching bra. I got a panic look on my face and looked down. She smiled do you want a bra too honey as she smiled. I just said nothing. Then she got a big grin on her face, you already bought a bra didn’t you she asked? I quietly said yes and took off my shirt. She gave me a big hug; you look adorable sweetie I made the right choice. I looked at her as she said open your box. As I opened it there inside were matching bra and panty sets. I thought to myself between the two of them I now had more then I could wear in a week.

Things went well for a couple weeks and I had gotten use to wearing the bra and panty every day. On Saturday I was over at Susie’s house and it was the first hot day of the year almost 90. Her parents went away for the day and left us alone. I asked her what she wanted to do. She smiled it is going to be hot today why don’t we go out and go swimming. It sounded like a great idea so I said I would run home and get my swim suit. Susie smiled that’s okay dear I have an extra one. She handed me a hot pink bikini and said this should fit you and she went into the other room to put her bikini. When she came back she looked hot. She was also wearing a hot pink bikini. She smiled why aren’t you dressed? I looked at her and said I can’t wear this it’s a bikini. I can’t wear a bikini Susie I said. Sweetie, it is no different than your bra and panty. Please for me you will be so cute and nobody will see you in the back yard. She kissed me full on the mouth so I went ahead and put it on. We spent the day swimming in the pool and lying in the sun. When it was time to go Susie helped me put my bra back on for some reason she liked helping me. I kissed her good buy and went home.

Mom asked me how my day went and I told her we had gone swimming. Mom had that worried look, what did you wear you didn’t go skinny dipping? I told her no Susie let me borrow and I paused one of her suits. Jill spoke up, was it a bikini I bet you would look great in one? I suddenly realized how stupid it sounded. Mom smiled, you did remember sun tan lotion didn’t you? I shook my head no. mom and Jill looked at each other as I tried to figure out what they were thinking. Mom told me to stand up and take off my shirt. I did as they have both seen me in the bra. Mom reached up and pulled on the cup of the bra and let out a little gasp. I was puzzled as she asked me to remove my bra which I did and noticed them staring at me. Mom had me look in the mirror; I was scared because I had the start of a really nice tan except where the bikini top was. Panic struck me as I thought how I can explain this to Mary. Even without the bikini to get a tan like this would have taken hours out in the sun with just the bra on. That night I had a hard time sleeping as tomorrow I would see Mary.

When I got to Mary’s house I was afraid and wondered if I could hide my tan. We were home alone and Mary asked what I wanted to do. I thought if I could get her to go swimming and loan me a swim suit then she might think I got my tan here but if she didn’t have a bikini I could wear then I would have put myself in a bad position. As I thought she spoke up, it will be hot today so we should stay inside unless you want to go swimming? I saw my chance, that could be fun by I didn’t bring a swim suit. She gave me a kiss Mike I am sure I can find something for you to wear. I looked at her well I would have to see what you have first. She gave me a smile, you have been wearing panties and a bra for weeks and you are worried about my swimsuit, I will give you your choice. She pulled out two bikinis, one red and the other pink and asked which I liked. The red one was almost the same as the one I wore yesterday so I took it and went into the bathroom and changed. We spent the day outside. When we got back inside I looked down and smiled, I think I may have got a little too much sun as I took the top off. Mary gave me a big hug, what lovely tan lines you have. I had pulled it off. I don’t know how I was doing it but I was still able to keep both Mary and Susie without them finding out about each other.

A couple nights later I took Susie out for dinner and then back up to the lake. We had not had sex sense that first night at Valentines and I was hoping we could recreate that night. I was right and things went great. As I dropped Susie off at her home I went around to help her out and she dropped her purse and it spilled on the floor board of my car and the ground. I helped her pick it up and walked her to her door. We had a very passionate kiss and I was on cloud nine as I got back into my car and drove home.

The next day I decided to try with Mary so I took her out to dinner and then suggested we take a ride up to the lake. Mary surprised me and said no. I looked at her as she said her parents were gone for the night and we could go back to her house. As we drove home she kept looking at the floor. When we got to her house she took her purse and picked something up off the floor board. I asked what it was and she just said nothing. When we got inside she put her keys back into her purse and then I saw her staring in it and then she looked at me. Mike can you explain this as she held something up. I looked and said what is it? She smiled, it’s a tampon. I thought it had fallen out of my purse but it is a supper size I use regular. I got scared as I realized it must have fallen out of Susie’s purse last night. She walked over to me; did you take this from your mom she asked? Well sweetie it’s a little kinky but I guess it is okay if you want to try one but a super is way to big at least to start. Let me see what I can do for you. I wondered what she meant as we went upstairs. We went into her bedroom and she told me to strip down to my bra and panties as she went into the bathroom. She came out wearing just this little pink night gown that you could see through. I was excited as this would be our first time in a bed. She sat on the bed and then said, why don’t you be a good little girl and come over here. I went over and she gave me a big kiss. She smiled turn around and bed over sweetie. I did as she said and I felt her pull my panties down. She kissed my butt cheek and then said that supper size tampon is just too big for such a sweet little hole but I have a regular that will be just right. I spoke up and said I really didn’t think we should but she just said you did take it because you wanted to see what it was like, it was your tampon right? I had no choice and said yes. I felt her push something into my butt that was a little cold and felt wet, then she said that should moisten it up so it doesn’t hurt. She inserted the tampon in and then pushed it all the way in. There we are my sweetie how does that feel. I stood up and said it felt really strange we should take it out. Sweetie she said it takes time to get use to this, just leave it in for a while and she kissed me. I think we should do this a few more time before you decide if you like it or not but we will wait a week till we do it again. She was rubbing my grown and I was feeling good so I said yes. We got into bed and made love. It was so special and I even forgot about the tampon. It was almost 10 when she said I had to go so I got dressed and went home.

The next morning I got up and was feeling a little nauseous. I got up and went to take my shower, as I passed my mom’s room I saw her sitting at her table doing her makeup. I don’t know why but I knocked and went in. I sat on the edge of the bed and we talked as she did her makeup. For some reason I found it fascinating to watch her as she applied her makeup. When she was done I left and went on and took my shower but couldn’t get the image of her doing her makeup out of my mind. The next couple day when by and the sick feeling I had went away. At school I would watch the girls to see how they had done their makeup.

I got up Wednesday morning and as I was getting ready for school my chest looked different, almost like the skin the bra was holding was now staying up even without the bra. I went back into my room and put my bra and panties on and then my pants but I noticed my pants were tight and I had a hard time getting them over my hips. I thought to myself I must be putting on some weight. I put on a sweat shirt and left for school. After school I was going to stop by Susie’s house and spend some time with her. When I got to her house she greeted me with a kiss, sweetie she said I have a surprise for you. I looked at her and asked what? My parents are out for the night and she took my hand and led me upstairs. On the way she asked me what was bothering me and I told her I was gaining weight. She kissed me, don’t worry I have some weight loss pills you can have. She went to her dresser and brought me a bottle of pills, just take one of these every afternoon before dinner and you will lose the weight. I thanked her and went into the bathroom and took one of the pills. When I came back to her bedroom she was sitting on her bed wearing just her bra and panties. I took my close off and walked over to her. She smiled my you look beautiful honey. I sat next to her and we started to kiss and then I got a little light headed. She had me lie down on the bed. After about ten minutes I felt better and we started to kiss again. She pulled down my panty and started to play with me but nothing happened. She smiled; sweaty it looks like you are not in the mood. I didn’t know what to say but she kissed me and said that’s okay honey.

She reached into her night stand and took out something, I couldn’t see what it was but she lay back on the bed and then she inserted it into herself. Soon she was moaning as I stood there and watched. I watched for about twenty minutes as she did herself and finally she let out a scream and collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes she sat up and smiled, wow that was good. Then she looked at me, I’m sorry sweaty I forgot about you. She gave me a big kiss and slid her tongue into my mouth. Do you want me to do you honey she said. I wanted her but couldn’t get hard but I said yes I do. She told me to close my eyes as she had a big surprise for me. I did as she said and I could hear her doing something but she told me not to peek so I kept my eyes closed. She came over to me and told me to open my eyes as she kissed me. I looked down and the item she had pleasured herself with was not on a belt in front of her and looked like she had a man’s dick. I looked at her.

She smiled we are going to play a game where I am the master and you are my slave and you will do what I say. For some reason this excited me, not enough to help me get hard but still there was something about her telling me what to do. Get down on your knees sweaty she said as she put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. She pushed it right in my face and told me to kiss it which I did. I could taste her on it and I liked it so when she told me to suck on it I did. Soon she was pushing it in and out of my mouth and I was gagging. After a while I stopped gagging and even enjoyed it. She finally stopped and said sweaty what a good girl you have been now turn around and bend over. I did as she said and felt her pull my panties down. She stood behind me and put a cream on my butt hole and then put her hands on either side of my hips. As I wondered what she was doing I felt her push the long object against my butt. The pressure mounted and then I felt it slid in. it hurt and I let out a scream but Susie just said it always hurts virgin the first time till their opening gets used to it. As she drew it back out slowly it felt better but then in it went again. She pushed in and out and the speed and force increased till soon she was pounding away on my poor little hole. This went on for about fifteen minutes and then she pulled all the way out and I collapsed on the bed my heart was pounding. She came over and laid down beside me and kissed me, I loved that she said. Then she smiled, you did enjoy it as much as I did she asked. I didn’t but when I went to speak I said yes dear it was great. She kissed me again and smiled, we will have to do it again. Now let’s get ready and I will take you out for dinner. After I got dressed I saw her in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror, she was doing her makeup. I walked in sand started talking the whole time watching her as she did her face.

She smiled at me doesn’t the makeup make my face look beautiful she asked? I said yes. She smiled again don’t you love the way it looks? Yes I said again. She smiled and it feels so nice, would you like to see how it feels sweaty? And without thinking I said yes. She smiled and gave me a wink. Okay dear but just a little. I stood there as she gently took her brush and put a powder in it. She tapped it off and then started to brush it all over my face. After a few moments she smiled what a wonderful glow you have. I looked in the mirror and my face did have a glow about it but you really couldn’t tell I was wearing any make up. Next she had me shut my eyes and she put the lightest of eye shadow on my lids, this is peach dear it will brighten your eyes. Again I looked in the mirror and my eyes did look better but you still couldn’t tell I was wearing eye shadow. Then she took out a lipstick and put some on. It was a very neutral color that just gave my lips and even color but you couldn’t tell. There we are sweaty a beautiful natural look. We don’t want to overdo it. I looked in the mirror and Susie said you like it right. I nodded and said yes. She smiled and gave me the makeup powder, eye shadow and lipstick. You can have this that way you can wear it every day you want to wear it right. Again I don’t know why but I said yes and took the makeup. Susie finished getting dressed and we went out for dinner and a move.

The rest of the week I would get up and talk to my mom as she did her makeup, I loved watching her. Then I would put on my make up very lightly so as nobody could see it but I felt batter knowing I had it on. On Friday night I went over to Mary’s house. Her parents were gone so we went up to her bedroom.

She smiled and gave me a kiss, how has my little girl been this week she asked? I smiled and said good. She took off her clothes down to her panties and bra and I did the same. We started to kiss and she was touching me all over and again I could not get hard. She smiled at me; I know what’s wrong I promised you that you could try a tampon again. That’s what you want isn’t it. Again I don’t know why but I said yes. She told me to pull down my panties and bed over which I did. She touched my butt and I felt her push something into my but that was cold then she inserted the tampon and pushed it in all the way. There we are my sweat; she kissed me on the lips and told me what a cute butt I had. I thanked her and this time I couldn’t feel the tampon. We kissed for a little while and then Mary and I went out for dinner.

Saturday morning I got up and again I was feeling sick to my stomach. I got up and went and had my morning talk with my mom as she did her makeup. We talked about spring break which was only one week away. Mom and Jill were going to the beach for the week and she wanted to know if I wanted to go. I looked at her and said no I would stay home. She smiled have you told the girls the truth yet? I smiled no I can’t. She just shook her head; when they find out they will be so mad. Do you have any idea what they will do, you will be lucky if they will even talk to you. In the mean time you are wearing panties and a bra to keep this little secret. I smiled I know mom but it’s not that bad I really don’t mind. She gave me a strange look, are we getting attached to your bra she asked? I suddenly felt stupid and just looked down. Mom touched my hand, I like my bra too sweaty but you better be careful who you tell.

Wednesday I could barely get my pants over my butt and my breast were starting to really show. I was a little worried about someone noticing them but for some reason I wasn’t worried about the breasts themselves. I put on a large bulky sweat shirt and went to school. After school I went over to Susie’s house as her parents were gone again. Susie took me up to her bedroom. We got out of our clothes and soon we were just wearing panties and bra. Susie looked at me and smiled. Wow sweaty you are looking beautiful today. I looked at her and said I know I just can’t stop gaining weight. She gave me another one of her pills and told me these will fix you. I got the dizzy feeling again and lay down on the bed. When I woke up Susie was standing there looking at me. Sweaty would you like me to make love to you she asked? I smiled and said yes. She strapped her thing on and then smiled. Turn around and be a good little girl. I did as she said and she pulled my panties down, put some cream on my butt and then slid it in and this time it didn’t hurt. So she was pushing in and out and I was moaning with each stroke. Susie made love to me for over thirty minutes till I collapsed on the bed. Susie and I talked for hours and she told me that she was going to be out of town for spring break but she would see me when she got back.

Thursday morning I got up and looked in the mirror. My breasts were huge now and filled out my bra. Instead of being worried about them I just wondered what mom would say and how I could hide them again put on a big sweatshirt and then when I tried to put my pants on they would not fit. I started to panic. What could I do? I saw Jill’s black sweat pants on the door and put them on. I pulled the sweatshirt down to hide Jill’s sweats and it looked okay. I went to school. At lunch I saw Mary and we talked. Her parents were going away for the week two so we planned on spending it together. She told me to come over as soon as my mom and sister left. Friday morning again I looked at my breasts and they were big and beautiful so I put on another big sweatshirt and the same pair of sweat pants and went to school. When I got home Mom and Jill loaded up the car. Jill said goodbye and got in the car. Mom gave me a hug and for a moment I thought she had felt my breasts under the sweatshirt. She kissed me goodbye and told me to be good. I went right over to Mary’s house and her parents had already left. She took me upstairs to her room. We stripped down to our panty and bra and Mary looked at me. Wow sweaty what a great body you have you should show it off more. I smiled and looked down and said thank you Mary. She gave me a hug I have a great idea for what we can do tonight. I asked what? Mary gave me a kiss, I will tell you but first I think my little girl needs her tampon for the night. I didn’t say anything I just turned around and pulled my panties down. She put her hands on my butt and said, wow sweaty I think you are ready for the super size. I felt her push something into my butt and then another and yet a third and then she inserted the tampon and pushed it in. I got such a sensation from it.

Mary took my hand, you look so cute and you have such a great body I want to see what you would look like in one of my dresses. We went over to her closet and started to hold up dresses to me. She finally decided on a low cut short black dress. Sweaty this will look great on you and show off your breasts. She put the dress over my head and as it slid down my body I got such an incredible feeling. Mary looked at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. What a cute girl you make let’s find you some shoes. She took a pair of 4″inch heels and put them on my feet, Sweaty you love the way they feel don’t you. I said yes and smiled. She helped me stand and showed me how to walk. We went down stairs and had dinner and watched TV. Mary just kept telling me how cute and beautiful I looked. When it was time for bed we went upstairs. Mary gave a short pink night gown to wear and helped me get ready for bed. The feeling was so intense. We got into bed and she kissed me on the cheek and said, sweat dreams my little girl.

In the morning we got up and Mary smiled at me, how did my little sister sleep in her new nightgown she asked? I smiled and said terrific. We got up and Mary picked out a black skirt and pink top, would my sister like to borrow some of my clothes? They were beautiful and I blushed and said, can I? Mary kissed me on my cheek, yes sweaty I think you would look great but you have to wear it the proper way. She helped me get dressed and then gave me the same heels from last night. I looked in the mirror and I was beautiful. Mary smiled we are not finished, and she sat me down and started to put curlers in my hair. Then she smiled I think you are ready for some makeup. She started off putting foundation on my face. The feeling was so nice. Next she put some eye liner on and some eye shadow and then some mascara, the whole time explaining to me what they were for and how to apply them. She finished off with a deep red lipstick. I looked into the mirror and I was even more beautiful. Mary smiled; I think you like the way you look shall I do your nails. I just smiled and nodded yes. When she finished she had me stand in front of the mirror. I had never thought I could look so beautiful. Mary went and put on a skirt and top and her heels. She stood next to me; we look like sisters don’t we she asked? I said yes. She gave me a light kiss on the cheek as not to mess our makeup. How about we spend the day as sisters and go shopping. I looked at her with a scared look on my face. Go out in public like this. She smiled, you are a beautiful young lady nobody will know so you want to go shopping don’t you. I smiled and said yes. We spent the day at the mall and tried on all kinds of clothes and shoes. We even got my ears pierced. I had so much fun. When we got home it was late so Mary showed me how to take my makeup off and we got ready for bed. I put my pink night gown on and climbed into bed with Mary. I thanked her for an incredible day and gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek. She smiled; sweat dreams and I have a big surprise for you tomorrow.

Sunday Morning we got up and Mary helped me get dressed in a white skirt with a green top and again gave me her 4″inch heels to wear. She put on a little makeup and then she got dressed in a skirt and top and heels and again we looked like sisters. We grabbed our purses and we left. I asked where we were going but she just smiled. Relax you will love it. We pulled into a parking lot and parked. I looked out and there was a beauty salon. Mary and I walked in and the lady greeted Mary with a hug, so this is your Cousin she is lovely. I looked at Mary and didn’t know what to say. Mary just smiled and said Michele, say hi to Linda. I looked at Mary and then Linda and said hi. As we walked in Mary smiled; just relax dear you are fine just remember to answer to Michele. I asked why she called me Michele. Mary smiled, sweaty looking like you do you can’t go by Mike, and she thinks you are a girl so I gave you a female name. You do like it don’t you dear? Linda sat me down and started to wash my long brown hair which was now down to my shoulders. After she washed it she put a cream in my hair. Then she smiled, let’s start on your face dear. She put a cream on my face and then started to work on my eyebrows. She used a little wand that admitted a light and some heat. It felt strange and tingled as she went over them.

She washed the cream out of my hair and then started to wrap it in curlers. Soon my head was a mass of curlers and it felt like my hair was being pulled out of my head. I still had the cream on my face which was now drying and getting hard. She took me over to a seat and I put my feet into a little tub. It was so relaxing. Linda then took my feet out and massaged them. It was so incredible I have never felt anything so wonderful. Mary was in the seat next to me and noticed the smile. Are you enjoying your day of beauty sweaty? I knew I shouldn’t but I was so I said yes. When Linda finished my massaging my feet she dried them off and then she applied a deep red nail polish.

She led me over to a little table and then started to work on my nails; again Mary was at the table next to me. We had been there for over two hours now. Linda filed my nails and then glued nail tips onto them. She cut them so they were about ½ inch longer and then she started to apply a paste on top of them. I was amazed at how quickly and perfectly she applied it to my nails. I looked at Mary and she smiled, just enjoy your day. Linda filed the nails again and then applied the nail polish. First a clear coat then two coats of the same deep red and then a top coat. I was took over to a seat and told to put my hands under a light to dry the nail polish. Mary sat next to me; beautiful aren’t they. Don’t you just love the way they look. They were beautiful and I know I should have hated it but I didn’t. I loved them.

When they had dried Linda took me back over to the where I started and took the curlers out of my hair and started to brush out my hair. She played with it for almost twenty minutes and then smiled. You are lovely dear. She then washed the dried cream off my face and started to put on my makeup. It didn’t take long to apply my makeup and I sat there and kept looking at Mary as the lady working on her did her makeup. She looked so beautiful just like a model and I wondered what I was going to look like. When we were all done Linda took me over to a full length mirror and I got the first look at myself. I was beautiful. My eyebrows had been shaped into a high thin feminine arch and my brown hair was now blonde, it was very wavy and very full. It looked like I had twice as much hair. My makeup was flawless and I looked completely like a young lady. Mary stood next to me; Michele you are gorgeous and she gave me a hug. Did you like my little surprise dear? I said yes I loved it, I never stopped to even think how I could hide this or what my mom would say or how I could go to school. I never thought about anything except how I looked right now. Mary said we should go now. I thanked Linda and we left. In the car I couldn’t take my eyes off of my nails.

When we got back to Mary’s house she smiled. Michele my dear I have one more surprise for you and gave me a hug again. I asked what and she said just wait. We walked into her house and there was Susie sitting on the couch, Susie looked at me and smiled. Wow Michele you look beautiful and she came over and gave me a hug. I thanked her and shyly looked down. Susie walked around me, I can’t believe how great you look nobody would ever know you were once a boy. We had talked for over fifteen minutes before I realized something was wrong, why was Susie here in Mary’s house. I got a really scared look on my face and then I heard Mary; well I think you finally figured it out now sit down. I don’t know why but I sat down and just looked at them. I finally asked how they found out. Mary smiled did you like getting your nails done and the way we talked she asked? I said yes. She smiled again, that’s what girls do when they get their nails done. They chat with the nail tech and with the girls around them. Imagine my surprise when I was talking to Susie and she was telling me all about her new boyfriend who by the way had the same name as my boyfriend.

Susie started to yell, how dare you lie to us and cheat on us. I thought you and I had something special. I said we did but she told me to shut up. When we realized you were dating us both I was so mad but Mary wanted to treat you a lesson. She came up with this idea and I thought it was a good idea. I looked at her, so you dressed me up as a girl to teach me a lesson I asked? She smiled you still don’t get it do you. We didn’t just dress you up, look at your breasts your hips and waist. I started to get really scared. Mary came over and looked at me. Sweaty did you like your tampons she said? I just looked at her with a horrified look. Well before I inserted it I put in several capsules of powerful female hormones and a male testosterone blocker. You are now more female then most women are. She reached out and cupped my breast in her hand and I looked down at them. What have you done to me I said softly. Susie came over to me. You know how you have been worried about your weight because your pants didn’t fit anymore. It was the hormones that were making your hips grow. She put a scale down in front of me and told me to stand on it. I did as I was told and Susie smiled perfect dear, you weigh 115 pounds. I looked at her with shock. It was imposable, I had lost 15 pounds and my pants didn’t fit. Mary took a tape measure and measured my waist and haps and bust. She looked at Susie, you are right she is perfect 34-24-34 and at least a C-cup. You make a beautiful woman Susie said and by the way those weren’t weight loss pills I gave you. They were a hypnotic drug that would allow us to get you to do what we wanted. I was really scared now; these two girls were trying to turn me into a woman. I looked at them and said in my most defiant voice, I will not let you do this to me. I will stop you somehow I will tell people what you have done to me. Susie laughed; sweaty it is too late for that dear. We have already turned you into a female just look at yourself and remember we have control over you. I looked at them and said no you don’t and got up to leave. Mary smiled at me, where are you going sweaty she asked? I told her I was leaving. Mary smiled that’s fine dear but I think you better put your tampon in first honey so turn around and bend over. I don’t know why but I stopped and pulled down my panty and I felt Mary push several things into my butt and then she inserted the tampon. There you are my sweaty that is the last of the hormones and will finish the job. You will not remove the tampon till tonight. I looked at her and said yes and then realized what had just happened. I wanted to remove it but I couldn’t. They saw the terror on my face when I realized I would do what they said. Susie smiled I see you now understand the hold we have on you now sit down. I sat down and Susie smiled, for the rest of the week you will do what we say and you will enjoy every minute of it dear or we may make you do some things you won’t like. You will think of us as your big sisters and you will only answer to the name Michele, do you understand Michele? I just looked at them and said yes. The rest of the week went quickly and even though I knew what they had done I couldn’t stop going along with it.

On Sunday morning we got up and got dressed, I did my own makeup and had no problem with it. We drove over to my house and I asked why. Susie smiled, your mom and sister will be home today and it would be nice if you were there to greet them. I begged them to stop and change me back. Mary gave me a little hug, sweaty even if we wanted to we can’t now. You are to female now. When we got there they gave me the same pink bikini I had worn before and told me to put it on. I did as I was told and looked at myself. The top barely held my now huge breasts in them, I looked totally female. I joined Mary and Susie at the pool. I asked how they were going to explain this to my mom and sister. Susie smiled you will dear. When your mom asked what you are doing you will tell her this was your idea. You came to Mary and told her you wanted to wear her bra and panties and begged her to help her. Mary smiled you liked it so much you then asked Susie to help dress you up. We didn’t want to but you were are friend and after you kept begging we agreed. You then went on line and bought some female hormones and started taking them and didn’t tell us. When we found out we tried to stop you and tried to get you to talk to your mom but you told us not to say anything. You cried telling us how you longed to be a woman and that was the only way you would be happy. We finally agreed to help you. I can’t possible tell her that but before I finished Susie smiled, sweaty you will tell her that.

About an hour later I heard the door to the house open and out walked Mom and Jill. I was as scared as they walked over to us. Mom looked at me, my god what are you doing she yelled. I looked at her and said, mom it’s not Mary or Susie’s fault. I begged them to help me. I want to be a woman I have to be a woman. I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I told my mom exactly what Susie had told me to say. Mom just stared at me and Jill was laughing. Mom finally looked at me and saw my breasts and I told her about the female hormones I had bought. I thought she was going to yell more or even hit me but she gave me a hug. I guess I have no choice but I wish you had come to me first, and then she told Jill to stop laughing. She looked at Mary and Susie, you two should have also told me but I can see you are good friends to help her and not judge her. Mom then said well Mike I guess I have a new daughter. I looked at her and wanted to scream but all I could say was, Mom I don’t like that name please call me Michele. She just nodded and gave me another hug. Mary and Susie stayed for dinner and after we ate we went back out to the pool.

Susie smiled, how have you liked your day dear? I just said I can’t believe what you made me tell my mom. Susie smiled again, it was so much fun but I think we are done. She looked me in the eyes, Michele listen to what I tell you. Tonight when you go to sleep you will remember today. What you told your mom will become the truth. You will believe with all your heart what you told her. You came to us. When you wake up tomorrow you will be totally happy as a girl and know that it is what you have always wanted. You will forget about how you were once a boy. You will start to think about boys and how you want a boyfriend. I got scared again as she kept going on. You will not be attracted to girls. You will be attracted to boys. But you will only date boys who are 6′ tall as you will always want to wear heels that are at least 4’inches high and you will almost always wear dresses or skirts with very revealing tops. You will want to show off how female you are. Do you understand she asked? I said yes as the horror of what she just said went through my mind. Mary came over and gave me a hug. One last thing dear we are the best of friends now and we tell each other everything. You will not hid anything from us do you understand? I said yes and felt a little better that they would be my friends. They both gave me a hug again and then Susie smiled oh by the way from here on out the drug will not have any effect on you and nobody can tell you what to do or control you anymore do you understand? I said yes.

We sat there and I could not stop thinking about tomorrow and how after tonight I would be a girl and happy about it and I would be attracted to boys. I looked at Susie and Mary, I have learned my lesson please stop this before I go all the way. I looked so scared and Mary looked at Susie, maybe we are going too far. I felt hope and maybe this would stop. Susie smiled you may be right but we can’t stop it now. I looked at her just tell me not to like boys and that I don’t want to be a girl. Susie smiled I can’t the last command I gave you was to deactivate the drug. What I said. Susie smiled I thought we might feel guilty and change our minds so I made it so we can’t. Susie then looked at me, Michele I want you to go tell your mom your mom you changed your mind and you want your name to be Mike. I looked at her I hate that name Michele is much better. What did I just say; I refused to do what she said. Susie smiled you see we can’t undo what we have told you now there is nothing any of us can do but tomorrow you will feel better and we will all be the best of friends. I went to bed that night and new tomorrow my life would change and the only comfort I had was I would be totally happy and I fell asleep.

I hate that name Michele is much better. What did I just say; I refused to do what she said. Susie smiled you see we can’t undo what we have told you now there is nothing any of us can do but tomorrow you will feel better and we will all be the best of friends. I went to bed that night and new tomorrow my life would change and the only comfort I had was I would be totally happy and I fell asleep.

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Bad Habits

By Elizabeth James

My name is Mike and I am 16. I have always been shy and kept mostly to myself. My best friend is Jill and she lives just around the corner from my mom and me. It all started on my 16th birthday. You see I have this bad habit of bighting my nails and it drives my mom crazy. She has been telling me for years to stop biting them. On my birthday mom took me out dinner and Jill and her mom went with us. Our moms were good friends as they both had lost the husbands and were single moms now. While we were at the restaurant mom kept telling me to stop biting my nails. I was a little embarrassed as Jill and her mom herd her scold me. When we got home mom sat me down.

“Honey you are 16 now and you should not be biting your nails”, “If you don’t stop I will make you stop” mom said. I told her I would stop and went up to bed. I was so glad that there was only two more days of school before summer vacation. Thursday and Friday went well and Friday night mom and I were watching TV when mom let out a yell. “That’s enough Mike stop biting your nails” mom yelled. I looked at her as I took my hand away from my mouth “yes mom” I said I will stop. Mom smiled, “No you won’t dear, I have heard that many times before” Mom said. “Now I will make you stop” she said as she looked right at me. I asked what she meant. She just smiled “we are going to put something on your nails to make you stop biting them” she said smiling at me. I had heard about this stuff that tasted really bad if you put your fingers in your mouth. I forgot about it and went to bed.

I got up Saturday morning and mom was on the phone so I made breakfast. Mom came in and smiled, “hurry up dear we need to be going” mom said. I looked at her and asked where we were going. She just smiled, “no place special dear” she said and gave me a smile. We soon left and drove to a small shopping center. Mom smiled “lets’ go Mike” she said. We got out and walked across the front of the center till we came to a small shop, as mom opened the door I could see it was a nail salon. I hesitated for a second and then went in with her. Mom smiled, “I need to get my nails filled and they are going to give you a manicure and fix your nails and then put something on them to keep you from biting them” she said. We sat next to each other and talked. My mom has always had nice long nails and I loved them they looked so great. I found it interesting watching what they were doing to her nails that I really wasn’t paying much attention to my own nails.

When I finally looked at my hands the nail tech had glued on long nail tips to my fingers. I started to say something but mom spoke first. “I told you mike if you didn’t stop biting your nails or I would make you stop” she said with a smile. “But mom, look at the length” I said to her. She smiled “they will cut them down dear they won’t be that long when they are done dear” she said. She trimmed them back to about a ½ inch past my fingers and then she stated to put some kind of goo on them and spread it out when she finished the third nail I suddenly realized I was getting acrylic nails just like my mom. She smiled at me, “don’t worry dear you will not be able to bite them now” she said smiling right at me. I was amazed at how they were looking and didn’t stop to think about it. When she had them all done she took the same bright red color my mom had on hers and started to paint my nails. Before I could say anything mom smiled, “don’t worry dear we can take the polish off later I just want to see what they look like” she said. Soon we were sitting with our hand under a dryer and talking my hands and nails looked just as good as moms.

As we left the salon I tried to hide my hands so other people would not see them. In car I kept looking at them as we drove home. When we got home I asked mom if we could take the polish of but mom just smiled. “Sorry dear I don’t have any remover” she said as she walked into the kitchen. I followed and said, “But mom you said we could take the polish off” I said with a scared look on my face. “Yes dear I did and we will just not ye, the color will be a reminder for you not to bite them” mom said to me looking me right in the eyes. In time we will change the color to something less bright but for now they look great. But mom I said, “I can’t be seen like this what will people think”? “Well dear you never cared what people thought about your short chewed up nails so why worry now”? “But mom, they are long and bright red, they look like a girl’s hand” I said.

“Well dear consider this you punishment for biting your nails, maybe you will learn from this” she said to me. “But mom” I said but before I could finish she stopped me. “Mike, that’s enough now if you keep complaining I will make you keep them long and red even longer, now dear not another word” she said with a look on her face that told me this was not up for debate. I went to my room and turned on my computer. I had been on the computer trying my best to type with my new nails when the phone rang. Mom called, “Mike its Jill for you”. I picked up the phone and said hi. Jill and I talked for a while but I said nothing about my nails. Jill finally asked the question I had feared. “Mike that new movie I want to see opens tonight. Let’s go see it; it starts at 7:20” she asked. I had to think of something but what, “Sorry I can’t tonight” I said. “Come on Mike it is supposed to be real good” she asked. “I can’t Jill I am being punished so I can’t go out” I said in a sad voice. She asked what I did and sense she was there when mom yelled at me about biting my nails I told her just left off the part about the nails. Jill said “we will have to go another time after my punishment”. I hung up the phone not knowing how long it would be. The rest of the day I tried to get use to the new length of my nails, even the things I did without thinking seemed harder. Mom just kept telling me I would get use to them in time which made me wonder. Even eating dinner was harder. After dinner I was in the living room playing my video game when the door bell rang.

Mom answered it and I stayed where I was because I didn’t want anyone to see my hands. I heard someone coming in the room with mom so I hid my hands in my pocket as I looked up and saw Jill. “Hi Mike, I figured if you couldn’t go out I would come over here, we can go to the movie another night” she said as she walked into the room. Mom left us alone and I was trying to figure out what to do. Jill saw the video game on and spoke right up. “Want to play some games” she said? I couldn’t say no as I was playing when she came in but to play I would have to take my hands out of my pocket. “Well Mike” she asked again? “Jill I can’t” I said trying hard to figure a way out of this. “Why not she asked, what wrong you don’t want me over here” she asked with a sad look on her face. I could see the hurt in her eyes and knew I had to come up with something. “No Jill I always like spending time with you, you see mom put something on my nails to keep me from biting them” I said looking down. Jill looked at me, “that’s great you really should stop that bad habit, But why can’t you play video games” she asked again. I looked down, “you promise you won’t laugh” I asked? Jill said of course not. I pulled my hands out of my pocket with my new ½ inch long acrylic nails painted bright red. Jill’s mouth fell open.

“My god they are gorgeous, I keep asking my mom to let me get mine done but she says I am too young this is so unfair” she said in a loud voice. Not only did she not laugh but she was jealous that I had them and not her. “I am a boy Jill I can’t have nails like this” I said. She just looked at me, “why not?” “I would love to have them you are so lucky” she said again. I was so surprised at her attitude but I was happy so we sat and played video games. And for once Jill beat me most of the time and this thrilled her. Soon it was late and Jill went home. Mom looked at me; “see Jill didn’t mind the nails, you worry too much” she said with a smile. I did feel better that Jill didn’t make fun of me and at least I knew that I would not be all by myself. I went to bed and fell right to sleep. I guess the stress from the day had worn me out.

Sunday afternoon Jill called and asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie. Jill was okay with my nails so I asked mom and she said I could. When the door opened Jill’s mom was standing there, of course I had my hands in my pocket. “Hi Miss Mills, Jill invited me over” I said. “Come in Mike Jill is in the front room” she said as she let me in. I went in and sat down next to Jill. She started the movie and we sat there watching, Jill kept looking at my nails so I finally asked her why, “it’s just not fair Mike” Jill said. “I want to get mine done so bad and I can’t and your mom is making you” she said. The movie was good and I was so into it I didn’t notice Jill’s mom come into the room. “Would you two like a snack” Jill’s mom asked? We both said yes as I looked down and saw my nails. I quickly tried to hide them but it was too late.

“Wow mike those are gorgeous nails” Jill’s mom said. She had seen them and as I tried to think what to say Jill spoke up. “His mom made him get them done to stop him from biting them, it’s not fair we are the same age and you won’t let me get mine done” Jill said to her mom. “Why not mom I am 16 now, maybe I should start biting my nails so I can get mine done she said as she put one of her fingers in her moth. I was waiting for her to say something to me but she turned to Jill. “I know dear, you are a young lady now I have been trying to keep you my little girl” she said to her. “I guess I can’t keep you from growing up, if you want I will take you to the salon tomorrow night when I get home from work and you can get your nails done” she said to Jill. She smiled at me, “your mom is right you will not be able to bite them without breaking a tooth but they do look beautiful dear” Jill’s mom said to me. With that she left the room. She came back about 5 minutes later with some popcorn and a couple pops. I was trying to figure out how to open the pop can when she let out a little laugh. “No dear you will break your nail” she said with a laugh. Jill went to open it and she stopped her. “No dear Mike will need to learn this as will you if you are getting nails like his” she said to us. She left the room and came right back with a spoon and showed us how to lift the tab up. “That is how a lady with nails opens a can of pop, All you have to do is break one nail that way and the pain will keep you from ever doing it again” she said. I had a great time and now both Jill and her mom knew and thought nothing of it.

Monday night about 7 pm Jill came over and couldn’t wait to show me her new nails. They were just as long as mine but just a little darker red. We played video game till 9 when she went home. On Tuesday afternoon she came over and we talked for a while. She brought up the movie she wanted to go see again, “let’s go see it tonight Mike” she said. “I can’t Jill what about my nails” I asked. She smiled, “I already know about them, they don’t bother me” she said with a smile. “Yes but what about other people” I asked? “I can’t keep my hands in my pockets all the time we are out” I said looking right at her. Jill kissed me on the cheek, “I have an idea, let’s go over to my house” she said as she grabbed my hand. I was so caught off guard as Jill has never kissed me even on the cheek, a hug now and then but never a kiss. We got over to Jill’s house and her mom was not home but we headed right up to her room.

“Mike I have an idea that I think will work” she said as she smiled. She then took out her curling iron and came towards me. I was shocked, “what are you doing Jill” I asked? “Mike you have long brown hair so I am going to curl it to make it look more like mine, I will let you wear some of my clothes and you can be my sister for the night”. I was shocked. “Jill, have you lost your mind? I am a boy not a girl” I yelled. “I know she said but with those nails and hair and my clothes nobody would know”. “Let me at least try and we can see what you look like” she asked with a smile on her face. Jill’s mom got home and came to her room, “Jill you know you are not suppose to have boys in your room when I am not home” she yelled. She looked at us, “what are you doing she asked?” looking right at Jill. Jill spoke right up, “I want to go see that new movie and with Mikes nails he does not want to go out so I thought I would dress him up as my sister so we can go”. She said it as though it was an everyday thing. Jill mom looked at her, “honey you just can’t curl his hair and put your clothes on him”. There is more to being a girl then that” Jill’s mom said. I felt better now as I was not by myself against this idea. Jill’s mom came closer and smiled, “now let me take a look and she stared right at me”.

“Yes if done right I think it might work. Let me go get some things” Jill’s mom said with a smile. I was confused now as she left the room. I asked Jill what was up but her mom came right back into the bedroom. She wetted down my hair and then started to wrap it up in curlers. Once she was done she looked at Jill, “go get ready dear and I will finish Mike”. Jill walked into her bathroom and left her mother and me alone. She looked at me, “Mike I can make you look like a girl if you want to go out tonight but if this is something you don’t want then you will not act right and people my figure it out”. You will have to act like a 16 year old girl for this to work is that okay” she asked me. I looked at her not knowing what to say, “Are you sure no one will recognize me I asked her”? She smiled, “not even your own mother but depending on how you act they may guess you are a boy but Jill and I can help you with that” she said smiling at me. I did want to see the movie and get out for a while so I said yes. Miss Mills smiled at me; “well I guess I have another daughter for the night” she said. She quickly started to work on my face, creams, powders and all sorts of things. She spent about 45 minutes on my face and the feeling was both wonderful and strange at the same time.

Jill came back in and looked at me, “my god mom you must do my makeup too or Mike will look better than I do” she said with a worried voice. She smiled ‘yes dear I have already thought of that, I will help you too” she said. She handed me a pair of black panties and told me to go put them on in the bathroom, she then had Jill sit down and did her makeup for her. As I stood in the bathroom in just the panties I realized how small they were. I heard a knock on the door, it was Jill’s mother. “Okay Mike Jill went to my room you can come out know so I can get you dressed” she said with a motherly voice. As I came out I kept my hands down in front of me. Jill’s mom smiled “modesty that is good”. She wrapped something around my stomach and chest, “this is a corset dear”. “You will need this to help your figure, It will pull in your waist and help you look better” she said. Once it was fastened in front she pulled on the strings in the back and it got tight. She then had me sit down and put some stockings on and attached them to the corset. Next came a black skirt. “There dear that looks good now stand straight and put your hands on the wall” she said. I did as she asked. “Now dear take a deep breath and let it out” Jill’s mom said. I did as she asked even thought it was hard to breathe in because of the corset. As I let the air out I felt her pull hard on the corset again and it tightened up like a vise around me. I let out a little yell “I can’t breathe Miss Mills”. She smiled at me, “sweetheart you will get use to it just take smaller breathes”. She then started to pull at the flesh on my chest. As tight as the corset was it had forced a substantial amount of flesh into the cups and as she adjusted it I soon had a pair of most realistic breasts. A little small only about a B cup but I guess for a 16 year old that is enough. She put my top over the corset and I was done. She took me over and took out the curlers and brushed my hair out. My long straight hair that I kept in a pony tail now framed my face. The last thing were shoes. Jill’s closet was full of shoes, there must have been 30 pairs where as I have 3. Jill’s mom looked them over, Honey she called to Jill. “Which shoes are you going to wear”? Why she asked? Miss Mills said, “I thought it would look cute if you wore the same height heel” she said. Jill yelled back “I have two black heels on the right side that are the same height”. “Oh I see them she yelled back”. She brought the shoes over and I looked with amazement. They had thin straps across where your toes go and a thin ankle strap and a thin heel that must be 4 inches high. Miss Mills strapped them on my feet and then had me stand. It was nice to be taller as I am only 5 ‘4″ tall but they felt so strange. Jill’s mom helped me walk around the room and told me to stay more on the balls of my feet. I soon was walking pretty good as Jill came in. “wow Mike you look so beautiful, nobody would ever know you are not a girl” Jill said as she gave me a hug.

Jill handed me a purse and told me to put the stuff from my wallet in it and also handed me a lipstick and some makeup. Jill’s mom looked at us and got a funny look on her face. “Stay here I will be right back” she said. She came back with her camera; “just a couple pictures of my daughters before we go” Jill’s mom said. Jill looked at her mom, before we go” she asked? “Yes dear I thought we would go out to dinner and then I will drop you off at the movie”. “I can’t have two young girls walking to and from the movie theater” she said. Jill looked at her, “Mike and I have done it many times” Jill said. “Yes dear but that was when he was a boy, it is unsafe for two girls” she said with a smile. I really felt better as I did not want to walk that far in public like this. Miss Mills smiled “are we ready for dinner she asked”? Jill and I both said yes. “Well grab your purses girls and let’s get going she said with a motherly voice. We took our purses and Jill showed me how to put it over my shoulder. As we got to the door Miss Mills opened it and there stood my mom. I froze not knowing what to do. Mom looked at me, “wow what a beautiful daughter I have, I would never have known it was you if Janet hadn’t told me”. I looked at her and she smiled, “girls it wouldn’t be right for us to go out to dinner and leave Mikes mom home alone would it” Jill’s mom said. Mom smiled, “you look fine dear lets go eat”. I felt a little uneasy going out with all of them dressed as I was but they seemed to think it was okay.

It felt a little strange to be outside in a short skirt and 4 inch heels and getting into the car my skirt came up showing my panties. They all laughed and Jill told me I had to sit first and then swing my legs in and then she showed me. I had never thought about it but girls always get into a car this way and now I know why. The drive to the restaurant was fine and we talked about everything and the way I was dressed never came up. As we walked in the front door I saw all the people and got really scared. Jill took my arm and said “it would be all right”, mom smiled “just act normal and everything will be fine”, “Nobody will be able to tell you are anything but a young lady” she said. With all this support I calmed down and walked to our table. The young man held each of our chairs out for us to sit which was a new experience for me. We ordered our food and enjoyed a quiet meal together. I would look around to see if anyone was staring at me but nobody was. There was a young man about my age that smiled at me a few times and even waved once which really made me feel strange.

After dinner Miss Mills dropped us off at the movie theater and told us to call her when the movie was over, Mom just smiled and said, “You girls have a fun time”. Jill and I walked up and bought our tickets, it felt strange again to have to take a wallet out of my purse to get my money but the girl at the ticket booth paid no attention to us and gave us our tickets. Inside Jill grabbed my hand and led me to the woman’s bathroom, again I felt uneasy as I entered I noticed they had a small couch just inside and stopped to look at it. Jill smiled, “it’s for when we need to sit for a while” she said. Just before I went into the stall Jill gave me a quick hug, smiled and said “remember to sit sis”. Again something I probably would not have thought of. When I came out Jill was at the mirror putting on lipstick, I washed my hands and also touched up my lipstick. We went out and got some snacks for the movie. As we were standing in line two other girls, Sara and Ann came over and got in line behind us. I was really scared but they paid no attention to me as they talked with Jill. I was listening as I tried not to look at them. Suddenly Jill spoke up, “I am sorry, this is my new friend Michelle, Michelle this is Sara and Ann we go to school together” I looked at them and they both said it was nice to meet me. They seemed to not recognize me and went on with talking to Jill. We all went into the movie and sat together.

After the movie we were all standing out front waiting for our rides when Ann spoke up “so Michelle are you new to the area” she asked as I paused Jill spoke up “no she has lived here but just moved into my neighborhood” . That seemed to answer her question plus I did not have to remember a lot of lies about where I came from. Sara looked at Jill, “we are going to the mall tomorrow would you like to go?” she asked. She then looked at me before Jill could answer, “Michelle you are welcome to come also.” Jill smiled and said “that sounds like fun but I will have to ask my mom, I will call you first thing in the morning and let you know”. I said the same thing. There ride got there first and they left. Jill’s mom showed up just a little later and gave us a ride home. She dropped me off at my house and Jill gave me a hugs and a kiss on the cheek again. I walked to the front door and went in. Mom was still up and we talked about the evening and the movie. I told her it was good and I had a good time. Then I told her about Sara and Ann and the invitation to go to the mall tomorrow. She smiled and said it would be fine if I wanted to go.

We went up to go to bed and mom helped me take off my makeup and even gave me one of her night gowns to wear. It was so soft and felt so nice against my skin. I slept really well. In the morning I got up and took my shower and mom helped me with my hair. I was surprised at how well my hair held its curl from the day before. Mom was able to make it look just as it did with just a curling iron and some hair spray. Mom then helped me with my makeup but still insisted that I do some of it myself and would correct me as needed. She put the corset on me and tightened it up and then I got dressed in the same outfit I had worn last night and we walked over to Jill’s house. I guess mom didn’t want me walking by myself just yet.

When we got there Jill took me right up to her room and gave me a white skirt and a new top, “Dear you can’t be seen wearing the same outfit two days in a row” she said. Again something I had never thought about, as a boy I never thought about wearing the same clothes twice. Jill had on a cream color skirt and top with her heels on. Our moms drove us to the mall and left us to meet up with Ann and Sara. As we walked into the mall I suddenly got a little scared, there would be a lot more people in the mall and it was during the day when it was really bright out instead of us being in a dimly lit movie theater. Jill smiled and took my hand, “it will be fine Michelle you look every bit the girl I do” she said.

Ann and Sara showed up and we had a great time at the mall. I must have tried on dozen of outfits, from skirts and dresses and so many shoes. I had never really liked going to the mall before but somehow being there with the three of them was so much fun. The four of us walking through the mall in our short skirts and heel drew quite a bit of attention from all the boys our age in the mall. Some were even following us. It was so strange to be on this side of the attention. I felt bothered by having boys look at me that way but at the same time there was some pride that I looked good enough for them to look at me that way.

We ate dinner in the food court and by the time we were done it was after 6 pm, we had spent over 7 hours at the mall. I could not believe that there was that much one could do at the mall. Sara called her mom and she came and gave us all a ride home. I got out at Jill’s as I said my mom was going to pick me up there at 9 pm. We were just inside Jill’s house when she grabbed me and gave me a big kiss right on the lips. I just looked at her. As she spoke, “that was so much fun today” I was still in shock about the kiss when we walked into her living room where her mom and my mom were. We told them all about our day and how much fun we had.

Mom smiled at me, “well sweetie sound like you had a wonderful day?” she said. I told her how much fun it was and about trying on all the clothes not thinking anything about it. It almost seemed normal. Mom and I said our goodnights and we walked home. As we did mom and I talked about the day. When we got home mom said we needed to sit down and talk. We sat on the couch and mom started,” Sweetie, I have been thinking and while we are keeping your nails long to break your habit of biting them maybe you should be my daughter for that time” she said. “this way you can still be out and do things with your friends and won’t have to sit at home, what do you think?” she asked. I thought for a moment, I had a great time with Jill and Sara and Ann were nice even if they never really talked to me as Mike, Michelle they seemed to like. Pretending to be a girl was kind of fun and a lot better than being a boy with long red nails. I gave her a hug and told her that would be fine. She gave me a hug “let’s go get you ready for bed, I am glad to have a daughter for awhile” she said.

When we got to my bedroom it had changed, I had a little vanity table with a mirror and a bunch of makeup on it in the corner. My bed now had pink sheets and a pink comforter on top. I looked at Mom and she smiled, “Janet and I went shopping today, I have always wanted to be able to shop for a daughter. Not that I don’t love you as Mike but all moms wish they had a little girl so I am going to enjoy Michelle for a little while” she said. I gave her a hug and told her it was fine, she could spoil Michelle if she wanted. I took off my makeup and mom helped me out of the corset. On my bed was a pink teddy that mom had also bought me to wear to bed. I slept really well again and woke up feeling really good. I took my shower and went to my dresser and there I saw panties, bras but none of my boy underwear. I opened my closet and there were a couple dresses, and a dozen skirts and tops in different colors and on the floor were four pairs of heels all with 3 or 4 inch heels.

Mom came in and smiled, “I got carried away yesterday, don’t worry. All these things will fit Jill so when we cut your nails we can give them to her” she said. “I just want to make the most of this while my daughter is here” she said. I gave her a hug and kiss and told her it was fine. I know I should have hated it but for some reason it really didn’t bother me.

The next few weeks were great; mom and I became closer than ever before. Jill and I were becoming more than best friends, she would kiss me almost every time we met or part. She even asked me out on a date, her words. Ann and Sara became close friends too. Everything was going great when mom told me that I could cut my nails down and get rid of the nail polish. I was a little sad as I had become use to them and really liked them. I told Jill and she gave me a kiss, “I will be sad to see your nails go but I think I love you, Michelle or Mike it doesn’t matter I love you” she said. I gave her a big kiss smearing our lipstick.

The next morning Mom and I went to get our nails done, hers a fill and mine cut and the polish removed. I kept thinking about the fact I had had them for almost two months now and would be sad to see them go. When we got to the salon we were both shown to a table. Mom looked at the nail tech doing my nails; Michelle would like her nails trimmed down short and the polish removed. The lady quickly removed all the nail polish and asked me how short I wanted them. I know I should have jumped at the chance to have them cut but I really liked them and I don’t know why. She again asked I and I smiled at her and I heard my voice say just a fill please. They were busy so mom was two tables away and couldn’t hear what I said. The nail tech filled my nails and when she was done smiled, “would you like a clear coat” she asked. I again before I thought told her I would like red again. She painted my nails and took me over to the nail dryer. Soon my mom came over and we sat and talked as our nails dried. When they were done mom paid and we left. In the car Mom smiled at me, Well Mike will you miss your nails?” she asked. I looked at her and told her no I would not. She looked a little surprised, “after two months of having long beautiful nails you won’t even miss them a little? She asked again. I smiled and told her no, as calmly as I could. Mom looked over at me so I held my hands up with my long beautiful red nails. “But sweetie, I said you could cut them and remove the nail polish” mom said. I looked down “I know mom but I really like them” I said, “is that okay?” I asked. Mom smiled “Yes dear you can keep your nails” she said so we went home.

Jill was waiting for us when we got home. As I walked up she saw my nails and ran up and gave me a big kiss right in the lips in front of my mom. “Wow Michelle I am so glad you kept your pretty nails” Jill said. “I guess my best girl friend is staying for a while” she said. “I guess so” I said. Mom took us both inside the house, “now girls if you want to kiss or be more than friend you must be careful when you are in public so know one sees you” mom said. Then she looked right at me, “I guess I get to keep my daughter a little longer” she said. I smiled “Yes mom if that is okay with you? ” I asked. Mom gave me a kiss, “yes sweetie I love you no matter what and it would be fun to have my daughter a little longer.” mom said. And so my life as Michelle began.

My first bikini   9 comments

My First Bikini

By Elizabeth James


Chapter one

Hi my name is Kelly and I am 15 years old. I grew up in Portland Oregon living with my mom and my twin sister Tracy. Our Dad left when we were both small leaving our Mom to take care of us. She worked two jobs most of her life to make sure we always had a roof over our heads and food to eat and most of all love. Our mom had been great. Growing up my sister and I were really close. She was always more of a tom boy and preferred to play with my friends then the other little girls in the neighborhood. Tracy was my best friend but when we got to the eighth grade she suddenly almost overnight became feminine. She started to wear makeup and dresses and no longer wanted to do all the tom boy things we had enjoyed all these years. For the next year we still stayed close but not like before. I really missed my sister. By the time we were 15 the difference between us was unmistakable. Although we were still the same size Tracy had filled out and was a beautiful young lady. Tracy spent her time now doing her nails and reading fashion magazines. I missed the long talks we had. Neither one of us had a lot of friends but even with that the closeness we shared had faded away
I remember my ninth grade year. It was mid April when mom sat Tracy and me down to talk to us. My mom who was a beautiful woman and very feminine in her own right (which is why I think my sister suddenly changed) was 32 years old. She had gotten pregnant with us when she was only 16 and her and my dad married while they were still in high school. She had been working nights in a local lounge for the past several years had closed and she had been laid off. Mom told us she would find a new job. She told us everything would be okay although I could see in her eyes she was scared. Her family had disowned her when she had gotten pregnant and she was a proud woman that didn’t want any handouts. The only family that even talked to her was her one sister in Las Vegas and even that was just Christmas cards and maybe a birthday card. For the next couple weeks she looked for work but was not having any luck. The job market in Portland was really bad and lots of people were looking for work. It was mid May when mom finally called her Sister Sara. Sarah was a nurse in a big hospital in Las Vegas. She had got her nursing training in the army. She didn’t know what she was going to say as they had not spoken to each other for more than ten years. Mom started off just asking how she was and did not go into any details about our lives and the hard time we were going through. It turned out her sister had been divorced a couple months back. My mom told her how sorry she was to hear of the divorce. Mom listened to Sarah for over an hour, I guess Sarah really needed to talk and my mom didn’t feel it was right to ask her for help when she was dealing with her own problems. This jester seemed to go a long way and bring them closer. Sarah thanked her for calling and promised she would keep in touch. Mom hung up and gave us a hug and told us it would be okay but she couldn’t ask Aunt Sarah for help right now.

A couple days later Aunt Sarah called back and talked to mom again. She thanked mom for listening and told her she had thought about calling her many time be just somehow couldn’t. Mom said the same. Then Aunt Sarah told her she was sorry she had not let mom tell her why she had called and asked what was up. Mom just told her it was nothing and she should concentrate on her own life. Sarah thanked her but said she really missed sharing their live. When they were growing up they were as close as Tracy and I so Mom went ahead and told Sarah about her losing her job and not being able to find a new one. Sarah was more than sympathetic she told mom that the job market in Las Vegas was really good and she would have no trouble finding a job. Mom thanked her but declined the offer as I said mom was proud.

The next day Aunt Sarah called back and talked to mom. She told her that a friend of hers worked in a casino and they were looking for some cocktail waitresses. She had told her about Mom and she told Sarah to have mom call her. Mom was not sure she could move right now. Sarah then told mom she also needed a favor. Seams her army reserve unit was doing their three week training and she would be gone for a little over three weeks. She thought Mom could stay in her house and keep an eye on it while she was gone. We could stay there for free as long as we took care of it for her. Plus when she got back we could stay till mom could find a place so they could get to know each other again and be sisters. She told mom she had a big house the one thing she got out of the divorce and it was way too big for just one person. Mom told her she would talk to us and give her a call back.

Mom told us about the offer and asked what we thought. I could see in her eyes she was not really excited about the idea as she had lived in Portland all her life plus I think she didn’t want us to feel pressured into moving. I thought for a moment but Tracy didn’t need any time to think. She loved the idea of moving to Las Vegas. She had never liked the weather in Portland as it rained too much. She really like the sun and whenever she could she would be laying out sun bathing in one of her many bikinis. She told mom we should move right away. I wasn’t as sure but I thought to myself if we moved we wouldn’t know anyone there and maybe Tracy and I could become closer like we were when we were small so I also told mom I thought the idea was good plus on top of it we would be living in a nice house instead of a small apartment. Mom thought for a moment and then said she agreed but only after school was out. She went into the other room to call Aunt Sarah. Tracy and I talked for a while and I gave Tracy a hug and told her I never wanted to let what happened to mom and Aunt Sarah happen to us that no matter what, we would always be brother and sister. Tracy smiled and told me nothing could ever come between us. I went to bed feeling a lot better. The next few weeks went by fast as we prepared for our move. School would be out on June 5th and on June 6th we would leave and drive to Las Vegas the drive would take two days so we would be in Las Vegas on June 8th which would give us two days before Aunt Sarah shipped out on June 10th. Tracy and I were excited as we had never met Aunt Sarah.

We got to Las Vegas and we were all tired but when we met our Aunt we were so excited. You could tell she and mom were sisters but Sarah was two years younger than mom. We sat and talked for several hours till Tracy and I fell asleep. Mom and Sarah sat up most of the night talking. It seemed that it was a lot easier than they thought to put things behind. It was as though the last 16 years had never happened. The next day I could tell mom was sad that Aunt Sarah would be gone for a three weeks. Tracy and I looked around the house and there in the back yard was a pool with a big deck. Tracy and I went out to the pool. Tracy was so happy the weather was warm and in the 80’s and she had a pool to swim in and she could lay out in the sun. She looked around and the yard had trees all around the edge giving the back yard total privacy, she got a funny look on her face. She gave me a hug and then said she could even sun bathe topples as no one could see her in the backyard of course only when mom and I were gone.

Aunt Sarah and mom came out and told us we needed to be going. Aunt Sarah took us around Las Vegas and showed us where things were. There was a shopping mall about five blocks away which made Tracy happy. Aunt Sarah dropped mom off at the Wynn casino for her interview and then took us out for lunch. She was truly happy to get to know her niece and nephew. We had a great time with our Aunt and wanted to spend more time with her by ourselves but we had to go back and pick mom up. Mom was so excited she had got the job and would be working the day shift to start, 9 am to 5 pm with Sunday Monday off so she would be home in the evening with us. She thanked her sister as it was Aunt Sarah who had helped her get the job. The next Day Wednesday we took Aunt Sarah to the airport and she left. We said our goodbyes at the airport and then went back to the house. Mom fixed us lunch and we sat and ate. We sat at the table for over an hour just talking about the move and Aunt Sarah, I could tell mom was glad they had made up and were talking again. Mom asked what we wanted to do the rest of the day and Tracy without hesitation said she wanted to go swimming in the pool. I asked mom if we could go buy me a swimming suit sense I didn’t have one. She told me as soon as she got her first pay check we would both go and buy swimming suits so we could also use the pool. Tracy almost ran upstairs to her room to get changed.

Tracy came down stairs wearing a hot pink bikini that was oh so small. There was almost nothing on her. In one arm she had her towel and the other arm held her other bikini. She walked up to mom and said I have a couple older swim suits you can use if you want to go swimming. Our mom even though she was 32 years old she looked much younger and was basically the same size as Tracy just a little more up top. Mom took the swim suits and thanked her. Mom set them on the table one was a hot pink almost identical to the one Tracy was wearing, don’t ask me why she had two basically the same. The other was a pale pink and both were just as skimpy as the one she was wearing. Mom looked at me and said she would let me choose first. I just looked at her for a moment as I must have misunderstood her. Again she asked which one I wanted. I finally spoke up I can’t wear a bikini I am a boy. Tracy looked at me they are just swim suits and no one will see you it will be fun to go swimming. Mom added you don’t have to wear the whole bikini just the bottoms. I looked at them and said no thanks. Tracy said suit yourself and walked out the back door. Mom took the suits into the bathroom to change. I followed Tracy out the back door to the pool. A few minutes later mom came out wearing the pale pink bikini. As she passed by me she gave me a hug and said she had left the other suit in the bathroom if I change my mind. I watched her get in the pool with Tracy. The two of them looked more like sisters then mom and daughter. And both looked good in their bikinis I could tell that these swim suits were meant to catch men’s attention. I sat there for a few minutes but felt a little strange watching my sister and mom in their bikinis so I went back into the house and watched some TV. My Aunt has cable with all the channels. Tracy and mom stayed outside for a couple hours. Each did come in once and ask if I had changed my mind and wanted to join them but I pretended not to hear them. We went to bed about 9 pm as it had been a long day and mom wanted a good night sleep before she started her new job.

That night while I was sleeping I dreamed I was swimming with my mom and sister and had on the hot pink bikini. I would start off just wearing the bottoms but somehow I always ended up wearing both pieces. The next morning I was troubled by my dream but didn’t want to tell either of them about it. Mom made us breakfast and we sat and ate while we talked. That is the one strong point in our family we all talk to each other about everything, well except for my dream. Mom asked what Tracy and I were going to do today while she was at work. Tracy said she wanted to walk down and check out the mall. Mom said that sounded like fun and asked if I was going with her. I said no sense we had no money we couldn’t buy anything. Tracy said we can just look around. I decided to stay home so mom said she would drop Tracy off at the mall on her way to work. The two of them left and I cleaned up the dishes from breakfast.

As I stood there at the sink washing the dishes I looked out the window at the pool and suddenly the thought of me in the pool wearing the bikini popped into my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After I was done I walked into the bathroom and there on the hook was the bikini Tracy wore last night and right behind it was the one mom had worn and behind that was the one they said I could wear. This was stupid I thought and turned to walk away. I only took two steps and then stopped. I was all by myself; nobody would see me or even know. I could at least try on the bottoms and see how they looked. I thought a few more moments and then took Tracy and moms bikinis off the hook and set them on the counter. I pulled the bottom part of the bikini off the hook and looked closely at it. It was very beautiful and the material it was made of was so soft. Why not I thought so I stripped off my close and slid the bottoms up my legs. The feeling was nice and a little strange as a boy should not be wearing this. They were very tight and very small. They had a little V shape front and back with a string on both sides that connected them around the waist. The gap between them on the sides of my hip was almost 4″ inches. I felt a little stupid but at the same time it was a thrill to wear something so feminine. I looked in the mirror and I did look strange, the bottoms just didn’t look right. I was about to take it off when I saw the top still on the hook. I took it off and looked at it. It had two little V shaped pieces of material that went over the breast and a string tie that went around the back and little string loop that went up around the neck and back down. I thought for a moment how stupid this was but I was curious after my dream last night to see how I looked and I may never get a better chance so I slipped the loop over my head and then reached behind me to tie it on. This was harder then it seemed as I have never had to tie something behind my back. I looked in the mirror and the top made a difference. I looked better. I guess the bikini was meant to be worn together. I knew I should have hated it but for some reason I kind of like the way it fit and looked.

I decided I would go out to the pool and swim. The walk out was strange I kept thinking to myself what if someone saw me, what would Tracy or mom say. I got into the pool and swam around for a while. Once I was in I forgot about what I was wearing till I would get out of the water to jump back in. It was a totally new experience. After about an hour I started to get worried, I didn’t know how long Tracy would be at the mall so I decided I had swam long enough and went back inside the house. I took the bikini off and threw it in the dryer; I didn’t want it to be wet as Tracy would know then. I put my close back on and went out and watched a little TV. After about fifteen minutes I ran back in took it out of the dryer and hung it back up on the hook and returned to the TV. It was a couple more hours till Tracy got home. She had been gone for over 4 hours.

Tracy asked what I was doing and I just said watching TV. She said she was going swimming and went into the bathroom and put on her bikini. When she came out she sat next to me and said why don’t you come out and swim with me. I looked at her and before I could say anything she said mom won’t be home for a few more hours Kelly it will be just us in the pool nobody else will see you and I promise I won’t laugh or tell anyone. It would be so much fun. I thanked her but said no. I still could not wear her bikini even the bottoms in front of her. She smiled and said just think about it and went out to the pool. I thought to myself about how much fun I had swimming earlier and I knew I could trust her but I just couldn’t so I stayed in and watched TV. Mom got home a little before 6 and she brought dinner. She set the food on the table and called Tracy in and we all sat down to eat. Tracy sat there in her bikini and suddenly it flashed in my mind about how I looked earlier and what would they say if I were sitting there in a bikini. After dinner mom told us about her first day, she was really excited and I could tell she like her job. It was about 7:30 and Tracy wanted one last swim before it got dark. She went back out and mom said she was going to take a swim and said I should join them but I still couldn’t so they went out and swam while I watched TV. There was just something about me wearing a bikini in front of my mom and sister that I couldn’t get past.

They swam till after 9 pm and then came inside. They sat on the couch with me still wearing their bikinis and we watched a little TV and the news. The weather said it was going to be in the low 90’s tomorrow and Saturday and then Sunday through Friday next week it would be in the low to mid 100’s. I thought to myself in Portland we were lucky to see 100 let alone five days of it. I was glad the house was air-conditioned. We all went up and went to bed and I started to dream again about wearing the bikini in the pool with mom and Tracy. No matter what I tried I couldn’t stop dreaming about it.

The next morning Friday we again had breakfast and mom left for work Tracy asked me if I wanted to walk to the mall with her and look around. The idea of going someplace sounded good but I said no again. This time though it was because I wanted to go swimming and wear the bikini. I don’t know why I wanted to wear the bikini I just did. Tracy said fine she would see me in a few hours and she left. As soon as she was gone I headed for the bathroom and there on the hook behind Tracy’s and mom’s bikini was my bikini, I mean the bikini Tracy said I could wear.

I again put the bottoms on and the same feeling I had yesterday came back. Next I put the top on and looked into the mirror. Somehow I looked better today. I grabbed my towel and went out to the pool. It was only 9 am and I had a few hours to swim and wear the bikini. I jumped into the pool and swam to the other end. Then out again and jumped back in. I was having so much fun and the water felt so nice. I swam to the other end of the pool and turned to swim back when I saw her. At the other end of the pool standing on the deck was Tracy in her bikini. I didn’t know what to do and tried to stay low in the water in hopes she wouldn’t notice the hot pink bikini I was wearing. Tracy got in the pool and swam towards me and there was nothing I could do. When she finally got to where I was I could not speak. Tracy gave me a smile and said I am glad you decided to go swimming we can have so much fun. I just looked at her still saying nothing. Tracy smiled again what’s wrong she asked. I looked down at the water and said I know what you are thinking I just really wanted to go swimming and, but she cut me off. Kelly it’s alright she said. I am not mad I said you could wear my bikini I just am glad we can swim together it is more fun when you have someone else. But I’m a boy in a bikini. It’s just a swim suit nothing more she said, besides I have wore your shorts and shirts before why shouldn’t you be able to wear something of mine. I looked at her and could see in her face that she saw nothing wrong and that made me feel a lot better. I gave her a hug and thanked her for being so understanding. We spent the next couple hours splashing around in the pool and she was right it was a lot more fun with her there.

About 11 we got out and went inside to make lunch. I headed for the bathroom and Tracy asked where I was going. I just said to change. She said don’t you want to swim after lunch; mom won’t be home till almost 6 tonight. I said yes but I can’t sit like this. She just smiled you look great besides I am leaving my bikini on. I thought for a moment and she was right besides I liked the bikini so we made our sandwiches and then went back out to the deck and sat in the lounge chairs and ate our lunch. As we ate we chatted. I finally asked her why she came back from the mall so early. She let out a giggle looking at me. It’s simple she said, I wanted to go swimming with you. Yesterday I tried to get you to swim with me but you were too afraid so I said I was going to the mall today just so you would get in the pool. I looked at her, how could you know, you couldn’t I made sure to dry the bikini yesterday before you got home I was so careful. She smiled again yes you were except one thing. I looked at her and had to ask, what? She smiled again; remember yesterday when I went to put my bikini on to go swimming? Yes I said. Well how do you suppose mine and moms bikini got put on the hook behind the one I set out for you? Yours was the first one on the hook which means you at least took it off the hook to look at. I never thought of that I had been so careful and then left the one I wore on top. After lunch we just laid there in the chair talking. It had been a long time sense Tracy and I had really talked. She told me things about some of her old friends. And I shared things about me and we had a great time. It was turning out to be the perfect day. Finally Tracy looked at me and said do you know it’s after 4? If you want to swim some more we should get back in the pool unless you want to swim tonight with mom and me? I got up, please don’t tell mom. Tracy smiled, I won’t she said. This will be our secret until you want to tell her but I know she won’t care. Tracy and I swam for the next hour or so and then I got out and went inside, I through my bikini in the dryer and took a quick shower. When I took the bikini out of the dryer I made sure to put it behind mom’s bikini. I didn’t want to make that mistake again.

Mom got home a little before 6 and quickly cooked up dinner. Tracy sat at the table in her bikini and I was back in my jeans and tea shirt. Mom again told us of her day. After dinner Tracy asked mom if she wanted to go swimming. Mom said yes and looked at and said how about you dear you feel like swimming tonight. I just said no. Mom went and put her bikini on and then told me she had left mine on the hook if I changed my mind, there just pink shorts dear. I wondered if Tracy would tell mom so I kind of listened at the door. Mom got to the pool and saw Tracy. As she got in I heard her tell Tracy she felt bad I wouldn’t come out and swim just because I didn’t want to wear the bottom part of a bikini. I knew this was it Tracy was going to say something. Tracy looked at mom. Don’t worry about Kelly, if he wants to swim bad enough he can. We have both offered him the chance, we can’t make him put on the bikini bottoms. Tracy not only said nothing but she stuck up for me. I felt so much better and I went back inside knowing that I could trust Tracy not to say anything. They swam for a couple hours and then came in and we all watched a little TV. Mom asked us what we wanted to do on Sunday which was her first day off. Neither one of us had any suggestions so mom just said we would figure it out then. It was about 11 when we all went to bed again. As I lay there falling asleep I thought back over the day and how I had spent almost the whole day in a pink bikini swimming with my sister and how nice she was about it. I wonder how my mom would react if she new. I fell asleep and in my dream Tracy and I were both wearing our hot pink bikinis and swimming but we were at one of the hotel casinos pools and there were people all around us.

Chapter two

In the morning when I got up the dream was still fresh in my mind. As I went down to breakfast I could not stop smiling. As we sat and ate breakfast mom asked Tracy and I what we had planned for the day and she was looking right at me. I said nothing really and mom gave me that motherly look and said, dear if your sister goes to the mall please go with her. You can’t just sit in the house all the time. You need some fresh air and exercise. I shook my head yes and promised I wouldn’t just sit in the house. Mom kissed us each goodbye and left for work. Tracy and I cleaned up the kitchen and dishes and as we did she asked me what I wanted to do today. I looked at her and wanted to say so bad, I want to put on the bikini again but before I could say anything she spoke up. Let’s put on our bikinis and go out to the pool. I looked at her and said okay and then I stopped our bikinis I said. Tracy smiled and gave me a hug. It’s an old bikini and sense you are willing to wear and it and look so cute in it you can have it, my gift to you. I thanked her and we went and put on our bikinis. As we walked to the pool I kept thinking how stupid it was for me to like wearing a bikini and now I owned one. What would mother say if she found out? Tracy and I splashed around in the pool for the next couple hours. We would swim for a bit and then get out and lay in the sun. I was having so much fun. About 11 we decided to get lunch so we went inside. Tracy said she had to go upstairs and would be right back so I made us both a sandwich and took them and our pop out to the deck. Tracy came down and had a little bag with her. She set it next to her chair and we ate our lunch and talked. I really liked talking to Tracy it made me feel closer to her. After lunch I laid back in my chair but Tracy kept sitting up. She took her bag and pulled out a nail file and started to file her nails. I watched her as we kept chatting. When she had finished filling her nails she pulled out some nail polish. I asked her what she was doing. She said sense we had to wait awhile after lunch before we could go back in the pool she thought she would do her nails. She put some kind of dividers between her toes and carefully started to paint them. The color she chose was a dark pink color; I forget the name of it. It took her about ten minutes to finish and then she held out her feet for me to see. What do you think about the color she asked? It was beautiful and almost matched her bikini so without thinking I said I like it, it’s very pretty. She smiled and said she agreed so she was going to do her finger nails too with the same color. As she looked down she also notices how close it matched the color of our bikinis too. She smiled at me, you know Kelly I could do your toe nails too if you like. I paused for a moment as I thought what it would be like to have my nails painted. I just couldn’t let her do my nails I am a boy. Then I heard her say again, if you like I could paint your toes. I can’t Tracy I said I am a boy. She gave me another smile, I know but no one will see them or know just the two of us. It can be our little secret and I won’t tell a soul. You don’t think it would be stupid I asked. She just smiled I think it would look beautiful on you. Just let me do it and if you don’t like it or change your mind we can remove it.

I kept looking at her feet and they did look beautiful and I wondered how mine would look so I agreed. Tracy had me put my feet in her lap and she put the dividers between my toes which was not real comfortable. Then she started on my toes. First the clear coat then two costs of the dark pink nail polish and then a top coat. And again it only took about ten minutes. I looked down at my feet and they were beautiful. Tracy smiled they look so pretty don’t they? And before I could think I opened my moth and said they look beautiful thank you. As I finished my sentence I realized what I had just said and looked at Tracy. She was smiling back at me. They do look beautiful and don’t be ashamed of liking them. I felt better but still had to ask her, you don’t see a problem with my toes being painted and me liking it. She just smiled and said no I think it is fine. When we were young and I went through my tom boy period you didn’t think I was strange. You even let me play with all your toys why should I think any different of you. It’s my turn and you are welcome to play with or use anything of mine you like. She said as she was painting her finger nails. I can even do your finger nails if you like. That I didn’t have to think about, my toes I could hide but my fingers everyone would see. I thanked her for the offer but said no. she just smiled, if you change your mind or need anything else just ask. When she finished we laid back in our chairs to let our nails dry. With the heat it only took about an hour for our nails to be dry so we got back into the pool and swam some more. Every time I saw my toes I got a little chill and when I saw Tracy’s finger nails I would wonder what mine would look like. We did our usual swim for a bit and then get out and lay in the sun to dry off. We were having so much fun that I didn’t want it to end so we stayed in the pool till almost 5:30 before we got out. I went in and through my bikini in the dryer and ran up to take a quick shower. Mean while Tracy started dinner. As I was coming down stairs I hear mother come in the door. I had to get my bikini (I like the sound of that) out of the dryer and back on the hook in the bathroom before mother notices it. I ran to the laundry room and opened the dryer but my bikini was gone. I came out to the kitchen and Tracy smiled at me, mom and I are going swimming after dinner and I left the other bikini on the hook in the bathroom if you want to join us. Tracy had put it back for me, I was safe. What a great sister she is I thought to myself. Mom gave me a hug, I am glad you got out of the house today. I looked at her for a moment. She smiled your face and arms are all tan you might want to think about some sun tan lotion. So what did you two do today? Tracy spoke up well I spent most of the day in the pool and Kelly came out on the deck and sat and talked to me and played on Aunt Sarah laptop. Mom looked at me well at least you were outside. While we ate dinner mom noticed Tracy’s nails. I love your nails honey they match your suit. Tracy got a big grin on her face, thanks I love having my nails painted and looking pretty. Mom smiled at her maybe when I get paid we can go get our nails done together all the other cocktail waitresses have nice long nails. Tracy spoke up I would love that mom. After dinner mom changed into her bikini and went outside to the pool. I grabbed the laptop and went and sat on the deck, to surf the internet while they swam.

That night when I went to bed I saw my beautiful toe nails a rush of feelings came over me. It was like I was sitting there as Tracy painted my toes all over again. As a waked around my room I just kept looking down at my feet. The day had been so much fun and I couldn’t wait to go swimming again and wear my bikini. Then I thought to myself. Mom had the next two days off so unless I want to wear the bikini in front of her I will have to wait till Tuesday when she is back at work. I just couldn’t let her see me in a bikini. I fell fast asleep and dreamed the whole night I was in my bikini and had my nails painted.

Chapter three

In the morning I put on my robe and slippers which with my toes painted I would be wearing all the time now and went down for breakfast. Mom had fixed a big breakfast of eggs and pancakes and we sat and talked. Mom again asked us what we wanted to do. I wanted to go swimming in my bikini but knew I couldn’t with mom there. Mom finally spoke up well I want to take you someplace this morning and then we can do whatever you two want for the rest of the day. I looked at Tracy and knew she also wanted to spend the day in the pool it was supposed to be over 100 degrees the next several days. I went up and took my shower and again I could see my toes. They looked so pretty.

I went back to my room and I heard my mom say something from the hall so I said what? At that point my door opened and mom walked in and said last night I got some of my tip money so I thought we could go buy you a swim suit. I had the towel around my waist and had my slippers on but I was still a little startled as I turned to face her. She again said we could go and bye me, then she stopped and looked right at me, swim suit but I guess you don’t need it any more. I looked at her and was trying to figure out what she meant when Tracy walked in, Tracy’s mouth just fell open and she didn’t say a word. My mom came over and looked at me then gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, you really should put on sun tan lotion when you are out in the sun that long. I still didn’t know what she meant so she moved me over to the dressing table and turned me around. There on the wall was a mirror and I saw my reflection. I had a deep dark tan except for two triangle shapes right over my nipples and a line that went up around my neck. These spots were as white as could be. I looked like I had on a pale white bikini top. Mom gave me another hug I see you have been swimming dear. I looked in the mirror again and I started to cry. What must mom think, I started to apologize. I am sorry mom I pleaded. She gave me another hug, it’s all right dear. I told you that you could wear it I am not mad at you. But I was wearing a bikini mom. She just hugged me tighter; it’s just a bathing suit dear it’s okay. You really don’t mind I said fighting back the tears. No dear it’s okay, now stop your crying. Mom looked at me and smiled I guess we don’t need to buy you a swim suit any more. I looked at her and she again smiled well with your sun tan you look like you have a bikini top on anyway you might as well just keep wearing the bikini we have. I looked at her and started to say no but she put her fingers to my mouth, listen dear. You have been wearing it for I guess the last couple days and I am sure Tracy has seen you in it? I nodded yes. I love you dear and if you are okay with wearing the bikini then its okay with me, I am sure you look great in it. So why don’t we all get our bikinis on and spend the day in the pool? Tracy finally spoke up I think that’s a good idea and mom Kelly looks really cute in the bikini and it fits him perfectly. She gave me one more hug and said then its settled lets go spend the day together in the pool. We all went down and grabbed our bikinis.

I put on my bikini but couldn’t bring myself to walk out and show my mom. Tracy came into the bathroom wearing her bikini and gave me a hug. It will be okay Kelly. She knows you have been wearing it and she is okay with it. She even saw your tan lines which is the same thing as the bikini except for the color. She was right and I knew it so I said okay. Tracy took my hand and we walked through the kitchen and out to the pool. As we walked across the deck I could see mom looking at us and I started to get scared. Mom came over and gave us both a hug. My god the two of you look so much alike almost like twin sisters. I had never thought about it but we did look a lot alike especially sense we were both wearing basically the same hot pink bikini. Mom again said you both look lovely so let’s swim and spend the day together.

Mom got in the pool and then Tracy and finally me. I felt a little better in the pool sense the bikini was not as visible. We swan and splashed around in the pool for a while and I started to relax. We were having a great time and mom was right there with us almost like a big sister. I love my mom and I know she loves me but there is a special bond between mother and daughter and while we were in the pool I shared that bond. I felt closer to mom then I have in years. After about an hour mom said she was going to go lay in the sun for awhile so Tracy and I decided to do the same. We got out and went over to the lounge chairs and sat down. Mom started to put on sun tan lotion and then handed it to me and said you better use some of this dear. I took the sun tan lotion and started to put it on when I saw my feet and the dark pink nail polish. I tried to hide my feet but mom saw them. I see you did your toes too. I got that same feeling of shame again and couldn’t think what to say when Tracy spoke up. It was my idea mom I talked Kelly into letting me do his toe nails, I am sorry. Mom looked at Tracy and then me, I like it the color looks nice on you. I looked at mom, you’re not mad I asked? No dear I love you no matter what. I must admit that I didn’t think you would wear the whole bikini or the nail polish but I see nothing wrong with it if you are happy. That’s all that matters to me, that both my children are happy and I will support you both in how ever you want to live all I ask is that you be honest with me and feel you can always tell me anything. I gave her a big hug and told her I didn’t mind wearing the bikini I even sort of like the way it feels and looks. Mom smiled and said then we will get you your own bikini dear. Tracy gave us both a hug and told mom she had already given me the bikini. Mom again looked at us. You two look so much alike right now it’s like I am looking at my twin daughters. I felt so much better and gave mom a big hug.

The rest of the day the three of us spent swimming and lying in the sun like three sisters. It was one of the best days of my life and I felt closer to Tracy and my mom than ever before. At lunch mom went in and made us all a nice salad and brought it out to the pool for us to eat. The three of us sat there and talked. Mom told us about her job and then she started to tell us about our dad. How they had met in high school and fell in love. Don’t get me wrong she has never hidden anything about our dad, even though he had left us she felt we had the right to know about him but now she was filling in all the details. She told us how she was a year younger than him and she knew she loved him and that is why she had slept with him. She didn’t regret the fact she had us but wished they had waited. She looked at us, remember that boys only want one thing and once you sleep with them there is no longer anything they will want from you. Tracy looked at mom; I would never sleep with a boy. I just looked at her with a blank stare. Mom looked at me and then said; I don’t know why I am talking to you dear it’s just you look so cute and so much like your sister. After lunch we lie in the sun for a while and then back into the pool till dinner time. Mom thought we should go out for dinner sense she did have some money from her tips. Tracy and I thought it was a great idea.

We all went inside to change for dinner. I put on a nice pair of slacks and a nice shirt. I came downstairs but mom and Tracy were still getting ready so I watched a little TV. They came downstairs about 20 minutes later and they looked beautiful. They were both wearing dresses, Tracy had on a red dress and mom had on a short black dress. Both were wearing 4″ inch heels and their makeup was done perfect. They really did look like sisters. We got into the car and drove out to the Rio hotel casino. The restaurant was a little on the fancy side with dim lighting and privet booths. We all ordered and then we talked. Mom and Tracy talked about fashion and makeup and I was feeling a little left out. Somehow it seemed different from earlier. We had a great time after dinner we went up above the casino and watched the show where carnival floats go around the ceiling. When we got home it was after 11 so mom kissed us good night and Tracy and I went up to bed. On the way upstairs Tracy asked if I was okay sense I had been so quiet all night. I said I couldn’t explain it I just felt a little left out, I just didn’t know anything about what you were talking about. Tracy gave me a hug, Sorry Kelly I just have missed talking about that stuff with someone. I said it was okay and she promised to make it up to me. I went to bed and slept really well. I dreamed about the day and wearing the bikini in front of mom and Tracy. The day replayed over and over in my dreams.

Chapter four

In the morning I went down for breakfast, mom had prepared a big breakfast again. Tracy, I and mom talked about the day and what we would do. We decided to spend the day at the in the pool again and I was really happy because I could wear the bikini again.

After we ate and cleaned up we all got our bikinis on and went out to the pool we swam and sun bathed till lunch. Mom again fixed us a salad. Tracy asked her why we were having salads two days in a row. Mom smiled, we girls need to watch our weight if we want to look good in our bikinis. We all laughed and I once again felt like we were all close. After we ate Tracy went inside and came back out with her little bag again and sat down next to mom. Tracy looked at mom and asked if mom would like her to paint her nails till she could get to the nail salon. Mom thought for a moment and then said yes. Mom looked over the nail polish and picked out a deep red color. Tracy quickly did moms nails and they looked so beautiful. Mom looked at her hands, wow Tracy they look great don’t you think so Kelly and she showed them to me. I looked at mom and said they are really pretty. Tracy smiled at me, what about you Kelly; can I do your nails? I looked at her for a moment without saying anything. She smiled again well Kelly mom said we looked like twins why not let me do your finger nails in the same color I am wearing for the day. It will be fun. I looked at Tracy and then mom not knowing what to say. I know boys shouldn’t wear nail polish but then I was wearing a bikini. I was still looking at mom when she put her hand on mine, its okay honey. If you want to paint your finger nails for the day I see nothing wrong with it. Lots of men get manicures your will just have a little color and it will match your bikini. I looked at Tracy and mom again and asked are you sure? Mom just nodded. I looked at Tracy and said yes I would like her to paint my nails. After I said that I thought that I probably sounded more enthusiastic then I should have. Tracy gave me a hug and then started on my nails. It didn’t take long and we all were wearing nail polish with Tracy and mine matching right down to our toes. We lay in the sun till mom and my nails dried and then we went back into the pool. We had a great time the rest of the day

A couple times while I was swimming I notice mom and Tracy talking and looking at me and wondered what they were talking about. It was about 4 when mom said we should get out of the pool and get ready for dinner she was going to take us out again. As we walked inside Mom said Tracy and her wanted to talk to me for a moment. We sat down at the table and Tracy looked at me. Kelly, I have a big favor and please think about. I looked at her and could see in her eyes that this was important so I said whatever you need the answer is yes. You have been so nice and not making fun of me wearing your bikini. Tracy gave me a hug and said you better wait till you hear the favor. I was watching you today in your bikini and with your nails painted and I kept thinking about what mom said about us looking like twins. Would you let mom and I dress you up in a dress and makeup and see how much we look alike. I looked at Mom again and mom just smiled, I bet the two of you would look almost the same. It might be fun and you might enjoy it. I didn’t know what to say but it did sound like fun so I said I would give it a try. Tracy gave me a big hug and said lets go upstairs.

Mom came up with us and took me into her bathroom. Honey I want to make sure this is something you want to do. I asked her if she would rather I didn’t do this. She just gave me a hug and said I see nothing wrong with it as long as you are doing it because you want to, and it would be cute to see you and Tracy together as sisters. I said I wanted to do it I would like to see what I look like. Mom gave me another hug, let’s start by removing the hair off your body dear, you don’t have much but let’s do it right now take off you bikini top. I removed my top and mom just looked at me, dear it will be a long time till you can go without a top. I looked in the mirror and she was right. My skin was a deep brown except where the top was which was almost white. She smeared a cream hair remover all over my body and face and told me to wait five minutes and then take a shower and be sure and wash my hair. Then she left me in the bathroom and went to find Tracy. When I took my shower the water felt funny on my skin as what little hair I had washed away. I toweled off and went to find Tracy and mom.

When I came into Tracy room she gave me a hug and had me sit down. Mom and Tracy started on my hair. Now my hair was not as long as Tracy which went half way down her back but it was several inches long and went down just below my shoulders. They wrapped them up in curlers all over my head. They must have used 25 curlers of different sizes and then told me to sit under the dryer while they got ready. I sat there with the hair dryer blowing on my head and as my hair dried the curlers seemed to get tighter. Mom and Tracy were gone for about thirty minutes. When they walked back into the room they looked gorgeous. Tracy was wearing a black dress I think it was the one mom had worn the night before. It had two thin straps that went over the shoulders and plunge down low enough to see plenty of cleavage and her 4″ inch heels. Her makeup was different though more dramatic with a deep red lipstick. Mom had on a black dress that had no straps both her shoulders were bare and you could see cleavage on her two. She also had on 4″ inch heels and her makeup was done the same way. They looked beautiful.

The two of them started to take the curlers out of my hair and brush it out. They spent about ten minutes brushing and hairspray and even a curling iron till they thought they had it right. Mom looked at me and for a moment I thought I saw a tear in her eye but she just smiled at me. She then told Tracy to go get my outfit while she did my makeup. Now I had a strange feeling in my stomach as she started. I told mom I felt a little strange but she smiled again. All moms get a little emotional the first time they help their daughters with their makeup. She then applied a liquid which she said was called foundation to even out my skin color and make my face look smooth and flawless. It was a strange feeling. Next she put a light powder on my face as she said to set the foundation. Each time she did something she explained what it was and why she was doing it. Then she told me to look up and she used a pencil to line my eyes which was really strange to have something that close to my eyes. I was really getting a weird feeling that I should not be doing this but I didn’t want it to stop. Then she applied mascara to make my eye lashes longer. She then applied several shades of eye shadow to give my eyes depth. A little blush to add some color to my cheeks and then the same deep red lipstick her and Tracy were wearing. She stepped back and looked at me and started to cry. I gave her a hug and said it was okay I would go wash it off. She just held me and said no it’s not that, you’re just so beautiful. At that moment Tracy walked in with an arm full of clothes and stopped. My god, look at how pretty you are. Mom stepped back and I could see her eye makeup was a little messed up so she went into the bathroom and fixed her face leaving Tracy and I there by ourselves. Tracy came over and told me how great I looked, I really wanted to see what I looked like but they had covered up the mirror so I couldn’t see myself till I was all done. Mom came back, looked at me and said let’s get you dressed.

She gave me a pair of black panties and told me to put them on while Tracy and she turned around. I took of the bikini bottoms and slid on the panties. The feeling was incredible, I don’t know what the panties were made of but I really liked the feeling. When I was done they turned around. For some reason I felt embraced standing there in front of my mom and sister even though they were not much different than the bikini bottoms I was wearing. Mom came over and put the bra around my chest and fastened it behind my back. Again I felt embarrassed standing there in just panties and a bra. I kept telling myself it was no different than the bikini. Mom than put something in the bra cups she called silicon breast enhancers. She pulled some of my chest skin up so the breast enhancers fit down in and held the fleshy part up. I looked down and I had cleavage. Not like mom and Tracy but my chest did not look like a boys any more. Then she brought over a black dress she lifted it up over my head and slid it down. The shoulder straps on my dress were thicker then Tracy’s but other than that the dresses looked pretty much the same. Mom helped me get it positioned just right. I looked down and could see my cleavage. Mom had me sit on the bed and showed me my shoes. They were just like hers and Tracy’s. 4″ inch spiked heels. She slid them on my foot and strapped them up. They had such a light feel to them but I didn’t know if I could walk in them. Mom went over to her jewelry box and pulled out s couple strings of pearls and gave Tracy and me each one to wear. Mom and Tracy looked at me sitting on the bed and asked if I was ready to stand. They helped me up which I thought was not necessary as they were not that bad, at least till I tried to walk. My first step I almost fell. Mom took me by the arm, dear you need to walk on the balls of your feet and take smaller steps. She asked Tracy to help me walk around the room while she makes a call. Tracy and I walked around the room for about ten minutes but I really wanted to go see myself in the mirror. Mom came back and we walked over to the mirror. Mom gave me a hug as did Tracy and then they uncovered the mirror so I could see what I looked like. Again I felt this was wrong but I liked it. I was beautiful and did not look like myself. I looked like a 15 year old girl; I looked like my sister Tracy. Her hair was a little longer and blonde and I had light brown hair but we looked alike.

Mom smiled at both of us and without thinking said what two beautiful daughters I have. We walked downstairs mom asked me how I felt and I didn’t know what to say. I thought for a moment looking at both them. I know this is wrong and I should hate it but I don’t. I like the feel of the clothes and shoes I like the way I look, it doesn’t make sense I thought to me. I looked at my mom and said I’m okay it might be fun. My mom hugged me again; dear it is not wrong to like something. If it does not harm anyone then who’s to say you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. Would you mind if I take a picture of my two daughters? I want to have a picture to remember this night and how you looked all dressed up in a pretty dress and makeup. I thought to myself that mom sounded like this was a onetime event, I had not thought about it but right now I liked how I was dressed and looked. Tracy said yes and mom looked at me, I smiled and said yes mom. We went out onto the deck by the pool and mom took several pictures of us together and some of just me and some of just Tracy. Then she had me take a picture of her and Tracy and then Tracy took several pictures of mom and me. Mom even set the self timer and took a picture of the three of us with mom in the middle. It was strange to be outside if only in the back yard dressed this way but I liked it. We went inside and put the pictures on the computer and looked at them. We studied them and there was no way you could tell I was not a girl.

Mom gave me a hug and said are you ready dear? I looked at her and Tracy walked over and handed me one of her black purses. I wasn’t sure what it was for but Tracy showed me how to put it over my shoulder and carry it. Mom and Tracy both took their purses and we all walked through the house, I thought we were going back upstairs I assumed to change me back when mom opened the front door. I was glad that I was getting a little more time in my dress so I walked out the door and asked mom where she wanted to take the pictures. Mom smiled and gave me a hug as I watched Tracy shut the front door. We may take more pictures later but first we need to go get some dinner and mom opened the car door. They wanted to go out to dinner with me dressed as a girl. The thought excited me but also scared the crap out of me and I was unable to move. Tracy took me by the arm and we walked over to the car. I looked at them; I can’t go out like this what will people think. Tracy spoke up you look great just like me. Mom smiled; dear no one will be able to tell. Just watch your sister and try to act like her. We will both help you. Do you really think I should? Mom said yes dear, I want to make sure you remember this night. I thought for a moment and again had the same feeling this was a onetime chance so I said I would try. Mom looked at both of us, I expect you both to act like proper young ladies and then she looked right at me. Tonight dear you are my daughter and that is how I will treat you. Are you willing to do what I say? I nodded and gave her a hug. Mom had Tracy show me how to get into the car like a lady smoothing my dress as she swung her legs inside. I had never noticed how graceful Tracy was and how different girls get in cars. I followed as mom watch. She pointed out one thing to make it easier and said I did well. Mom went around and got in the car and we were off. As mom drove she started to tell me all the things I had to remember, dear remember that when a girl wears a short and sexy dress boys will look. You must remember to keep your leg closed when you sit. When you walk take small step and when you sit smooth tour dress under you when you sit. When you eat take small bites and don’t eat too fast, the list went on all the way to the restaurant.

When we got there I did my best to get out of the car as gracefully as I could while mom and Tracy watched. I stepped away from the car and looked back at them to see how I did. Mom smiled that was very nice dear but where is your purse? I looked over and Tracy had my purse and handed it to me. You have to keep track of your purse dear it contains you money, keys and some makeup in case you need to touch up your face. Mom looked at me and said, this is it are you ready for this? I was scared but nodded my head. Tracy gave me a hug and said don’t worry it will be so much fun Kelly. We walked in our heels clicking on the floor as we were showed to our table. We all looked at the menu, I saw what I wanted. They had BBQ ribs which are my favorite thing to eat. Mom asked what we wanted and Tracy said she would like salad and the Salmon fillet. Mom then looked at me and I said I will have the BBQ ribs. Mom smiled no dear they are way too messy, you will mess up your face and makeup. Your need to pick something you can eat with a fork. I looked again and decided to have the chicken breast which mom approved with a salad of course. When the waitress came to take our orders she looked at us and said, are you ladies ready to order? Tracy ordered first then she looked at me and you miss she asked? Then she took moms order. We sat there and talked for a few minutes. Mom looked at me, Kelly sit up straight dear and Tracy arms off the table. We both looked at her. Suddenly Tracy let out a little giggle. We asked her what was so funny. She looked at us; I just realized your name works with how you are dressed. I thought for a moment, she was right. Kelly was both a boy’s name and a girl’s name. Mom just smiled Have you ever wondered how you got your names? Tracy and I both looked at her. I had never thought about my name. Tracy spoke up is there a story behind our names mom? Mom said yes and if you want I can tell you. We both said yes.

Mom started, when your dad and I found out I was pregnant our parents were not happy. My mom, your grandmother was very old fashioned. She believed girls should be very feminine. When I was growing up I was not allowed to really play outside. I always had to wear dresses or skirts. I learned to sow and knit and cook. I really wanted to go out and play with the other children but mom only let me play with the girls. Your dad’s father pushed him to always play sports, I think that were our big problems but that are another story. Anyway when we found out I was pregnant we both decided that we weren’t going to push our child to do anything they didn’t want to. We were going to let them decide if we had a boy he would decide if he wanted to play sports and if we had a daughter she would decide if she wanted to wear dresses or pants. We weren’t going to force our child to be anything they didn’t want to be. We also decided we were not going to find out the sex of our baby that way we would not have any preconceptions. We told the doctor not to tell us. The one thing he did tell us was I was pregnant with twins. Your father and I talked for hours and when we started thinking about names. We spent many hours and finally decided we would each pick one name and it had to be unisex. Your dad picked Tracy and we decided that the first one born would get the name he picked because he was older and I picked Kelly. We both liked the names and thought they would be good for either a boy or a girl so you see we had chosen your name three months before you were born so it is no accident that Kelly’s name is just as good now as before. Tracy looked at mom, grandma made you wear dresses all the time and you couldn’t run around and play outside? That’s right dear, don’t get me wrong I loved her and I loved the way I turned out. I love dresses and the way they look and feel. I smiled so that’s why you hardly wear pants? Tracy spoke so when I was young that’s why you let me play with the other boys and be a tom boy? Yes dear I wanted you to live your life the way it made you happy, but I must admit I was really happy when you started to wear dresses and makeup and act more feminine. As a mother it was so nice to be able to share that with you, teach you all about fashion and makeup, how to do your hair. Tracy said so that’s why you let me dress up Kelly tonight? She smiled yes I must admit that the chance to relive that experience even if only for one night was something I will cherish, Thank you Tracy for suggesting it and for you Kelly for letting me have you as a daughter for a night. I was so touched and told her I was happy to do it but in the back of my mind I focused on the words even if only for one night. This was a onetime only for me to dress up. Our dinner came and we all sat there and ate. Mom only had to tell me once to take smaller bites.

After dinner we walked back out to the car and mom drove down the strip and pulled into the Luxor hotel casino. We asked her what we were doing and she told us she had been given tickets to tonight’s Blue man show and I thought you would like it. We walked inside and had to walk through the casino which kids can do as long as they are going someplace else and have their parent with them. You cannot believe how busy a casino is in the evening. There were hundreds if not thousands of people we walked by, it was a dream come true. We had to stand in line for about 15 minutes before we could go in. we sat down with all the other people and watched the show. It lasted about two hours. When it was over we were heading out when mom said she needed to use the restroom. Tracy said she did too. I really needed to go too but didn’t know about going in there. Mom just took me by the arm and as we walked in she whispered in my ear, honey don’t forget to sit when you pee like a good little girl. I did as she said and came out. I had to wait for them and then we all touched up our lipstick and then we left. The drive home was a lot faster probably because I knew it was all coming to an end. When we got home mom took me up to my bedroom and helped me off with my dress and bra. Tracy was standing in the doorway which made me feel a little uncomfortable for her to see me again in just the panties but there was nothing I could do. Mom handed the dress to Tracy and said, dear go hang your dress back in your closet while I help your brother remove his makeup. She took me into the bathroom and gave me some cold cream to wash my face. Then she had me put on a moisturizer, she said this was to needed to make the skin feel better after the cleansing. Then she took out a bottle of nail polish remover and started to remove the nail polish. I wanted so bad to ask her if I could keep it but I couldn’t. She finished my right hand and then my left. She smiled at me, Kelly I hope you enjoyed this at least a little. I gave her a hug and said yes I did have a good time. She looked at my feet, would you like me to remove the polish from your toes or would you like to keep it on? Nobody will be able to see it unless you are barefoot. The answer was a big yes; I would have kept the polish on my fingers too. So I looked at her and trying not to act to excited I said well if you think its okay I will keep it on for a while. She kissed me on the cheek and said it will be fine a little reminder of your night as my daughter plus it matches your bikini. I looked at her; I can still wear the bikini I asked? Yes dear sense you don’t have a regular swim suit plus with your tan lines I think it better you wear it, now off to bed. I gave her a big hug and kiss and went to my bedroom.

That night I went to bed and had a hard time sleeping. I kept thinking back over what had happened today and how much fun I had. I was sad to think it was all over. I finally fell asleep and dreamed the three of us were all dressed up and out for dinner. Then I dreamed mom had taken Tracy and me shopping and I was trying on all kinds of dresses.

Chapter five

I woke up in the morning and got out of bed and saw my beautiful toes and I was still wearing the panties from last night. Mom had forgotten to ask for them so I wore them to bed. I put on my robe but not my slippers and went downstairs for breakfast. Being Tuesday morning mom was in a hurry to get to work. She fixed us a quick breakfast and as we ate asked us what our plans for the day. I said I thought I would spend the day in the pool, as I wanted to wear the bikini again. Tracy said she thought she might walk to the mall before it got to hot and then she would also spend the afternoon in the pool. She kissed Tracy and I goodbye, as she left she said, Kelly why don’t you go to the mall with your sister. It will do you good to get out of the house for a while. I said I would think about it. Tracy and I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. When we were all done Tracy said come on lets go to the mall. I didn’t want to as I couldn’t wait to put on my bikini but I didn’t think that was a good idea to tell her that. She was so supportive of me wearing it to go swimming but I didn’t want her to know the only reason I was going swimming was to wear the bikini so I said I would if we weren’t gone too long. We went upstairs and each took a shower, when I came out of the bathroom Tracy was waiting for me and pulled me into her room.

I asked her was she was doing and she just smiled. I really enjoyed having a sister yesterday and I thought we could go to the mall as sisters today. I looked at her for a moment and she smiled at me. I have picked out a white skirt and pink top for you to wear. I looked at her bed and there they were. She sat me down and brushed my hair and blew it dry. It had retained most of the curl from the night before and she made it up into a feminine style. She put a pink bra around my chest and put the breast enhancers in the cups and then helped me on with the top and the skirt. She gave me a pair of 1″ heel shoes to wear and we stood in front of the mirror. We once again look like sisters. She smiled at me, almost perfect Kelly just one more thing. She put a little mascara on my lashes, a little eye shadow and the same pink lipstick she had on. She took out the bottle of nail polish and painted my fingers, just one coat of color as we were in a hurry and we would have to remove it before mom came home so it didn’t need to be the full manicure. We again looked in the mirror and I had the same great feeling from the day before. She handed me my purse and we walked out the door. The five block walk to the mall was so much fun. When we got there Tracy took my hand and we headed for the shoe store. She started to try on shoes and ask me how they looked. Then she handed me a pair and told me to try them. I slipped them on and walked around to see how they felt. I had never understood till that moment why women like shoes so much but now I get it. We must have tried on 50 shoes each and I found I loved the ones with really high heels as they made me taller. I had always been a little self conscious about my height but now that I have found high heels I am glad I am shorter.

From here we went down to Macy’s and started to try on skirts and tops and even some dresses. We spent over an hour there. I never knew how much fun it was to go shopping even if we couldn’t buy anything. As a boy, shopping never appealed to me. I just wanted to go in buy what was needed and get out. It was after noon when we left the mall and walked home. About a block from home there was another girl about our age in her front yard. She was a pretty girl with long blonde hair wearing white shorts and a pink top. When she saw us she came over and said hi and introduced herself, Hi my name is Susie. Before I could think I said my name is Kelly and this is my sister Tracy. We talked for a few minutes and she asked if we were new to the neighborhood. Tracy said yes we had just moved here and we were staying at our aunt’s house for now. Then Tracy said we really should get home sense we were late. Susie said it was nice to meet us and maybe we could get together sometime. Tracy said that sounded fun and then we went home. Tracy and I made a quick lunch and ate out buy the pool. When we were done we went and put our bikinis on and went swimming for the afternoon. About 5 pm we went inside and Tracy helped me remove what little makeup I still had on and then she removed the nail polish from my fingers before mom got home. Tracy and I came down stairs just as mom came through the door. She gave us both a hug and we all went into the kitchen. Mom cooked dinner as she told us about her day. I could tell she liked her new job from what she said. She then asked how are day was. Tracy told her about us going to the mall and looking around. Mom smiled at me, I am glad you got out of the house for a while. After dinner mom put on her bikini and joined us out by the pool. We lay in the sun for a while and then we swam till almost 9 pm. We went in and watched a little TV and then headed up for bed. Mom kissed us both goodnight and went into her bedroom. Tracy gave me a kiss on the cheek and said we will have so much fun tomorrow.

I went into my room and went to bed. I thought to myself Tracy has not kissed me goodnight sense we were 5 years old. I fell asleep and dreamed about the day. Tracy and I were walking the mall and trying on dresses and shoes. We were becoming closer then we had ever been.

In the morning I got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Tracy and mom were already eating. Mom kissed us goodbye and left for work. Tracy couldn’t clean up fast enough. As soon as she was done she grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. She quickly did my hair and makeup. She pulled out a pair of white shorts and a green top for me to wear. We put on our shoes and we were off. We got to the mall and we spent a couple hours looking around. We even stopped by the cosmetic counter and we both got a makeover. On the way home we talked like two sisters would. As we came around the corner Susie was out in her front yard. She saw us and said hi. Tracy and I stopped and talked to her for a while. She seemed really nice and she was very pretty. We talked a little more when her mom came out side. Susie lunch is ready and then she saw Tracy and me. She came over, hi I am Susie’s mom, Susie looked at her mom, and this is Tracy and Kelly they just moved into the neighborhood. Her mom smiled, it’s nice to meet you. Why don’t you come in and have lunch with Susie we have more than enough. Susie said that was a great idea, please come in. Tracy and I looked at each other, Tracy nodded at me and I said sounds fun. We went inside and Susie’s mom made us each a sandwich and we all sat and talked.

Susie asked where we moved from. Tracy told here we had lived in Portland Oregon but moved down here when our mom got a new job. So what made your mom get a job and move here? I spoke up her sister live here, she help mom get the job and is letting us stay in her house. Well that’s really nice of her you must be really close. Tracy smiled well we actually just met her but we hope to get to know her better when she gets back. Susie’s mom smiled back she said? Tracy explained about her being in the Army reserve and she had to go on her three week tour of duty. Susie mom thought for a moment, she works at the hospital doesn’t she. Tracy said yes. She then asked us how we like Las Vegas so far. I said I really liked it here but didn’t say why. After lunch Susie took us in the other room and we watched a movie. When the movie got over Tracy said we had to get going. Susie’s mom thanked us for coming over and said she hoped to see us again. Tracy and I walked home but when we got there it was almost 5 so we went upstairs and Tracy helped me remove my makeup and nail polish.

Tracy and I went down stairs and for a change we made dinner. When mom got home she was so surprised and kissed us both. We sat and ate and mom told us about her day. When she asked about our day Tracy just told her we went to the mall for a few hours and then came home and swam. After we cleaned up the dishes mom went to put her bikini on and I asked her why she didn’t tell her about Susie. Tracy smiled we met her as sisters; she doesn’t know you are my brother. If she found out then she would know you have been wearing my close while she is at work. Mom came back and we all went out to the pool. I thought to myself Tracy was right. Mom is use to me wearing the bikini but she thought last weekend when I let them dress me up it was a onetime thing. We swam and sun bathed till it was time to go to bed. I fell asleep and again dreamt all night long about wearing dresses and makeup.

Chapter six

In the morning I got up and went down stairs and we all had breakfast like usual, it was becoming a normal routine. Mom kissed us goodbye and Tracy and I cleaned the dishes. As we headed upstairs I noticed mom’s car was still in the driveway. We both ran to the window to see what was wrong. Mom was standing at the end of the drive talking to someone. I said should we go see who she is talking to but Tracy said no we need to get dressed so we can go to the mall again. We went upstairs and took our showers. When we came out I looked out the window and mom’s car was gone so Tracy did my hair and makeup and picked out a cute dress and shoes for me to wear and we were off to the mall. As we rounded the corner we saw Susie in her yard. As we got close she came over and asked if she could go to the mall with us. She was nice and we liked her so we both said sure. We got to the mall and had a great time trying on clothes and shoes. It was a lot of fun with both Susie and Tracy there.

We got back to Susie’s house and her mom had sandwiches for us for lunch. We sat and ate and talked. Her mom was really nice. After lunch we played some games and watched a movie till it was 5 pm. Then we said we should be getting home. Susie thanked us and said she had a great time, as we were leaving Susie’s mom stopped us and said. Saturday is Susie’s birthday and I am taking her to the Adventure dome at Circus Circus to play games and go on some rides. You two are more than welcome to come. It sounded like so much fun but I said softly, our mom hasn’t got paid yet so we can’t go. Susie’s mom smiled, it’s okay dear, and I work at Circus Circus and got a special for employees so I have passes for the day it won’t cost you anything and as for a gift don’t worry about it. I thought for a moment could we do this I mean go with them for the day. Tracy smiled, it sounds great but we would have to ask our mom. What time would we leave and when would we be back. Susie’s mom smiled, we should be there at 10 am so we would leave here about 9:30 and the passes are good till 3 pm so we should be back her before 4 pm. I plan to BBQ hamburgers and hot dog and then we will have cake and ice cream. We should be all done by 6 pm. Tracy smiled we will ask our mom and let you know tomorrow then we said goodbye and left. On the walk home I finally spoke up, you aren’t thinking about going are you? She smiled why not, mom will never know. Tracy we have to be home before mom gets there so I can change. She gave me a little hug; mom gets home between 5:45 and 6 pm we just leave a little early to make sure we get home before mom. I thought for a moment, she was right we could do this. I was so excited I gave her a big hug. Tracy and I walked home and I went up and took off my dress and removed the makeup and nail polish, put on my bikini and went downstairs and helped Tracy make dinner.

When mom got home she came in and thanked us both for making dinner, she gave me a hug and then hugged Tracy and said, dear we have an appointment Sunday morning at 10 am to get our nails done. We are having acrylics I think you are old enough now. Tracy got so excited and thanked her and gave her a big hug and kiss. I didn’t know what she meant by acrylics but Tracy did and she was very happy. I must admit I felt a little left out. We sat down and Tracy and I served dinner. Mom told us about her day and asked how our day was. We told her again we went to the mall then came home to swim and again did not mention Susie. As we were finishing mom said, tomorrow I get paid so you two need to make me a shopping list of groceries tomorrow so I can stop on my way home Saturday night at the store and pick the groceries up so I will be 30 to 45 minutes later that night. Tracy replied we will do that for you, mom. Mom went to put on her bikini and Tracy took my hand as we started to clean up. This is great Kelly; mom will be late on Saturday which means we have more time for Susie’s party. I had not thought about it, we were both excited.

Mom came down and we went out and lay by the pool and talked. Tracy again thanked mom for letting her get acrylics. Mom smiled warmly at her. My daughter’s first acrylic nails, this is a special time but you must remember. Having acrylics takes work. We will have to go to the nail salon ever two week but I am sure you will love it so much you won’t mind. It was almost 10:30 when we went inside and went to bed. Again I slept all night and dreamed about wearing dresses and makeup and I was sitting in the nail salon with mom and Tracy getting our nails done. I woke in the morning and went down for breakfast. We did our usual and ate, then mom kissed us goodbye and Tracy and I cleaned up the dishes and went up to get ready for the day. Today Tracy let me do some of my own makeup as she watched and helped. She was teaching me all about it now like I was her sister. We both put on a short skirt and tank top and our 2″inch heels and left the house for the mall. This time though we stopped by Susie’s house to pick her up.

Susie’s mom opened the door and greeted us. She asked if we had talked to our mom and Tracy smile, yes we have and she said yes so we can go with you and Susie. She smiled and then Susie came into the room and she was also wearing a short skirt and tank top and heels. The three of us walked to the mall and talked all the way like three teenage girls. Tracy asked what Susie was going to wear on Saturday and she smiled, I want to look really nice so I plan on wearing a short skirt like this one and tank top and my 4″inch heels mom just bought me. Tracy smiled and said that sounded great and we would dress the same. We walked around the mall and checked things out for a couple hours and then we went back to Susie’s house for lunch. Her mom was really nice and we all talked and she told us all about what we would do tomorrow and all about the Adventure dome sense Tracy and I had never been there and it really sounded fun. About 2:30 Susie’s mom said goodbye and she had to go to work and she said see us in the morning about 9:30. The three of us sat there and talked about tomorrow, Susie was so excited about her party and I found myself thinking about Tracy and my birthday on August 12th which was less than two months away. Soon it was time to leave and we said goodbye, Susie looked a little sad but we told her we would see her in the morning. On the way home I had to ask Tracy why she had asked Susie what she was going to wear, she smiled at me. It’s her birthday and we don’t want to dress nicer then her but I also wanted to make sure we looked nice and not be underdressed. We got home and Tracy started dinner while I went up and removed my makeup and nail polish, I really wish I could keep them on and not have to change. We both put our bikini’s on and made out a grocery list while we waited for mom to get home. Mom came in just before 6 pm and we sat down to eat while she told us of her day. She gave us each twenty dollars and said it was our allowance and thanked us for cooking dinner.

Mom asked us how our day was and again we told her of the mall and swimming but did not mention Susie. Mom smiled at us, well I have one more day of work and then we have Sunday and Monday to do whatever you two would like. Do you have any ideas what you would like to do? Tracy smiled at mom; it was fun last weekend giving Kelly a makeover. Do you think we could do that again? I tried to fight back a smile as I had wanted to ask that too but couldn’t. I looked over at mom to see her reaction. Mom sat there calmly and replied, Tracy, Kelly is your brother not your sister. You can’t use him as a Barbie doll. We just can’t go around dressing his up as a girl. Tracy said I know he’s not a girl but he looked so cute.

Mom then looked right at me. We must consider Kelly’s feeling. Besides I am not the one you should ask. Tracy looked at me, Kelly would you let us dress you up as a girl again this weekend. She already knew what I wanted to say but I couldn’t. Mom again smiled its okay Kelly you don’t have to if you don’t want to. This is your decision so why don’t you think about it and let us know in the morning. Mom went to put her bikini on and Tracy asked me why I didn’t speak up and say yes. I just said, how can I tell my mom I like wearing dresses and makeup. I am her little boy. We all went out to the pool till it was bed time. Again I dreamt about wearing dresses and makeup and going shopping with mom and Tracy and about the party we were going to.

Chapter seven

In the morning I came downstairs for breakfast and we all sat down. Mom smiled have you given your sister an answer about her giving you a makeover and dressing you up? I looked at mom and Tracy, could I actually tell her I wanted to be dressed up. I looked at mom and asked what she thought. She smiled back, this is your decision. You sister and I will accept it. If you say no neither of us will pressure you to change your mind and if you say yes we will make you over and not tease you, Tracy will treat you as a sister and I will treat you as my daughter but it is your decision to make. I had to get the word out. Well it was kind of fun last week in a strange way, I guess I could do it again. Tracy jumped up and gave me a hug. Mom smiled well I guess I will have two daughters for the weekend. Mom got up and kissed us goodbye. As she was about to leave she looked back at us, Tracy why don’t you pick out a nice outfit for your brother and tonight before I get home help him get dressed up and do his makeup suitable for going out to dinner and when I get home we can go out just the three of us girls. Then she looked at me, I guess I better call the nail salon and see if they can fit you in tomorrow. You can get a manicure while Tracy and I get acrylics. Without thinking I said that sounds fun.

Tracy and I ran upstairs to get ready for the party today. Tracy gave me a pair of white panties and a pink bra to put on. Tracy put on a short white skirt and handed me the same just a little different style. She put on a pink halter top. The top had thin straps. She gave me a pink tank top but the straps were a little wider. She got us both a pair of 4″inch heels and we strapped them on. Tracy did her makeup and helped me with mine. We went a little heavier on the makeup as Tracy wanted a more grown up look so we used a red lipstick and red nail polish this time. I thought we both looked beautiful. We took our purses and walked over to Susie’s house. Her mom let us in and told us how beautiful we looked.

A few minutes later Susie came down the stairs. She had on a pink skirt that was really short and a white halter top. She had on her 4″ inch heels and her hair and makeup were perfect. She was truly beautiful. We both told her how great she looked and she said the same back to us. We all went out and got in her mom’s car and we were off. For the first time I thought about the fact I was now going someplace dressed as a girl with people who really thought of me as a girl. It was such a thrill.

We got to Circus Circus just before 10. We had to park way out in the parking lot and walk in which I really like but I don’t think Susie’s mom felt the same way. When we got inside I saw a group of 5 girls standing at the entrance to the adventure dome and we would have to walk right by them. This scared me a little but also excited me at the same time. As we got closer one of the girls smiled and said happy birthday to Susie, then the other girls turned around and also wished Susie a happy birthday. Susie thanked them and then introduced Tracy and myself to them, this is Kelly and Tracy. They just moved in down the block from me. She looked at us; these are my friends Mary, Jill, Pam, Becky and Jen). We all said hi but I was scared now. I had never thought about there being other people at this party.

The girls were all really nice and we all had on our short skirts and heels. As Jill said we will drive the boys wild. Susie’s mom gave us all our tickets and then said she would be back at 3 pm to pick us up and she left. Now it was just us girls, eight of us and we had the next several hours to do what we wanted. We went on some rides and played some game. We had a great time. As we stood in line we would talk about things, several of the girls were boy crazy and that was all they wanted to talk about. The rest of us talked about fashion and makeup and hair styles and as strange as it sounds I understood most of it so I didn’t feel left out.

When 3 pm came around Susie told the other girls she would see them at her house. Susie Tracy and I walked out to wait for her mom. Her mom was waiting so we got in the car and drove back to Susie’s house. The other girls were waiting. We all went inside and played games while her mother cooked the hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. We sat on the back deck and talked; even Susie’s mom sat with us and chatted. After we ate we played some more games. It was almost 5:30 when Susie’s mom brought out the cake and ice cream. We all sang happy birthday to Susie and she blew out all the candles. Tracy finally said we had to get going and thanked Susie’s mom for taking us and we wished her a very happy birthday. As we were leaving I noticed the clock on the wall said 6:09. We were late and mom could be home any minute. So we rush right home. As we got to the door we saw mom’s car turn the corner.

We rushed upstairs and Tracy started to work on my makeup which is where mom found us when she came in. she gave us each a hug and kiss, my you two look pretty today and she went back downstairs to put the groceries away, I looked at Tracy and said that was to close we have to be more careful in the future. We touched up our makeup and went downstairs. Mom had finished putting away the groceries so she told us to get our purses so we could go.

We drove to a little restaurant and went in. we were seated right away and the waitress asked if we needed menus but mom said no. we will all three have the salad bar and three diet cokes The waitress said she would be back with our drinks and we could help ourselves to the salad bar. I looked at mom and she smiled. We girls need to watch what we eat and winked at Tracy and me. We got up and went to the salad bar which in a way was good sense we had all that food at Susie’s house.

As we sat and ate mom reminded me to take smaller bites and to sit properly. Mom was great and helpful. She never got mad or upset and she did treat me as her daughter never once making me feel bad or ashamed of how I was dressed. After dinner mom took us to the movies. I was really enjoying being out with mom and Tracy. If only mother knew how I truly felt or maybe she did I thought. No she can’t we have been too careful. When we got home mom kissed us goodnight and said we needed to be at the nail salon at 10 am, she smiled at me you have an appointment to for a manicure. I hope you enjoy it. I went into the bathroom and removed my makeup but I left the nail polish on and went to bed. It had been the perfect day. I dreamed all night long about what had happened today.

Chapter eight

In the morning I got up and saw my pretty nails painted red and all the feelings from the day before came back. I went downstairs and we all ate breakfast. It was nice not to have to hide from mom if even for just a couple day. We cleaned up the kitchen and we all went upstairs. Mom put my hair up in curlers and then helped me pick out and outfit. She smiled at Tracy and I, you both have great legs so I guess something with a short skirt. She pulled out two floral print dresses. I think these will do. She helped had me put on a pair of pale pink panties and then helped me with my bra. I thought to myself I could do this on my own but I didn’t want her to know so I let her help me. She put the breast enhancers in my bra and again I had that beautiful cleavage. After wards she had me put on the dress and then she gave me a pair of 2″ heels. I really liked the 4″inch but again went with what mom recommended. She took the curlers out of my hair and brushed it out till I had a mass of curls and wave hair. It looked so beautiful. Then she did my makeup and I once again looked like my sister, a pretty young lady. Tracy came into mom’s bedroom and looked at me, wow you look beautiful. She smiled, let’s go girls we have a nail appointment. We walked outside and got in the car and we were off.

When we got to the nail salon we all walked in. mom told us to go pick out the color of nail polish we wanted. Tracy and I looked at all the colors. I liked the reds and she liked the pinks. Tracy asked me if I thought we should have the same color and I thought that was a good idea. We finally agreed on a color that was a purplish pink. The name was Pompeii pink by OPI. Mom came over and saw the nail polish in my hand. That’s a beautiful color dear and then she asked Tracy. Tracy smiled we are both going to wear this color so we look the same. Mom smiled well I guess I will have the same color as my girls so we all went over and sat down. Tracy was at the first table, mom at the next in the middle and I was on the end.

The nail tech was really nice and she started to work on my nails. The three of us would talk and we were having a great time. Having my nails done was so much fun but I was paying more attention to moms hand as I wanted to see what acrylics were. She trimmed my nails and then took out a file and filed them, not just the ends but also the tops. I looked back and she was gluing nail tips on my nails. They were doing the same to mom’s hand. When she got done she asked my mom how long she wanted our nails. My mom smiled, I think a ½ inch will be fine. The lady trimmed the nails off at ½ inch and they were long and beautiful. I looked over and they had done the same thing to mom’s nails and Tracy. Next she dipped a brush into a liquid and then into a powder and started to apply it to my nails over the top. I was amazed at how quickly she finished one nail and then on to the next. I looked over at mom to see what they were doing to her nails and they had done the same. I was waiting to see what the difference was between my manicure and their acrylic nails. When she finished with this she brought out what looked like a little grinder and started to grind down my nails and smooth them out. When she finished this she told me to go and wash my hands at the sink. I did as she said and came back. Mom was headed for the sink to wash her hands. I sat back down and the nail tech put on a clear nail polish. When she finished this she took the color we had picked and applied it to each nail. When she finished the last nail she started over again and put a second coat on each nail. She then handed the nail color to the lady doing my mom’s nails. By this time Tracy was going over to wash her hands. The nail tech put one last coat of clear polish on my nails and then took me over to a table and had me sit down and place my hands into a nail dryer. I couldn’t watch mom and Tracy any more so I would have to wait to see what the acrylics were. Soon mom came over and put her hands into the nail dryer next to me. She smiled at me, how did you like getting your nails done? I thought to myself this was the best thing I have ever done but knew I couldn’t say that to mom. I smiled and said it was kind of fun thanks for letting me do this. She smiled again and said it was my pleasure Kelly. I have looked forward to getting my nails done with my daughters. Soon Tracy came over and put her hands into the nail dryer. The three of us sat there for about twenty minutes as our nails dried. I really wanted to see moms and Tracy’s nails as I knew how much I liked mine and theirs must be spectacular. The nail tech came over and had me take my hand out and touched the nail. Almost dry my dear and she sprayed something on my nails and had me put them back in the dryer. She did the same to my mom’s nails and then to Tracy’s nail. She looked at us and said just a couple minutes and you are good to go. We all thanked them and she asked mom if she would like to set up an appointment for a fill. Mom said yes how about two weeks from today. She came back and gave mom an appointment card and said we were good to go. I took my hands out of the dryer and looked at them. They were beautiful and long and I loved them. Tracy couldn’t stop looking at her nails and gave mom a big hug. Thanks mom I love my new nails. Tracy was so excited about her nails she forgot all about me. I wanted to compare our nails so I could see what the acrylics were. She got into the car and finally Tracy realized I was there and she asked did you enjoy your manicure Kelly? I smiled and said yes it was really fun. Then she asked if she could see my nails. I was in the front seat so I turned around and showed them to her so I could see the difference between our nails. Her moth dropped open, your nails are beautiful and you have acrylic nails too. Tracy put her hand next to mine and there was no difference to our nails. Tracy spoke up, mom Kelly got acrylic nails too. Mom smiled yes she did I figured that you both were old enough for acrylic nails. Tracy smiled at me and in a quiet voice said, you can’t just remove these with a little nail polish remover it takes a couple hours and afterwards you can tell you had them on. I thought what was mom thinking?

Chapter nine

As we drove away from the salon mom smiled again oh by the way I have been meaning to ask you if you thanked Miss Wells. Tracy and I looked at each other, who is Miss Wells she asked mom? Mom smiled again and said Miss Wells you know Susie’s mom for taking you to the adventure dome yesterday. We both got this panicked look on our faces and I was scared. Mom knew some how she had found out. Mom again said I hope both my daughters showed good manures and thanked her. Tracy spoke up yes mom we did thank her. Mom smiled that good and kept driving.

We stopped at a small diner for lunch and went in. I was really feeling a little scared now about how I was dressed. We were both waiting for mom to get mad at us and for me dressing as a girl how disappointed she must be in me. We ordered our food and I couldn’t take it anymore. I can explain mom but she stopped me. Yes you do have some explaining to do young lady and so do you Tracy. I had to know so I asked, how did you find out mom? She looked at us both, not from you. The other morning as I was leaving for work Judy Wells came by and introduced her to me and said she wanted to meet me and ask me if my two daughters could go to her daughter’s birthday party before she asked you. I was a little caught off guard when she said daughters but she explained how the two of you met her daughter and has been playing together the past several days. I was a little shocked to learn I had two daughters but she did tell me how polite and pretty you were. So you have known for a few days I asked? She looked at me, yes dear. You should have come to me and been honest instead of going behind my back. I looked down and said how sorry I was. Tracy asked what our punishment would be. Mom looked at her and then me; you will be taking on all the chores around Aunt Sarah’s house. You will clean the house every Tuesday and Saturday from top to bottom. You will do all the laundry and dishes and starting tomorrow you will each take a turn cooking for a day. That means planning the meals and doing the grocery shopping, I will drive you to the store. She looked at Tracy tomorrow is your day, I expect you to prepare Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then she looked at me and the next day it will be your turn, you two will alternate days till summer is over. Aunt Sarah has some nice cook books you can use.

I knew my time dressing as a girl had come to an end. I again told mom how sorry I was and I wouldn’t dress this way again. Mom smiled at me, thanks dear but what do you suppose we do? I looked at her for a moment. She smiled at me again. I am sorry Kelly but Judy and Susie know you as my daughter as long as we are living at Aunt Sarah’s house you will have to stay my daughter. That is why I had them give you acrylic nails. She looked at both of us and smiled. Acrylic nails are beautiful but they take a lot of work. You two will keep them and take care of them till the end of summer and if you notice they are longer than mine because I know how hard it is to have long nails. I looked at moms hand and she was right. Her nails were only ¼ inch long while both Tracy and I had nails that were ½ inch long.

After lunch mom took us to the mall by our house and we walked in. our first stop was at a beauty salon. Mom talked to the lady and then came over to Tracy and me. Kelly dear it is time you got a more stylish hair style. I have told the beautician what to do, so you are to be a good little girl and stay here whiles your sister and I go shopping. I got a scared look on my face as I have never been out alone this way. Tracy and mom walked off and left me there. The lady looked at me, don’t worry dear you will look beautiful when I get done with you Kelly. She led me over and sat me in a chair. My hair was long and was down below my shoulders. She trimmed a little off and then she shampooed my hair. She then mixed up a cream and put it in my hair and put a bag over my head. She washed my face with different creams and then put what she called a mud mask on my face. It felt funny as it dried it made my skin feel tight. She leaned me back and started to work on my eyes. She had what looked like a little pen light and as she moved it over my eyebrows I could feel heat, almost a burning sensation. It was very uncomfortable and I was not having fun. She spent about five minutes on each eyebrow and then she smiled much better Kelly. She then took the bag off my hair and washed it again. I asked when we could wash my face as the mask had dried and was really uncomfortable now. She smiled again, let’s get your hair up in curlers first and then we will take the mask off. She put yet another solution in my hair and then started to put curlers in it. Some were big curlers and some were small and she seemed to know just how to place them. She pulled the hair so tight as she wound them in the curlers it brought tears to my eyes. Mom was showing me how hard it was to be a girl.

When she finished putting all the curlers in my hair she had me lean forward and she washed the mud mask off my face. Then she leaned me back and put a hair dryer on my head. There we are sweetie just sit here and let your hair dry. She walked over and started to work on another lady. The salon was busy and there were lots of woman and girls in there and I was so afraid sense I was all by myself. About a half hour later she came back and checked my hair. She smiled almost dry dear, let’s start on your makeup. She put on the foundation and then she put on some eye liner, mascara, a dark green eye shadow, a little blush and a deep red lipstick. She stepped back that is such a cute look sweetie you mother will love it. We are almost done. She then took hold of my left ear and said just sit still this will only hurt a little. I felt a little pressure on my ear and then heard a big pop and felt a sharp pain in my ear. I reached up and had a stud in my ear. She did the same thing on my other ear. Sweetie you will need to wear these stud earrings for two weeks strait then you can put in other types of earrings like hoops which would look great on you. She then took the dryer off my head and started to remove the curlers and brush out my hair. I could not believe how long this was taking but she finally was satisfied with the look and smiled, that’s it Kelly that is the look I wanted. You are beautiful she turned me around so I could see myself in the mirror.

My hair was a light brown before but now it was almost blonde, it was the same color as Tracy and my mom’s. It was also really wavy with lots of curls and made my hair look fuller which also made my face look smaller and more feminine. My face, the foundation she used was a little lighter and gave me a fresh younger look. My eyes were perfect and my eye brows were shaped almost like a model and were very feminine. I totally looked like a young girl. I could not believe how I looked. I went and sat in the front of the beauty salon and waited for my mom and Tracy to return. It seemed like forever but they returned about 20 minutes later. Tracy could not believe how I looked and gave me a big hug. Don’t worry Kelly I will help you get through this. Mom smiled I hope you liked your treatment dear. I smiled and said it was okay. Mom smiled dear proper English dear. I expect both of you to be proper young ladies so the correct thing to say is yes mom, I loved it. I looked at her and tried to smile, yes mom, I loved it. Then she looked at Tracy what do you think young lady? Tracy got scared and smiled, yes mom she looks beautiful. I said to mom, look at my eyebrows they are so feminine. She smiled that is how they should be and I expect you to keep them plucked like that so they always look nice. I was about to say yes mom when the beautician spoke up, you don’t need to worry about that miss Roberts. We do electrolysis here so the eyebrows won’t grow back. Mom looked at me and could see the horror on my face. As we left she gave me a hug, sorry dear I didn’t know, but there is no sense crying over what has already been done. We went back to the car and I asked Tracy what her and mom had done while I was in the beauty salon. She just smiled. I heard mom say it is a surprise for you when we get home.

We got home and mom told me to go sit on the deck and think about what I had done and she would come out and talk to me after her and Tracy had a little talk. I did as she said and went outside. All week long I have loved to dress this way but something was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I sat out there for over an hour wondering what mom and Tracy were talking about. Mom finally came out and sat down next to me. Kelly dear you know I love you right? Yes Mom I said. Why did you not come to me and tell me instead of going behind my back? I was scared what you might think I said trying not to cry. You know I would love you no matter what. Yes mom I said. She gave me a hug you know if you had talked to me we could have done this in a way to keep it private dear but with Susie and her mom and probable some of the neighbors thinking you are a girl you will have to live that way till we can afford to move. I started to cry. Mom hugged me again, what’s wrong you like to dress this way don’t you? I looked at her, yes mom but I could always change back now I have to be a girl till we move. She hugged me again well dear we don’t have any choice so from now on you are Kelly my daughter. What about Aunt Sarah I cried. She comes home next weekend. I know dear, I will explain it to her. Now go up to your room Tracy is waiting for you.

When I got upstairs Tracy was sitting on my bed. I walked in and sat down next to her. She gave me a hug and said she was sorry; she was just as much to blame. I said thanks but I am the one who is now forced to be a girl. I know she said but I will do whatever I can to help you. I looked over and on my dresser was a bunch of makeup. I asked Tracy where it came from. She again said I am sorry but mom thought you should have your own makeup in your room that way if Susie comes over she will not notice anything strange. I looked at her; you think if Susie sees makeup on my dresser she won’t think this is a boy’s room. Tracy said nothing just looked down. I got a really bad feeling. I ran over to my dresser and opened up the top drawer. It was full of panties indifferent colors. I pulled open the next drawer and there were bras and nylons. The bottom draw was empty. I went to my closet and there hung dresses, skirts, blouses and some very feminine tank tops. And on the floor was an assortment of heels. Everything that was male was gone from my room. I was trapped. I looked on my bed behind Tracy and there was a pink night gown for me. Tracy came over and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Mom thought it would be easier if anything male was removed. The rest of the day I just sat in my room thinking about what had happened. When it was bed time mom and Tracy came in to see how I was. We all sat and talked for a few minutes then Tracy said goodnight and gave me a kiss. Mom helped me put on my night gown and kissed me good night. I dreamed all night about being a girl but in these dreams I was trapped. It wasn’t the same feeling.

Monday morning came and I went downstairs for breakfast. Tracy cooked breakfast and cleaned up afterwards. Mom and I put on our bikinis and went out to the pool. After Tracy cleaned up she put her bikini on and came out to the pool. It was about 10 am when we heard the door bell ring. Mom got up and went inside. Tracy asked how I was doing. I just smiled, a little better. I have to try to make the best of this till we move.

Mom came back and with her was Susie and her mom and they both had their bikinis on. Mom smiled, I thought sense you had been over at their house we should invite them over for the day. Susie came over and gave Tracy and me a hug. Wow you have a pool how great is that. I smiled back it was nice to see Susie I really liked her. Mom and Judy came over and sat down. Judy smiled you two must be twins even your bikinis look the same. Suddenly I realized how I was dressed. I felt a little self-conscious in front of them. After a few hours I settled down and we all had a good time. They stayed for dinner and Tracy again did the whole thing. As they left Miss Well’s thanked mom and again told her what well mannered daughters she had. The rest of the week went the same way. Mom would leave for work and Susie would come over to swim. Her mom even came a couple times. By the end of the week I was feeling better about my situation the biggest problem was that even with the breast enhancers in my bikini my breast were small for a girl my age while Tracy and Susie had nice big breast.

Saturday night came and I was really scared because Aunt Sarah would be home tomorrow morning. Mom held me and said don’t worry sweetie. I will pick her up at the airport and explain everything on the way home. I didn’t sleep well Saturday night.

Chapter ten

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and mom told me to go put on a nice dress for when they got home and mom left for the airport. Tracy knew I was scared so she suggested we put on matching outfit. She picked out a short black skirt with a pink tank top. We looked like twins and we did our makeup and hair and went down stairs to wait for them.

When they got home Aunt Sarah came in and said; where are my two nieces? Tracy spoke up; we are in the living room. They walked in and we both stood up. I tried to smile but was too scared. Aunt Sarah came over and gave Tracy a hug, I have met you before. Then she looked at me, well Kelly don’t you make a pretty girl. Your mom explained what has happened and I think it is very strange but I must agree that as long as you live here and the neighbors think you are a girl then that’s what you will have to be. So give your aunt a hug. I gave her a hug and she whispered in my ear. You look fine dear and I can help you. I don’t know what she meant but I felt a whole lot better. She said why don’t we all don’t go out to the pool; I have been waiting three weeks to go swimming.

We all went and put on our bikinis and again I felt a little uneasy being in such a skimpy bikini in front of my aunt. My aunt seemed to not notice anything wrong with it and we had a great time. At lunch Aunt Sarah grabbed my hand and said Kelly help me make lunch and we went into the kitchen. Inside Aunt Sarah smiled; let me get a good look at my new niece. You do look lovely dear. I just looked down. What’s wrong she said dear, you can tell me? I just looked at her. I feel a little stupid in my bikini. Why I think you look cute dear. But my breasts are too small for this type of an outfit even with the breast enhancers. I see dear but you know there are other options that your mom may not know. If you want I can help you? I don’t know why but I smiled, you can how. Aunt Sarah gave me a kiss I know what to do dear just leave it to me. I smiled and started to say something but stopped. She hugged me again. Tell me dear whatever you say will be just between us. I feel funny thinking about my breasts I don’t want mom or Tracy to know. She smiled, it will be our secret dear and she gave me another kiss. We took lunch out to the pool for mom and Tracy. The next few days went by as normal. Aunt Sarah worked 7 to 4 Monday through Friday and mom still had her shift which left Tracy and I alone during the week and we were becoming closer than ever before.

On Wednesday Aunt Sarah got home from work and found Tracy Susie and I out at the pool in our bikinis. She asked if I could help her inside so I went in. she smiled at me. Are you still worried about your breasts not looking good in your bikini? I looked down; did you see Tracy and Susie’s breast I asked? Yes dear but they are girls. I know I just wish mine could look a little bigger in my bikini. She gave me a hug; I have some medicine that I brought home. I looked at her, what will it do I asked? She smiled; it will just make you look better in your bikini dear. What will mom say I asked? She smiled we don’t have to tell her if you don’t want and gave me a kiss. It will be our secret dear. I smiled, I liked Aunt Sarah she accepted me this way and thought it was just fine. I don’t know why but I said yes. She took a needle out of her purse and drew the medicine out of the bottle. I looked at the needle and got a little scared. Aunt Sarah said it will be alright dear turn around and pull you bikini down. I don’t know why but I did as she asked. I felt the needle go in and then the liquid, I even got a little light headed so she had me sit down while she made a snack. Then we went back out to the pool. When mom got home we all ate dinner and then went back to the pool.

A few days later when I got up I noticed my chest looked a little different and my breasts were very sensitive and I didn’t know why. Tracy Susie and I spent the day at the pool and were having a great time. When Aunt Sarah came home I went I to talk to her. She asked what was bothering me. I looked at her, my breasts feel funny. They are very sensitive. Aunt Sarah took me in the other room and had me take my bikini top off. Wow dear you have a great tan line but everything looks fine but if you want I can give you another shot to make them not so sensitive? I smiled at her yes please. She took out her needle again and gave me another shot. I got the same feeling again and sat down. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, that should make the sensitivity go away in a couple days. I put the top back on and we went back out to the pool. Aunt Sarah was right a few days later they seemed less sensitive and I forgot about the shots. Time went by and about two weeks later I was getting dressed in the morning and I saw breast. It was almost like overnight my breast decided to grow.

The last week of July it rained every day so we had not been swimming and I had not been wearing my bikini. The weather was going to get better in a few days and I was so looking forward to being able to swim and wear my bikini again. The last day of July I was looking in the mirror after my shower and realized I had breasts. Not just the skin pushed up but they were breasts. I started to get nervous and wanted to talk to Aunt Sarah. When she got home that night I tried to get her alone but as it was raining so we were all in the house. The next day when I got up they seemed even bigger. I had to talk to Aunt Sarah after everyone went to bed I snuck into her bedroom and woke her up. My dear what’s wrong she asked? My breasts are growing, I mean real breasts. She had me lift up my night gown and looked at them. She smiled why yes dear they are she said. What am I going to do I asked? She gave me a hug; I thought you wanted nice breasts like your sister and Susie she asked? I looked at her and started to cry, I just wanted them to look bigger I said. Well yes dear they do, you can’t make them look bigger if you don’t have them to begin with. It will be okay. I couldn’t stop crying for some reason I was really emotional. Aunt Sarah had me stand up and take off my night gown and without a thought I did and I felt okay standing there in front of her with nothing on. She looked at me, dear you look great. Your hips are widening out your waist is smaller and your butt looks bigger. I looked at her, what did you say I asked? Just look in the mirror. I turned and looked, I had been so fixed on my breasts I had not noticed the other changes. My waist which was a 30 inch waist was now smaller and my butt and hips stuck out. Aunt Sarah got a tape measure from her sewing kit and put it around my waist. Wow dear you have a 24 inch waist now and then she measured my hips and they were 34 inches and then she measured my breast and they were 34 inches. She smiled dear she said you are perfect for your age 34-24-34, I think you have a better figure then your sister. And don’t worry your breasts will fill in nice. You are only an A-cup now but you should easily make a B-cup maybe even a C-cup.

I cried even more now, Aunt Sarah I can’t have real breast at least not that big. You have to help me please I begged. Honey I wish I could dear but the medicine I gave you is still working but it should level off in a week or two and you will quit growing. If we do nothing your breasts will shrink a cup size over the next few months but that is it you will always have at least little breasts. If you want to keep them as they are I will give you hormone pills to take daily to keep your levels steady. I looked at her you mean if I do nothing my A-cup will go away I said with hope on my face? She gave me a kiss yes dear they will shrink a cup size but you are not done growing. Looking at your breasts you should reach a B-cup with no problem and most likely a C-cup by your birthday which means best in the best case you will have breasts like you have now but most likely like your sister. I think by your birthday your breast will be bigger than hers. All I could do was cry and Aunt Sarah held me. You will look beautiful dear just wait and see.

I went back to my bedroom and cried myself to sleep. In the morning I looked in the mirror. There was no hiding how I looked. The rain we were having was forecast to end and we would have sunshine and hot days in three days. The moment they saw me in my bikini they would know. I put my bra on with the breast enhancers and they were hug so it took them out and I still filled the cups of my bra. I put on a loose fitting top and a skirt and went downstairs for breakfast. Mom smiled at me and gave me a good morning kiss, good morning dear you are dressed early. I just smiled and said good morning. I knew I could only hide it another day or two. Tracy came in and also gave me a good morning kiss. She looked at me for a moment and then smiled, mom I think Kelly is stuffing her bra it’s almost as big as mine. Mom looked for a moment and smiled. Honey your bra is not that big if you want to stuff it like that we will need to get you a bigger cup size. I was panicked as they had noticed and I did not have the enhancers in the bra anymore. I tried to calm down and managed to say, I just wanted to see what it would be like with bigger breasts. Well I guess under your blouse it works dear you look great mom said. Do you really think so I asked her? Yes dear actually a girl your age should be about that size. It looks good on you. Tracy gave me a smile but don’t pad them to much or I will have to pad mine. I can’t have you with bigger breast then me. We ate breakfast and mom left for work. The next few days I tried to keep covered up the best I could but Sunday mom’s day off was going to be in the 90’s and stay there for the next week or two.

Saturday night when mom got home she greeted us with a kiss and we sat down to eat. As we ate she asked what we wanted to do for our birthday which was one week away. She smiled I asked for that Saturday off so we can do whatever you two want sense it will be your sweet 16 birthday. Tracy said she wanted to have a party and invite Susie and the other girls we had met at her birthday. Mom said that was fine as long as I wanted to do that. I smiled and said that was fine as all I could think about was tomorrow when it would be hot and we would all go swimming. If I didn’t put on my bikini I loved and go swimming they would know something was wrong but if I did they would see what I have been hiding the last week and a half. Mom smiled then it is all set we can have a party. Tracy you can make all the arrangements and Kelly can help you. Then she looked at us what about tomorrow the weather is going to be hot shall we spend the day in the pool. Tracy let out in a loud voice yes I am tired of being cooped up inside I want some sunshine. Mom looked at me and I smiled yes it sounds great trying to sound happy. That night I had a hard time sleeping. I kept thinking what they would say. In the morning I put my bikini on and looked in the mirror. I did not have the look of a flat chest girl. I have the curves of a young woman. My breast more than filled the cups of the bikini. I could see I was easily bigger then Tracy. There was no escape for me. I put my robe on over my bikini and went down stairs.

Mom and Tracy were already down there eating breakfast so I sat down and joined them. After we finished we all cleaned up the dishes and mom smiled. Well girls it is already 80 out shall we go out to the pool and relax and have fun. Tracy smiled yes she grabbed me by the hand and said lets go get our bikini on Sis. I just looked at her and then mom. I don’t feel like swimming today I said. Mom came over and touched my forehead. Are you feeling okay dear? I just looked at her and didn’t know what to say. Tracy smiled you don’t have to swim you can just lie in the sun; you know how you love to wear your bikini. Tracy went and got the bikinis but mine was gone. She came back and gave mom hers and said yours is gone Kelly do you have it. I just nodded and couldn’t speak. Mom again asked if I was okay and then she noticed the strings from the bikini top sticking out from the robe behind my neck. She gave me a hug; I see you are already wearing your bikini under your robe. It is okay dear we have both seen you in it before there is no reason to be ashamed. I looked at both of them and started to cry. What’s wrong dear?

I tried to explain, mom remember several weeks ago when Susie and her mom came over to go swimming. Yes dear I thought you enjoyed that day? Well when we were all lying in the sun I noticed how nice your breast looked and how small mine were and I felt a little, mom said self-conscious? Yes I felt like I was a freak in a bikini. Well your breast is smaller than a girl your age is that why you have been stuffing your bra sweetie, she said in her softest voice? If you like I can get you some bigger breast enhancers and bigger bras dear. It is no big deal. We love you dear it will just be the three of us today and we don’t care how big your breasts are and she nudged Tracy. Tracy gave me a hug some girls just fill out faster I am sure Susie and her mom didn’t think anything about your breast size. By now I was really crying. Mom gave me a kiss and a hug. You know I love my little girl tell what’s wrong and I will make it all better.

I looked at her what if you can’t make it better I said? She just smiled, honey I am your mom and you are my daughter together we can make anything better. I stopped crying and said well that day they were here I talked to Aunt Sarah about it and told her how I felt and that I wished I could make my breasts look bigger. She was so nice and offered to help me but she misunderstood what I was saying. Mom and Tracy both had a puzzled look on their faces. I started to cry again but mom said I could tell her so I started again. When I told Aunt Sarah I wished my breast looked bigger she thought I meant I wanted real breast so she brought home some medicine from the hospital for me. Tracy still didn’t understand what I meant but I could see in mom’s eyes she knew. What did she give you she said? I started to cry, it’s not her fault mom she was just trying to help me; please don’t be made at us. I am not mad dear but you need to be honest with me. Take off your robe. I kept saying I was sorry as I cried. Mom gave me another kiss, I am not mad dear but you need to be honest and tell me. Now do as I said and take off your robe. I untied the belt and let the robe fall to the floor as I looked at them. Both their eyes got big as saucers and Tracy let out a scream, my god your breasts are bigger than mine. Mom didn’t say anything she just looked at me. I felt like I was standing there naked. I wished she would yell or anything. She finally pulled me to her and gave me a big hug. Well my dear you now have the body of a young lady. I will have a talk with your aunt when she gets home but first you and I need to talk. She told me to sit at the table and then she looked at Tracy. I was hoping she would ask Tracy to leave even though we were very close but instead she told Tracy to sit too. We need to have a family talk.

She smiled at me honey I want you to remember that I love you no matter what and you need to be totally honest with me, I won’t be mad. I said I would as I tried to stop crying. What did Aunt Sarah tell you about what she gave me? I paused then said she told me that if I wanted to stay this way she would give me some pills to maintain my level of hormones. If not then in a few months they would wear off but I would always have a higher than normal level of female hormones. She said my breasts would shrink by 1 cup size and my hips would shrink a little but they would always be bigger than my waist. Mom looked at me I would say you are about 34-26-34 dear with a B-cup? I looked down and said 34-24-34 and just a little more than B-cup, Aunt Sarah says I will be a C-cup by our birthdays but I shouldn’t get any bigger than that. So if you don’t take the pills you will go back to a B-cup and have an hourglass figure. That will make it impossible for you to go swimming without a top. Now dear tell me how you are feeling about this? I looked at her, I am crying and upset. I know dear but why, because you have big breast s, small waist and big hips or because you look like a young lady? I didn’t know what to say, I had expected mom to be mad. I still don’t understand I said? I love you dear and want you to be happy no matter what but I need to know how you truly feel. If you are upset because you look like a young lady then we will work to fix it the best we can. If you like the way you look and are just upset because you think I will be disappointed and mad at you than I need to know that. What I am asking you, do you want to totally be a girl, look like a girl or be a boy? If you like the way you look and dress and are happy then I will accept you as my daughter and from now on I will only think of you that way. Please be honest with me. I looked at mom and then Tracy. Tracy smiled, I love you as my sister but I wish you had shared this with me it would have been so much fun but I am jealous that you look better than me. She looked at mom and smiled, do you think Aunt Sarah could give me some of that medicine. For some reason I laughed at that statement. I looked at mom and felt closer to her and Tracy than ever before. I don’t think I what to have surgery but I do like the way I look and the way my clothes fit now and I love my nails and the makeup. Mom stood up and came over to me; she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. My new daughter, I will teach you everything you need to know and I will talk to Aunt Sarah about getting you those pills. She than looked at Tracy, I might even ask her for some medicine for you and I. now let’s go out and have some fun in the pool and plan my two daughters sweet 16 party.